Illinois Deer Hunting Real Estate…..Boone and Crocket Property

by Jeff Schlehofer
(Sugar Grove, Il, Kane)

Illinois Trophy Buck

Illinois Trophy Buck

John was kind enough to let me share with you a parcel of property that I have owned for over 11 years. If you have access to loopnet you can visualize the property and some of the Deer taken from the property.

The property is now for sale.

The property is listed under agricultural/income producing on the Loopnet site.

The property consists of over 380 acres with approximately 80 tillable and the remainder some of the most beautiful woods on earth.

Over the years, my best friend and I have taken bucks from the 140″s to the 180″s and like many have seen deer that would have put us on the cover of every whitetail magazine.

Difficult to describe in detail, the rolling woods remind me of Galena,Il. and the flat fields above and below as normal Illinois corn fields go. The farm has splendid character with its numerous winding trails reaching throughout the property. Three streams work their way through the property and a constant flowing spring that provides consistent water for wildlife.

There are two distinct types of deer that run the property. long bodied, lighter colored whitetails and more stout bodied-darker grey whitetails. Many of the bucks harvested were over 250 pounds dressed, and a few larger. When I saw the first big buck that we had shot back in 99, I thought I was looking at a horse. I had never seen deer like this before. As I became more familiar with the pre-rut and the rut we began to harvest more of these brutes. Most of the deer were taken by bow but a few by gun. If you or a friend would possibly be interested in purchasing the property we would love to hear from you and tell you the rest of the story.
Thank you,
Jeff Schlehofer,cell- # 630-399-1135.

Happy Hunting…

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