Nose Jammer Reviews – Does it Really Work?

Written By Jesse Gillotti 


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I think you'll agree with me when I say that beating a deer's nose is no easy task. In today's post we are going to share with you reviews from our staff and also from our readers that have put Nose Jammer to the test.

Does Nose Jammer really work?

Let's find out...

What is Nose Jammer

Nose Jammer is not a cover scent and it is not really a deer attractant. It is in a new category of scent products that are designed to overwhelm the olfactory senses of a whitetail and thereby eliminating their ability to smell other odors.

I'll admit that I was skeptical at first, but read on...

What Does Nose Jammer Have in It?

Nose Jammer is an aerosol spray that contains vanillin and other organic compounds that when used are supposed to overwhelm the olfactory senses of a whitetail deer the same way that a bright light can overwhelm your vision.

I have been hearing about old timers using vanilla as a cover scent for a long time and I believe that Nose Jammer is capitalizing on that fact.

Nose Jammer Reviews

Below you will find reviews from our staff and readers that have used and tested Nose Jammer while hunting. We have divided them into two categories. First are the reviews from our staff and then below you will find the reviews from our readers.

Nose Jammer Review Summary

Product Name: Nose Jammer

Reviewer: John VanDerLaan

Product Type: It is not a cover scent or an attractant. It is a spray that is designed to overwhelm the olfactory senses.

Summary and Verdict: I have put Nose Jammer to the test as you will read below and see in the video and it has surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend Nose Jammer.

I was introduced to Nose Jammer by a friend. We were talking at my truck after a hunt one day and he asked me if I had ever tried it. I was extremely skeptical and told him that I had not tried it.

He threw me a can and said to give it a shot.

On my next hunt, I decided to spray it on my rubber boots and to see what happened. I sprayed it on both boots, sides and bottom and I could smell vanilla. It was a very pronounced smell and, being a purist when it comes to scent free, I was a little concerned.

Spray boots with Nose Jammer

It was an afternoon hunt and I walked to my stand and climbed the tree. I got settled in and had been there about an hour when I spotted a doe and a fawn heading my way through my binoculars.

The way they were heading, they would cross the path that I used to get to my stand and with an old doe that usually means getting busted.

Although they didn't get within bow range, they did cross my entry trail without any indication that they detected anything out of the ordinary.

That impressed me because I could smell the vanilla on my boots and it was STRONG!

Nose Jammer passed the first test...

On my next hunt, I took it a step further.

I sprayed Nose jammer on my boots as I had done the day before, but this time I also sprayed Nose Jammer on the base of my tree and on the tree above my head, when I was in my stand.

The wind was out of the southwest, which was a direction that I expected the deer to come from.

Sure enough, a young buck came in directly downwind and never gave any indication that he smelled something out of the ordinary!

I took video of the encounter with my phone, so while it isn't the best quality, you can see that the deer walks right underneath me and even looks right up at me and decides I am not a threat and just keeps on walking!

Here's the video...

Watch the video closely and you will see that he smells something and looks up at me, but he is not even slightly alarmed!

I was floored!

Granted I haven't tested Nose Jammer on a mature buck yet. I have been fortunate enough to have the mature bucks come in upwind, but it is only a matter of time before it is put to the test on a mature deer.


Well as you can see in the video above, Nose Jammer has worked for our Managing Editor, John VanDerLaan. That deer passed within a couple of feet of where he was standing when he climbed the tree an hour earlier.

The small buck also traveled right through his scent cone and clearly did not detect human scent.

One of the huge advantages that I have noticed with Nose jammer is that deer are not alarmed when they cross my trail where I have walked.

That is a huge advantage to me.

I will be using Nose Jammer again this season and I will update this post with any findings.

Nose Jammer

A review from one of our Pro Staff.

I am an avid hunter and have hunted my entire life.

I was very skeptical about this product when I received it for a birthday gift.

It almost smells like a birthday cake.

My skepticism disappeared almost instantly the first time I used it!

I was absolutely covered up in deer and every single one of them came in from downwind.

I would recommend this product to anyone. Especially anyone who hunts small parcels of land and cannot work the wind.

This is truly an amazing product and there is no question in my mind that it works.

This will be my third year using it.

Kyle Rogers Pro Staff

We will also continue to add reviews from our readers below.

Nose Jammer Reviews from our Readers

Love the stuff!

I won't hunt without it.

We hunt and film all over the Midwest and sometimes only have a limited time so there's times we have to hunt with unfavorable winds but with Nose Jammer that's not a problem.

I'm not saying you can get sloppy but taking the proper steps to watch your scent and adding Nose Jammer those unfavorable winds are not so unfavorable.

Thanks for a great product!

Tim Reader                 

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Jesse is a member of our pro staff and a frequent contributor to He is obsessed with hunting deer and big bucks in particular. He has a knack for obtaining permission on the best private land to hunt big bucks. He is constantly testing out new equipment and providing feedback for our reviews and gear roundups.

9 thoughts on “Nose Jammer Reviews – Does it Really Work?”

  1. This stuff is awesome. I used it archery hunting and sprayed it on my boots and inside and outside of my blind and had a doe put her head inside the window of the blind and never spooked. AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  2. Can’t say if any of those some what high dollar scent killers work, they probably do, but what I use is skunk scent , put on cotton balls around your stand down wind or whatever wind and don’t move and you will probably tag out. I even picked up road killed skunk and placed them in tight plastic bag and freezed them for deer season.

  3. I was very skeptical about nose jammer. I was running late getting to my stand so I had to hustle in the late September humidity.
    Once I was situated in my stand I realized that I was sweating like a pig and had to be stinking. I figured , what the hell. Let me try it. I sprayed it on my backpack In the stand with me and my boots. I hadn’t sprayed it on anything before that. About an hour later, I heard a light snap of a twig. It was coming from directly down wind. I figured it was a squirrel because it was downwind. Much to my surprise, it was abeautiful 8 point 175lb buck. I took him out with my Ravin crossbow at 20 yards.

  4. Nose jammer is nothing new I have made my own for 40 years yes it can work if used right it works better for bear if it cost to much get you a bottle of vanilla extract 100% 3 once of vanilla extract to 6 once of water works just as good if not better

  5. I’m wondering if anyone has used this upwind of a mature buck? Sometimes younger deer aren’t as skittish as their old counterparts. I’m trying it tomorrow and just curious if anyone has deceived a 3yr+ buck.

    • Hey Josh,

      I reached out to our subscribers with your question and got a few responses.

      Some of them commented here and below is an email response that I received from James L in Connecticut.

      4 years ago, prior to a snow storm, I only use nose jammer.

      When he came in, he got spooked but I believe it was by my movement of the crossbow in the tree, he ran about 10 yds then started walking. Dropped him at 60yds.

      Wilton Ct Buck

  6. I tried this product for the first time and I am sold on it. I had a spike buck come from down wind and walk right under my tripod stand. I have been busted by a couple of deer this bow season already from wind and decided to try this product and just from one use I’m a believer of this nose hammer product.


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