Apple Bubble Gum

by Landon
(mitchell SD USA)


It was the night before opening day of deer hunting. I’m getting my gun polished and everything ready to go.

My 22-year-old brother comes home for the opening day.

I thought I was just about done packing my hunting stuff, but he told me I was forgetting something.

I replied, “like what?” he answered back to me, “Green apple flavored bubble gum.”

I gave him the weirdest look.

So we wandered into town and went to six gas stations before we found the right green apple gum.

It’s five o’clock in the morning, I get all my hunting stuff on, grab my gun and head out. Two hours later I am sitting on this big cold rock under a pine tree.

Then I am sitting there thinking its -10 below and I have been sitting here for two hours and haven’t seen a single living animal. Then I remembered about the apple flavored gum.

I take two pieces out of the pack and toss them in my mouth. Five minutes later a 6 by 6 comes walking out of the trees about 60 yards from me.

I don’t have a very good shot at this point. So I wait.

The deer is putting his nose up in the air sniffing and I start to wonder if he smells my gum.

He is walking towards me, straight towards me.

It looked like he saw me but I stayed as still as an opossum playing dead.

He is now only 10 yards away walking straight at me if I wait any longer he will be nibbling on my shoulder.

I raised my gun very slowly thinking this is a easy shot giving my self some confidence.


The buck drops.

I jump out of the tree and go claim my prize.

One week later as I am helping my grandpa get his deer, he told me if I see a giant buck take him.

I am sitting in a blind kind of kicking back because I already have my deer, but am thinking again about the green apple gum.

So I popped in a couple more pieces.

Ten minutes later a 7 by 6 walks out about 40 yards away walks straight towards me.

I raised my gun. I scope him down then I shoot.

He drops dead without a kick.

Ever since then, I have been chewing apple flavored gum I haven’t got a smaller buck then a 5 by 5!

Comments for apple bubble gum

Sep 25, 2011 bubblegum
by: Anonymous
i thought the same thing bowdog

Sep 19, 2011 Bubble Gum Buck
by: Bowdog Hmmmm……….let me get this straight……. you were sitting on a “big cold rock, under a pine tree, chewing “magic” gum……….. you then shoot the bubble gum buck, which drops on the spot…… and finally you “jump” down out of your tree……… that IS amazing.

Aug 26, 2011 apple scented hair shampoo
by: B.R.Yanney
I have long hair. I swear by using apple scented shampoo and conditioner.I know its crazy but I shot my biggest archery buck at 15 yards. With the wind at my back blowing right towards him.

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