A Hunt to Remember

by Ed
(New Lexington Ohio, USA)

Disabled Hunter

First let me tell everyone that I have been a deer hunter for many years, ever since I was 16, I am 45 now.

This story starts about six weeks ago when a real close friend and hunting partner for the past 12 years came to my house and told me that since I had gotten my disability pension that he had signed me up for my first disability hunt.

It was held during the weekend of October 15 and 16, 2010.

At first I did not want to do it because I did not think I would be able to. I have trouble walking long distances now and have a medical condition that limits my breathing. But he told me it would be good for me and he was going to be my guide.

I agreed and on the morning of October 16 he was late to pick me up.

We got a delayed start but once at the Whitetails staging area, and signed in and off we were to the woods.

As we pulled in and he was parking the truck, I walked to the edge of the woods and heard a deer jump and run up over a hill.

I was so excited now that I was finally back in the woods. I loaded my CVA mag-hunter muzzleloader and we started to the spot he had set up for me.

Once there, we sat down and I placed two deer scent lures out and waited.

I love to listen to the sounds of the woods in the morning as the daybreak comes. It so wonderful to hear.

I was watching several squirrels playing around a large oak when I notice that the wind had shifted and now at my back and heading down into the valley we were over looking.

It was then I heard him.

The buck began to snort, ONCE, TWICE then I heard something I not heard in over three years, he snorted and wheezed.

I knew that this meant he was smelling the doe lure.

I pulled out my grunt call and gave three good doe grunts, and put the call away.

It was about 10 minutes when my partner signaled me that a buck was coming up the old road bed behind us.

The buck kept coming until he was behind me to my left.

I slowly raised my muzzleloader and took aim at only 15 yards.

I was trying to set my scope for not drop, but bullet rise.

I clicked off the safety and fired..

Down he went.

I had just taken a very nice eight point buck.

This was all made possible by Whitetails hunting organization of Perry and Muskingum County Ohio.

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Now I know and can slowly make my way around the woods with a little assistance I think I am going to try it more often now.

Thanks to Kent and Brent and Whitetails of Perry and Muskingum County Ohio.

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