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(muskingum county,Ohio)

Orange army

Every year, it never fails, we follow, we watch ,we address all problems that we can control and think that might happen in the places we hunt, which is public land.

In yes the hottest places in Ohio, Muskingum County, Coshocton and a few others, and it never ceases to amaze me the stupidity of some hunters.

They come from northern Ohio, Eastern Ohio, Western Ohio and you would not believe how many different states. Let’s just say a lot…

But to drive so far, look for 5 minutes, park a car or truck right in front of major deer trails, walking or crossing a road into a field and they don’t even pay attention to what they are doing and who is hunting around them or what they might be messing up.

Just because they don’t care, or figure why should they care how hard other people work to try to bag some of the Ohio monster bucks.  Then they wonder why people lose tempers.

So do us a big favor if you can’t do a little home work about the area your hunting, take up another sport or just stay where you came from….. thanks

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Dec 02, 2011 This topic has me revved up !
by: B.R.Y. The natural gas boom is on here in PA. Some of the sub-contrartors for Chesapeke energy where just caught in Wyoming county killing bucks at night. I think it was 7. The same outfit has workers right by the farm and it seems all the mature bucks just disappeared right before rifle season! Chesapeke did fire that subcontractor for the whole state. Suddenly the rig thats on the neighbors land is empty! I know thats not exactly what your story is about, but I think its related. I’am sorry for your experience , hope you still get that big buck !

Dec 01, 2011 UCLA
by: Anonymous Upper Canton Lower Akron (UCLA) This is what we call these guys. I live and hunt Cambridge Oh. the public areas around me is great hunting until gun season comes around after that find private ground UCLA’S move in and screw every thing up. Its getting harder to find private ground to hunt around these areas simple reason UCLA’S go any where and makes the rest of loose the trust of land owners

Nov 28, 2011 Ditto !
by: B.R.Y. Here in PA we get a lot of New Jersey hunters in rifle season. Not as bad in archery. Now that the natural gas boom has hit our area we get out-of-state hunters from everywhere. Most just don’t have any respect for us locals. I HATE TRESPASSERS ! I mean I respect other people private property. Thanks for the post , you’ve hit on a very good topic!!!!!!!!!

Nov 28, 2011 same here!
by: Anonymous live n Oklahoma we have the same problem! I have been hunting on some of r public land and it’s hard been very hard ! I did my homework on were I was going to hunt and the first day me and my son (he is 10) had people walking all over us! So to make a long story sort we had to hunt some were else. So all that hard work was for nothing!

Nov 28, 2011 southern ohio public land heads up
by: Anonymous Well me and a buddy been hunting coshocton and muskingum for the past few weeks. We’ve found good sign( trails rubs scrapes ..ect.) and we didn’t see deer at all in coshocton. They are all nocturnal from the super heavy pressure and small game hunters. In muskingum we did see a few deer during daylight that people spooked and they were looking for cover. We found the best bet is to hunt areas close to private land. Find small thickets in a deep draw. Deer station there as they run from all the people walking around and come out just before dark. Its stupid hunting, this is not at all how you should have to hunt deer. Also, we’ve talked to people from several different states. They all are very let down from the pressure so you’re not the only one. Very early season and very late season are the times to be here when people aren’t swarming in for the rut if you’re focusing on public land. Private land is a total different story. Just hunt hard they are there you just have to find them areas that people over see and I promise you will see deer. We seen two 130 inch deer within 24 hours. People just drive right past this spot because it don’t look like it holds deer. Right next to private land, someones house sits on the corner. Maybe ten acres of woods in a valley and a small crick. The main road runs right around it.

Nov 27, 2011 I know the feeling
by: Anonymous Set up deer stand thursday night. Left it alone friday. Went back to hunt it on saturday and walked up on some doushenozzle trying to steel my stand. I’m 6ft5in 300lbs, and this guy took a swing at me. In the heat of the moment I threw a punch back at him and he was knocked out cold for 5 minutes of my hunting time. He woke up and I was sitting in my stand. He swore at me and was on his way. I had friends of mine with me that I told what happened over the 2 way radios in other parts of the woods so I was not worried of him coming back. Happens everywhere.

Nov 27, 2011 question
by: Anonymous I just read your blog and I feel your pain. I am not from Ohio so I don’t know anything about the areas to hunt and would love to talk with someone who does. I am thinking of planning a bowhunting trip for next year and am just trying to start my homework
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