The old smoke pole

by Jacob
(Troy, MO, United States)

One cold afternoon my dad and I had just gotten to our hunting spot. We had never been to this farm before, so we didnt really know where to set up. So we just set up in the best spot we could find. As we sat in our chairs for about 1hr 30min i spotted 3 big does comming from our right at about 80 yards. Every time I had a good shot one of them would go behind a tree or another doe would get in the way. So after about 5 minutes I finally had a shot so as I squezzed the trigger, “BOOM!!!”. I had just gotten my first deer with my muzzelloader. We didnt even need to follow any blood trail because the deer only ran 60 yards. It turns out that I hit that doe right in the heart.

Comments for The old smoke pole

Nov 05, 2011 I wanna’ muzzleloader !
by: B.R.Y. I have taken deer with a bow,rifle, and pistol. I wanna’ get a muzzleloader.They only have a season for flintlock, here in PA. its for 2 weeks in January.You can use a modern muzzleloader in rifle season.I really dont know anything about them.It seems like fun,I wanna’ learn more about it.Congradulations on your hunt!

Nov 03, 2011 Smoke Pole Deer
by: Jim P. I have killed three deer with my .50 caliber Hawken Style Rifle shooting a .490 patched ball and 100 grains of 2FG black powder. In each case, the deer fell down right on the spot and never got up. In contrast, the deer I have harvested with a centerfire have all ran at least 50 yards before dropping. I hunt with muzzleloaders only now. Congrats on your first deer!!

Nov 01, 2011 Me Too!
by: Olivia I got my first deer, last year, and it was with my dad’s muzzle loader – I would rather use that gun than any other. KEEP HUNTING!
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