First Day of Archery Ditch Buck

by Bryan R. Yanney
(Athens PA)

I was glassing my uncles farm, and I noticed a group of mid sized bucks.

Every evening in September, they would come from various areas of the woods and group up, before heading into the corn field.

They would walk single file through an open field, right along a drainage ditch.

There was one fairly decent 8 pointer, maybe 3 1/2 year’s old.

Not being a trophy hunter, he was the biggest buck I had seen on this small PA farm. He looked to be a trophy to me 110-120 inches.

On the first day in the 05 archery season, I positioned my self inside this ditch, close to the cornfield. This way I had ample time to watch the bucks gather up, before moving into the corn.

I put 2 old broken arrows 20 and 30 yards out from my position in the ditch. I added small pieces of cloth to them, and soaked them with doe pee, not estrus or dominate buck.

I cut out a notch of weeds where I was sitting about a foot wide, right in line with scented broken arrows.

I was sitting on my knees. I practiced shooting my bow in this position for about a week.

At about 4:30 I noticed the first 3 bucks come into field. All to small, but exciting non the less.

It was partly cloudy and raining lightly off and on all day. I was getting eaten’ alive by mosquitos.

These first 3 small bucks moved out to about 75 yards from my position. I thought if the rest of the deer go that way I won’t have a chance.

My skills are only good to about 30 yards.

The sun broke through a small opening in the clouds, and beamed down directly on these 3 small bucks.

Absolutely beautiful site, and if that was the end of my day I would have been totally happy.

Around 5:00 here came my buck, with a smaller 6 point leading the way.

Just then I had a small doe come up behind me, she busted me just as the 8 pointer was lining himself up for the shot.

As she ran he turned his head away from me to watch her run across the field.

The wind was in my face, I stood up slow, he was standing right by my 20 yard marker.

I lifted by old bear bow I use a glove, no peep, no kisser I put my 20 yard pin on his vitals and let the 90 grain muzzy do its job.


As he ran, the 6 pointer followed him, and when he went down about 60 yards away the 6 pointer jumped on him and started poking him with his antlers.

I had never seen or heard of that.

About 30 minutes later I moved in to claim my prize.

Freezer full of venison, a decent trophy, and a crazy story!

Comments for First day of archery -ditch buck

Oct 19, 2011 want to clarify
by: B.R.Y. The bucks where coming from my right. The doe was at the rear and to the left. She jumped the ditch to my left. She ran right in front of them and arced to my right, thats when they turn there heads to watch her. Thats when I was able to get a shot off.Thanks for the nice comments.

Sep 15, 2011 wooaahh
by: Anonymous jeez man that story is really crazy…and u dont have a peep sight on ur bow?

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