The Answered Prayer Buck

by Chance
(Angelina county , Tx)

It was a cold Saturday evening of the year 2012. Me and my dad had been waiting for the first opportunity to get in the woods possible.

It was the first day of youth season and dad took me out on an evening hunt. He said we were gonna hunt the a stand called ” The River Road Stand” (due to the fact it was running right along the Neches River.) I got all bundled up in my camo and I grabbed my bolt action 30-06. Dad asked ” What gun you hunting with boy?”

I replied “The Legend”.

A gun the had been passed down three generations in my family and has killed more deer than most would understand. Well my old man smiled and said “Good choice!”.

So we hopped on the four wheeler and set out on a blistering cold ride. When we made it to the stand we had only been sitting about 30 minuets when a young doe step out in the lane.

Although I was 16 years old I knew better than to shoot a doe this early in the season. I watched her eat around in my corn pile so peacefully. She wasn’t scared of a thing.

Suddenly she looks up throwing her ears forward, but it wasn’t toward my stand. Off the my left I heard a faint rumbling sound.

As time passed it got louder and I started making out the voice of an old drunk that was a member of our lease. Dad gets up and says “stay here!” Very sternly.

I looked back up to see the young doe walking out of the lane. With my dad being my best friend I grabbed my gun and quietly followed him. When we made it to our four wheeler the old drunk man was trying to push it with his. Dad was furious but knowing guns were involved he handled it like a man.

When the talking was done. They shook hands and the old drunk still had a devious look on his face. He sped off and decided that it wasn’t over. He started burning out in my corn pile and rutting up my lane I had put hours of work into.

I talked to dad to calm him down until the man drove off. “It ain’t right to do that to anyone much less a boy.” My dad said full of anger. “Well paw let’s just go to my stand over by the slough” I replied.

Dad had half a mind to call it quits but I was dead set on hunting. So we quietly started that way. After a stealthy 400 yard walk we made it to my stand.

Not even 5 minutes passed before the old drunk man can driving around about 50 yards from my stand again. Dad shook his head and apologized for there was nothing he could do about someone else’s stupidity. He was ready to go home . “Five more minutes daddy? Please just 5 more minutes?” I begged. He glanced at his phone and said “Hell it’s only 4:30! The deer are just about to start moving.”

I bowed my head and I began to pray
” Dear Heavenly Father
I know today was a rough one for hunting but thank you for keeping us safe and out of harms way. Lord if it’s your will please let me get me a deer of your choosing God. Anything would be a blessing!

As soon as I opened my eyes I was shocked! To my right was a big buck. I didn’t know how many horn he had I just knew he was legal.

“Dad. Big buck!” I whispered as soft as I could. Dad looked over into the dense thicket and his eyes widened. The buck was walking fast cold nosing an ol’ doe. “Hurry boy get your shot!” He said frantically. “Quick!”

So I put The Legend in the window and to my surprise the scope had fell directly on the bucks shoulder. I didn’t hesitate. I pushed the safety forward and I let the thunder roll. The buck stopped. He didn’t even look hit.

“Pipe another one up in em’!” Dad exclaimed. I bolted the gun and the shot shook the earth. The buck collapsed. Out of excitement I rushed out of the stand leaving dad with my gun to be safe. ” slow down boy!” He hollered at me while laughing.

When I made it to the deer he had no ground shrinkage and was actually bigger up close. A big nine point. I was so happy!

Dad made it over to me and laid his hand on my shoulder. “Good job son! That shot in that narrow of a window is dang near impossible!” He shook my hand and said ” I’m proud of you boy! You’re turning into a hell of a man!

We bowed our head and thanked God for what he had done for me. When we made it back to camp we scored him. 147 3/8. I didn’t know that that was big for a free ranging deer between our lease and national Forest but I do now.

His Bases were 6 inches round. An absolute monster.

To this day when I look up at the mount on the wall I know if it weren’t for my good Lord I wouldn’t have got to take that buck home. So when I thank back on this hunt I still thank God for the memory made of taking a big buck with my dad there beside me!

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