Winston County Deer.

by richard burton

I have lived in Winston County 45 years. I spent20 years hunting deer in Pickens on 500 acres that was a dear paradise! I sold my interest in that land and now hunt exclusively on 200 acres that I own in Winston County, between Haleyville and Double Springs.

My farm is a Treasured Forest!

I have Worked diligently for the past 8 years improving my land to improve the deer herd. I allow only mature bucks to be harvested and a few does.

I have a diverse property with many acres of white oak trees, some open fields, 40 acres of planted pine trees and about 60 acres in mixed hardwood and pine.

I plant 10 acres each summer in corn ,soy beans, sunflower, lab-lab. I have about 10 acres in green fields. A small deer paradise.

The problem is we have seen practically no deer this season.

No bucks(although plenty of rubs and scrapes), and very few doe sightings.

Many of my friends have told me the same thing that live in Winston County.

Could some one give me an opinion as to what has happened to the deer.

Please answer to – – . thanks.

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Nov 22, 2012 Feeling Your Pain
by: Anonymous I have had 160 acres leased for 10+ years between Double Springs and Lynn. This season I have not seen a deer from my stand. Plenty of coyotes, turkey, and squirrels. Not much sign at all. As of this morning, not a single scrape or rub. Plots have used a little. I have about 80 acres of VERY thick 9 year cutover, joined with very good stand of mature mixed hardwood.
Pulling My hair out here, as if I have enough to loose.
Nov 06, 2012 Sanctuaries
by: Anonymous I hesitate to ask based on your description, but I can not help but wonder if you have any Sanctuaries where the deer can be in the day unseen and comfortable. Obviously if there are rubs there are bucks around. If you are not seeing the bucks it would suggest they are only visiting your land not statying and likely are only there at night. From what I have learned that would likely indicate the deer feel pressured on your land. I would definitely leave some space the deer can hide that no one walks through or looks over, some place the deer will feel safe and I think you will see many more deer traveling to and from these Sanctuaries.
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