Deer Hunting Video Clips

Below you will find deer hunting video clips that we have filmed throughout the season.

It starts with a deer we called Droopy as he walked right underneath our tree stand and then you will find video clips of us harvesting deer during the season, including one video clip where kill two deer in one day out of the same stand!

We call this guy Droopy and you can see why! We’re not sure if his deformity is the result of an injury or if it is a genetic trait. We have trail cam pics of another buck in the area that had a similar deformity on one side. We hope Droopy makes it through the hunting season so we can see what his headgear looks like next year as a 2 1/2 year old.

Below you will find a couple of our favorite, self filmed deer hunting video clips. These deer were taken at midday in September! We hunt everyday, so come back often and check out the latest deer hunting videos!

Opening Day Deer Hunting Video Clips

Check out this video clip as we harvest two deer on opening day of the bowhunting season!

September 25th Midday Deer Hunting 

In this video, we harvest a very FAT old mature doe that came in to a deer attractant during midday!

The key to this midday hunt was the weather front that was approaching. It was a tropical storm and the deer were coming to feed before the storm started.

Deer are very active before and after a storm, but deer hunting in the rain can also be productive.

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