Whitetail Deer and Mule Deer Locked Antlers

by Mathew Oloughlin
(Miami, Texas)

Locked Antlers

Locked Antlers


I found two deer locked together by their antlers. One happens to be a whitetail & the other is a mule deer! I am trying to find out how rare of a find this truly is? I have asked all kinds of people, either no one can tell me or I never get a reply.

Hi Mathew,

While we haven’t documented a case like this ourselves, we have to assume that it happens wherever the whitetail and mule deer populations overlap. We know that whitetails and mule deer interbreed in these areas and therefore have to assume that they establish dominance and a pecking order as well. Hopefully some of our readers will respond to your question.

Warm regards,

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is this awesome or what
by: colby this rare and not seen that much. you are lucky to be able to see this in your life time. i have seen whitetails look up before right in front of my ground blind. it makes your heart start beating out of your chest. i am only 15 and i know how awesome it is to see to monster bucks look up in front of you. hope you have a good season

where are the pics
by: cody That is really cool. were they dead or alive when you got there

that is not rarely seen
by: bigbucks that is awesome did they live

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4 thoughts on “Whitetail Deer and Mule Deer Locked Antlers”

  1. Not only is it rare, you would be lucky to see it ever again in your lifetime! Lets remember a simple fact or two. #1-Bucks rarely fight for more than a few seconds, generally considered sparring. When they do, it is usually because they are defending opportunity to breed a doe in estrous and/or defending territory(core area). #2-There is little info. on cross-breeding of these two species, however we know that it happens. Congratulations, what an awesome find! Keep hunt-n! Sincerely, Michigan Outdoor Ed.(Vinny)


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