Jefferson County, Ohio Deer Hunting

I have been invited to go to Jefferson county, Ohio deer hunting this season.

Is this a good area for a chance at harvesting a trophy buck, and what is the best time to be there?

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Sep 26, 2012 Jefferson County
by: Anonymous I hunt in Jefferson county, Ohio every year on private property. There is an over abundance of does but also big bucks. Last year we harvested 4 bucks 10 points or better.
I typically hunt 2 weeks out of the month from Oct. – Jan. I find that the best time is around Thanksgiving and the first week of December. Typically, there are a number of cold days and the rut is normally in full swing at this time.

Mar 01, 2012 my experience
by: mark trent I hunt Jefferson County Ohio every year. Honestly theres a lot of does and younger bucks. I have seen some big bucks though. They are there ,yes ,but you just have to find them. But you will see a lot of smaller bucks

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  1. Very few Doe’s please stop the doe season in Jefferson County in northern part of Jefferson County season needs to be no doe season they need to stop the driving of deer on state game lands and state if possible gear should not be drove


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