Deer Noise

by Kim Fontenot
(Lake Charles, La)

Deer Noise
Image Credit: Wide Open Spaces

I was recently hunting in Missouri when I had a 10 point chasing a doe. Every now and then he would make a deer noise that I had never heard a deer make in the wild or on video.

I have heard this similar sound from a barnyard goat.. It is like a sneeze..

The day I killed the deer, he was alone and he would take a few steps, stop, and then make this noise before he would walk again..

Has anyone ever heard a deer make this noise?

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Jan 23, 2014 snort behavior
by: Anonymous bucks will do a snort wheeze during the rut to warn other bucks. when a deer just snorts its because it busted you whether it saw, heard, or winded you. they will sometimes stomp their feet too to try to get you to move so they can figure out what you are. a lot of times you will see them bob their head up and down along with this to try to get a better look at you. does and bucks do that snort out of fear to warn other deer of danger. the snort wheeze a buck does is usually just rutting behavior.

Nov 15, 2013 deer noise
by: Anonymous i have heard it before as well don’t know what it is just something they do for dominance

Jan 06, 2012 no subject
by: Anonymous i have had this happen when i was like 10 a couple times because they would see me but just the other day i shot over a does back and it would not stop doing it

Dec 03, 2011 Heard it, think its
by: Anonymous I went to shoot a doe on last day of season and missed and arrow hit tree then doe made that noise ran off and did 4 times again.
When ground hunting doe make a noise like this noise while stomping foot and nodding head to make you move which I think is a whisper bleat or clearing throat and once you move doe makes a different but similar sound like sneezing to allergies which is a warning that something is different there and stay away,
A buck does make sound but has a sort of whine in it, which is done by dominant buck in area and don’t know why but other bucks sometimes come to it, but the dominant buck 9 out of 10 times comes to the whistling snort.

Nov 30, 2011 heard that
by: Ohio Buck I have heard a doe make that noise. Only once though. You are right it sounds like what you would guess a dear sneezing would sound like. No idea what is.

Nov 29, 2011 So Kool !
by: B.R.Y After reading your story again and comment I realize your not describing a wheeze snort. Do you think deer in some areas make sounds that deer in other areas don’t? Like lemurs in Madagascar, they have different vocalizations colors, habits because they’re separated geographically. Maybe you got lucky and heard something others rarely hear. Or perhaps your buck was a unique individual, maybe he has allergies ha ha! I like this story hope it generates lots of comments. Going hunting now, haven’t got a buck this year yet. Rain let up here in PA a little. Check back later. Thanks again!

Nov 29, 2011 Deer noise
by: Kfonte not I thought I had heard almost every type of rutting sounds either from videos or personal experience. This was so different that’s why I posted it. It almost reminds me of a horse when it blows air from its mouth and makes its lips quiver along with a cough. Like I said,I’ve heard barnyard goats do this, but never deer

Nov 29, 2011 I think maybe—
by: B.R.Y I think maybe you are describing a wheeze snort.If thats what you heard, sometimes they make it when there nervous or startled. Maybe thats not what you heard.Deer make all kinds of sounds, so ya’ never know ! Theres a story on this site about deer whistling, thats stirred up a bit of a debate. Go over and read some of the comments, some are pretty funny ! Sometimes when they wheeze snort they’ll stomp one of there front feet at the same time. One time I was callen’ turkeys and I walked within 30 yards of a buck, he must’ve thought I was a turkey! Anyway He looked right at me wheeze snorted, stomped his foot, and took off. But I never seen a buck doing that chasing a doe.Have seen them grunt over and over again with there lip upturned.Hope more people post comments on this story. Thanks.

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  1. Tonight sitting out in our backyard 2.78 acres. a doe was starting to walk toward me. She looked to be eating grass and bobbing her head every time I made the slightest movement. She started getting closer. At that time the skeeters came out and were biting, so I started moving more and she stomped her hoofs made me wonder what she was going to do. She turned and made this screeching horse like sound and ran back towards the woods

  2. 2016 southern indiana. I just heard this noise today in my stand. I didn’t have visual clearance to see wether it was a buck or a doe. I had just settled in as day broke and I heard what I describe as a horse Ppfftt. It made the noise 4 to 5 times quickly and would move about 30 yards. Make the sound again and move further. It was off and on for 3 hours untill I couldn’t hear it anymore. I have never heard this before either. And in describing it to my husband he laughed and told me deer don’t sound like horses. I’m truly interested to find out why they would make this noise and for what purpose.

    • Heard one do it today, in West Tennessee. I have hunted for 40 years. First time I ever heard it. They’re were 7 does in my sight, and one that never came into sight. It was the one making the noise. I know it is time for the pre rut / rut, but has been extra warm. I think it was trying to push the herd one way or the other. Once it did it moves 30 yards to the left down wind circle, did 4 or 5 more, , moved 30 more yards did it some more. Sounded like a light horse Ppfftt, like a human sneezing without opening their mouth. Not a snort, not a snort wheeze, not a grunt, but a light Ppfftt through their nose, no vocals.
      Wish I knew what that sound meant, it was like it was either warning , “I” was there, or it was a buck trying to steer the herd away, and restart breeding…. I dont know , just guessing, but thats what it felt like. Wish someone who actually knows would answer this thread.

  3. This sneeze that you are hearing isn’t really a sneeze. It is a distress warning that a doe or buck will make when they believe that they are in danger. They will also stop their foot on the ground. I do not know the why they stop their foot probably another distress warning telling other deer around them they they see something.

    • Is it a threat when they do this ‘sneezing’??? I’ve been in a tent the past few nights, not hunting, just camping. There’s a buck that keeps coming RIGHT UP TO the tent… making this sound. Is it something I need to be concerned about? I banged on the side of the tent and it ran away and then came immediately back. I am unarmed and need to know if I should be concerned. ANY help will be greatly appreciated!


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