September 27 Urban Archery Hunt by Dan Beyer of WhiteTail Solutions

by Dan Beyer – WhiteTail Solutions

Dan Beyer - WhiteTail Solutions Urban Bow Hunt

Dan Beyer – WhiteTail Solutions Urban Bow Hunt

Well I wasn’t going to let our local forecasters spoil another hunt for me so I planned accordingly. I packed my truck with all of my archery gear, set the alarm clock for 4AM and sure enough…they were wrong again. Forecast was for torrential rain and strong gusting wind, but this was not happening.

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I climbed into my treestand at about 5:45AM, set up my camera arm, nocked an arrow and was ready to go. I was hunting a 2 acre parcel of land in Ridgefield, CT that borders New York surrounded by multi-million dollar homes.

This is urban hunting at its finest. As the sun rose, so did the wildlife. Sparrows and cardinals singing their morning hymn, along with children and their parents taking them to soccer practice or piano lessons. Hunting in peoples back yards is NOT for everyone, but this is an area that possesses a lot of deer and a unique opportunity for bowhunters.

It was a rather un-active morning for deer activity until about 7:50AM and as I was scratching my head as to why I haven’t seen any deer here comes a buck over my right hand shoulder directly through the homeowners back yard. I positioned my camera, hit the record button and picked up my Mathews Q2, tipped with a 90 grain 4 blade Muzzy Broadhead, stood up, drew my bow and released. As quickly as the buck came in, he left with a well placed “quartering away” shot that dropped him within 30 yards.

Awesome..Urban hunting at its best!

I was out of the tree by 8:15AM and had him tagged, field dressed and on his way to the butcher by 9:00AM to be donated to a local non-profit organization for their annual fundraising dinner.

Still no rain or wind in sight like was predicted. Glad I didn’t listen to those forecasters and sleep in this morning!

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