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by Bryan

I spent years buying cover scents from Wal-Mart, BassPro, etc. and they always smell nothing like they are supposed to. Last year I made my own cedar and acorn cover scents and they worked like a charm.

I made Acorn and Cedar cover scent. Has anyone else had any success doing this?

I was wanting to make some form of attractant this year, does vanilla actually work? I’m tired of paying big bucks for stuff that doesn’t work.

If you have any information feel free to email me at

Last year I was within 15 ft of both deer I killed with my scents.

It was the most pleasurable hunt I’ve had since childhood because of my creation worked.

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Sep 28, 2012 Cover scents
by: rhightchew I too have bought all sorts of scents estrous etc not to find they particularly work ell I am retired and hunt my property all season.What I’ve taken to doing now is after the local farms here finish harvesting corn and soybean I buy Apples and Almond extract, the extract I drip out as I go to my deer stand and apples after in my stand I throw and smash at different trees near my stand. My 140 8 point last year and the big doe confirms my belief food scents work best.

Nov 22, 2011 Scents man !
by: Brr Black This is very politicly incorrect. But I am sober now so I can tell this story. I don’t recommend this to anyone. About 20 years ago I was archery hunting, and I hadn’t seen anything. So at about 10:30 I decided to have a smoke ya’ know a left handed cigarette. So I am sitten in this tree blowin smoke out across this corn field. When a nice 6 pointer with no brow tines came from the direction I was blowing my smoke. He came within 10 yards, and even though I was high I got a good shot and he only ran 30 yards. So I am not really sure what deer think, He wasn’t a dominant buck probably just curious. I was only 6ft off the ground and strapped in good. So kids please don’t try this at home, I am no role model. Ive heard similar stories when guys smoked tobacco and or peed from there stand! Be Sober When You Hunt, You don’t need it, The forrest gives you a natural high! Drugs suck I spent a lifetime proving it!

Oct 05, 2011 vanillia = Bears!
by: B.R.Yanney The one and only time I used vanilla for deer I pulled in a big ol’ black bear. I had the vanillia on a piece of cloth about 4 feet off the ground. He came in and stood up and rubbed his face on it, groaning the whole time! He was about 15 yards away when he winded me , and looked right me. He jumped up and down on his front feet, kinda’ growled a little bit, and took off running.I was done for the day,a little freaked’ out. Figured I wouldn’t see any deer near my stand after that any way.

Sep 08, 2011 sweet
by: Anonymous hey i think that is sweet…I’m prolly gonna order some. But i was just gonna let you know that the only day i seen deer was when i took an old laundry detergent bottle to pee in so they couldn’t smell it and then these deer walked in and i could tell they smelt it…they walked right in front of my stand and i got a nice doe

Aug 27, 2011 Scents
by: Anonymous Thats sounds good. I have never made a cover scent but I use a skunk scent from I have never been scented and my son had the first buck he saw hunting from his own stand walking 20 ft from him with 3 other deer and not get scented. I have been useing this scent for 30 years and will never switch. Every time I do I get scented….

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