My First Mule Deer Buck

by Michael Lockard
(Gassaway, WV 26624)


Me and Butch with our bucks. Oct.20,1996

I was 20 yrs old when I killed my first Mule Deer Buck.

I was born and raised in Lander, WY and hunted deer since I was 14.

I hunted with my dad through the first 4 yrs of my hunting experience.

I was working up in Yellowstone in 1996. I had just bought me a new Ruger M-77 MarkII 30-06.

I left work that Thursday evening. Friday morning my friend Butch and I went to sight my rifle in before deer season came in. We got it close enough to hit a kill zone at 100 yards one inch group.

The first five days we hunted and hadn’t seen no bucks.

The sixth day he called me at home after he got off work and asked if i wanted to go on a evening hunt.

I got my gear ready.

When we left he went up the Loop Road above Lander. I was disappointed for the reason I never seen deer during deer season.

I also had an Elk tag.

Last day of Elk season and two days before deer season closed.

As we were going up the road, my friend told me to look to the right and watch for deer if I didn’t I would miss seeing one.

Being disappointed I didn’t pay much attention to what he said. He was getting a little irritated at me.

Finally he said “Mike, if you don’t watch the hillside, your gonna miss a deer and more than likely it will be a buck!”

It wasn’t 10 seconds later I was hollering Butch big buck Butch Stop!!!!

All I seen was horns and deer.

I stepped out of the Bronco and got on the other side of the ditch. He never even moved. I took aim and Boom!!!

All I seen in my scope was hair spread behind his shoulder.

He jumped and turned a 180 in the air and took off.

I thought for sure I was gonna lose him.

He ran 10 yards and started looking for a place to lay down.

I shot again this time hitting him in the liver and coming out the brisket.

He took off again.

He slowed down and as he went to lay down, I shot again this time missing him.

As he laid there with his head back I could see he was a nice 4×3.

Butch told me go ahead and put one in his neck to finish him off.

I was so excited!

Butch pulled his head and said,”Mike, you have got to look at this!!!”

He had a Nine inch drop tine just in front of his left ear!!

I jumped up and down with excitement.

Normally, it should have been my father that helped me get my first buck, but I am glad I shared it with a true friend who at anytime could have jumped out and shot it before I could but instead he sat there and waited for me to shoot.

My friend passed away two yrs later at the age of 20.

But I can still remember to this day that whether I got one or not, I spent time worthwhile hunting with My True Friend. A

nd that is a memory in itself.

The Buck was an added bonus for it weren’t for Butch and his persistence I would have missed a Buck of a Lifetime.

He was 23″ wide and 29″ tall.

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May 02, 2015 Memory of my friend
by: Michael I wrote this in Memory of My best friend and brother who will never be forgotten. I thought I would share this the people that love hunting and have fond memories of who they hunted and fished with. I have so many memories of my friend but this is the most memorable time I ever had with him. With him it was adventure after adventure. R.I.P Butch you are greatly missed. We will be together and have adventures again my friend and brother.

Oct 20, 2014 Hunting
by: Anonymous Ya such a very good story, Awesome I also like hunting i generally use the blog for hunting They also provide goods tips for hunting.

Oct 19, 2011 True friends
by: B.R,Y Man your story gave me a chill down my spine. and I teared up a little. I never seen a mule deer. I would like to be able to make a trip out west and give it a try, hopefully with a good friend like yours.Thanks for sharing!

Oct 15, 2011 Hunting friends
by: Anonymous What a great story and comment on the uncertanties of life.Don’t pass up those opportunities to do the things you want to do with friends.
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2 thoughts on “My First Mule Deer Buck”

  1. Thank you for who all shared and read this story. I am glad that you all liked my memory. This year i made another memory with my son. He took his first deer ever. Even though he took a doe, it was a memorable trophy for me and him. i hope to share more stories where he has some stories to share with me by his side.

    • Awesome story Michael!

      There is nothing as special as sharing the outdoors with our children. Those are the memories that make life worth living.

      Thank you for sharing your memories with us!



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