10 Best Hunting Clothing Brands In 2024

Written By John VanDerLaan 


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The staff at Deer Hunting Guide all agree. Searching for hunting clothing has gotten a bit ridiculous. Online results spit out dozens of weirdly named brands with generic products clearly lacking in quality. We've found that the best way to narrow down your options is to only consider the top manufacturers. For us, these are the 10 best hunting clothing brands we stick to. 

We have added a bonus brand that we have started using recently at the end of the article with a coupon code for 15% off!

1. Sitka Gear

Started in 2005, Sitka has been making waves in the hunting community. Their goal is to "turn clothing into gear," by which they mean designing garments that address the specific needs of hunters in the field. From scent control to conveniently placed cargo pockets, you can tell the gear was designed by actual hunters.

Sitka makes high-end hunting clothes that uses the latest technology and best materials, such as Gore-Tex and PrimaLoft. They then research and test their gear extensively to see just how well they perform in real-life hunting situations. They have clothing for big game, whitetail hunting, waterfowl hunting and even everyday use.

Sitka is certainly a top-shelf hunting clothing brand and demands a corresponding price, but in the end, we consider it to be a great value and well worth the cost. That's because, in addition to giving you an effective advantage on the hunt, it's durable and complemented by a lifetime warranty. For serious hunters who need gear that they can depend on in extreme conditions, day after day, season after season, Sitka is one of our top recommendations.

Our Favorite Sitka Gear

2. Kuiu

Founded in California, Kuiu has been shaking things up in the hunting gear industry. They're all about bringing cutting-edge tech straight to hunters without that pesky middleman markup. Their direct-to-customer approach is fresh and ensures you get top-notch gear at a much better value.

Kuiu carries on the legacy of founder Jason Hairston by crafting gear for the extreme hunter and being involved in the hunting community. One of our favorite things about Kuiu is that they actively collaborate with conservationists around the country, both to grasp the ever-changing hunting landscape and to contribute through hands-on volunteering.

But what truly makes Kuiu gear stand out? It’s their unparalleled attention to the fabrics they use. They source some of the most advanced materials globally, such as the revolutionary 3DeFX+ insulation and Primeflex stretch fabric, not to mention the extra-waterproof Dermizax NX membrane.

If you're on the hunt for hunting apparel that blends technology and durability and contributes to the hunting community, Kuiu is a good call. Along with Sitka, it's one of our all-around favorites, though like Sitka, it's an investment.

Our Favorite Kuiu Gear

kuiu Kutana Gale Force

Kuiu Kutana Gale Force Jacket

Kuiu Pro Merino zip

Kuiu Pro Merino Zip Hoodie

KUIU Attack Pants

Kuiu Attack Pants

3. Cabela’s

Cabela's isn't just a hunting clothing brand: it's an outfitter with huge brick-and-mortar stores, often referred to as "outdoor meccas," that you've likely seen around town. This comes with some disadvantages, such as the fact that Cabela's doesn't specialize in manufacturing hunting gear, but it also has some advantages. Namely, they have extensive experience and feedback in the field, and their large network can allow them to get you great gear quickly at much lower prices.

Another thing that earned Cabela's a spot on our list is the sheer extent of products they offer. You can get tried-and-true classics or the latest, technologically advanced models. Plus, you can find outdoor clothing that's useful for hunting but that may not be manufactured by some of the other brands like wool socks, hunting boots, and balaclavas.

For the record, Cabela's makes some of the warmest hunting boots available today.

Finally, it's one of the top hunting clothing brands for beginners because whether you buy online or in the store, you can get expert advice on the gear you need for your purposes followed up by excellent customer service. You can start with nothing and get fully outfitted at an affordable price.

Our favorite pants for deer hunting are the Cabela's Wooltimate pants featured below.   

Our Favorite Cabela's Gear

Cabela's MT050 Rain Gear

Cabela's MT050 GORE-TEX Rain Gear

cabela's Wooltimate pants

Cabela's Outfitter Series Wooltimate Pants

cabela's instinct merino base layer

Cabela's Instinct Merino Wool Base Layer Top

4. Scheels Outfitters

Scheels Outfitters exemplifies the American dream and self-made man. With $300 made from a potato harvest, German immigrant A. Scheel started a hardware store in Sabin, Minnesota, in 1902 that's since blossomed into a sports and outdoors empire.

Much like Cabela's, Scheels lacks the specialization of specific hunting brands like Sitka and Kuiu. In fact, they have an even wider range of hunting clothes and hunting boots. They also feature a lot of other sports and outdoor gear in their massive stores that have as much entertainment as they do goods for sale. If hunting isn't your only outdoor activity, it's a great one-stop-shop.  

That doesn't mean they don't produce expertly crafted hunting clothing at excellent prices too, though. This is in addition to sales from other brands, so you can mix and match to create the ideal outfit.  

One of our favorite and affordable hunting bibs are the Scheels wool hunting bibs that you see below.

Our Favorite Scheels Gear

Scheels antler river jacket

Scheels Outfitters Antler River Jacket

scheels high level 3l rain gear

Scheels Outfitters High Level 3L Rain Gear

Scheels wool hunting bibs

Scheels Outfitters Wool Hunting Bibs

5. RedHead

RedHead has long been a household name among hunters. It was originally an exclusive brand for Bass Pro Shops, so since its merger with Cabela's, the brand is also available there. 

In other words, RedHead gets you the value price of a big chain like Cabela's with the tailored design specific to hunting. RedHead usually combined traditional designs with modern technology, appealing to long-time hunters.

If you're on a budget but still want quality gear that's designed for specific hunting situations, RedHead products can be a good solution for clothing and hunting boots.

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Our favorite base layer for hunting is the Redhead E.C.W.C.S Military Fleece below.

Our Favorite Redhead Gear

Redhead squaltex sentinel jacket

Redhead Squaltex Scentinel Bone Dry Rain Gear

RedHead Silent Stalker Elite Bibs

RedHead Silent Stalker Elite Bibs for Men

Redhead E.C.W.C.S military Fleece

Redhead E.C.W.C.S Military Fleece Thermal Base Layer Top

6. Kryptek

Kryptek is a unique brand. Based on experiences and designs by U.S. veterans who've faced combat's real-world demands, Kryptek gear is engineered for adaptability and stealth. For example, they use distinctive camouflage patterns inspired by the principles of ancient warfare.

One of the biggest draws of the brand is this multi-layered camo, designed to keep you hidden across varying terrains and elevations. From the mountains to the desert, Kryptek's apparel is designed to make you as close to invisible as possible, to animal—and human—eyes.

Kryptek clothing is high-quality and effective in general, but if you're serious about blending into your environment, there's no better option. The prices are surprisingly affordable, too. 

Our Favorite Kryptek Gear

Kryptek Silent Stalker pants

Kryptek Men's Standard Stalker Pants

Kryptek camo performance hoody

Kryptek Camo Hoodie

Kryptek Vellus Camo Hunting Jacket

Kryptek Vellus Camo Hunting Jacket

7. Drake Waterfowl

Drake is a new company, but they're highly specialized. They only make hunting clothing and gear for waterfowl hunting. Their designers know exactly what duck hunting requires and consistently provide products that address the challenges when hunting in wet, unpredictable environments.

Naturally, where Drake clothing really shines is its water resistance. At the same time, it's highly comfortable, so long days by the water are as fun as they are successful. As well as one of the 10 best hunting clothing brands in general, Drake Waterfowl is our top pick for duck hunting. They have a rich lineup including jackets, vests, waders and standard hunting pants.

Our Favorite Drake Waterfowl Gear

LST Guardian Flex Double Down Eqwader Full-Zip Jacket

Drake Waterfowl LST Guardian Flex Double Down Eqwader Full-Zip Jacket for Men

MST Guardian Eqwader Flex Fleece 1:4 Zip Camo Jacket

Drake Waterfowl MST Guardian Eqwader Flex Fleece 1:4 Zip Camo Jacket

LST Guardian Elite High-Back Insulated Hunt Pants

Drake Waterfowl LST Guardian Elite High-Back Insulated Hunt Pants

8. ScentLok

While camouflage is important, whitetail deer and most game animals can smell a lot better than they can see. In other words, odor control is one of the most important factors to a successful hunt, and that's why we love clothes from ScentLok.

ScentLok is well-known in the industry for their cutting-edge odor-absorbing technology. Specifically, they design their clothing with patented Carbon Alloy technology that neutralizes a wide range of odors including that produced by the human body. Plus, they include this tech in a wide range of products from jackets to socks as well as other gear like backpacks.

At the same time, ScentLok gear is high-quality. It's durable and comfortable and adapts easily to various terrains and conditions. If you want to take your hunt to the next level, ScentLok clothing may give you the edge you've been looking for.

Our Favorite ScentLok Gear

ScentLok BE-1 Divergent Half-Zip 

ScentLok BE-1 Divergent Half-Zip Long-Sleeve Pullover

ScentLok Savanna Aero Crosshair Jacket

ScentLok Savanna Aero Crosshair Jacket

ScentLok BE:1 Fortress Hunting Bibs

ScentLok BE:1 Fortress Hunting Bibs

9. Blocker Outdoors

Blocker Outdoors is a line of hunting gear and apparel that's been in business since 1998. Their clothing is known for its comfort that doesn't sacrifice stealth. Their products are affordable as well while still being backed by warranty.

Blocker Outdoors designs its clothes with the modern hunter in mind. That means a lot of flexibility and freedom of movement, not to mention adaptability to different environments. It's a good choice if you hunt in different places throughout the season.

Another standout feature of Blocker clothing is the scent-blocking technology. Their advanced materials help reduce your odor, so game animals like whitetail deer are less likely to notice your presence from a distance.

Finally, we like the wide variety of products you can get from Blocker. For example, you can choose from a page-full of hunting jackets that feature varying thicknesses, extra features, camo designs, and blaze orange detailing.   

Our Favorite Blocker Outdoors Gear

Blocker Outdoors Dead Quiet Jacket

Blocker Outdoors Dead Quiet Jacket

Blocker Outdoors Dead Quiet Pants

Blocker Outdoors Dead Quiet Pants

Blocker Outdoors Vantage Hoodie

Blocker Outdoors Vantage Quarter-Zip Long-Sleeve Hoodie

10. Mossy Oak

Just about every hunter knows the Mossy Oak name. Founded in 1986 by Toxey Haas, the brand quickly gained popularity due to its effective camo patterns. With numerous designs, hunters from the snowy Mountain West to luscious green Florida can find camo that blends them in with their specific environment.

Furthermore, Mossy Oak is considered a high-value brand. New hunters or those on a budget can still find camo clothing that works to conceal them in the tree stand without burning through their wallet.

Mossy Oak may not have the features of high-end brands like Sitka or Kuiu, but it does have variety. From t-shirts to jackets to socks, you can just about fill your entire closet with Mossy Oak. And as a trusted brand, you know you're getting quality at a good price. 

Our Favorite Mossy Oak Gear

Mossy Oak Camo Hunting Hoodie 

Mossy Oak Camo Hunting Hoodie Performance Fleece

Mossy Oak Cotton Mill 2.0 Hunting Pants

Mossy Oak Cotton Mill 2.0 Hunting Pants

Mossy Oak Lightweight Camo Hunting Shirt

Mossy Oak Lightweight Camo Hunting Shirt

Honorable Mention: SKRE

We tried to keep our list to the 10 best hunting apparel brands, but we just couldn't leave off SKRE. Above all, we love their clear values and dedication to hunting as an important activity in family and community. It's clear that the brains behind their gear truly love hunting and want to help other hunters be successful and build memories.

Of course, we also love their products. One of the best things about SKRE is that they design their clothing for specific types of hunts and have some of the best clothing tailored for elk and mule deer hunting. They also offer "bundles" that include all the clothing necessary for certain hunts, such as summer hunting, whitetail hunting, extreme hunting, etc.

I used their Whitetail Late Season Bundle on a late season hunt and stayed incredibly warm in my ground blind. despite the frigid temperatures.

We believe SKRE is soon going to become one of the most popular hunting clothing brands. We highly recommend taking a look at their line.     

Our Favorite SKRE Gear

SKRE Hardscrabble Jacket

SKRE Hardscrabble Jacket

Kaibab Merino Wool 1/4 Zip

Kaibab Merino Wool 1:4 Zip

SKRE Hardscrabble Pants

SKRE Hardscrabble Pants

Final Thoughts

When looking for the best hunting clothing, there are a lot of brands out there. You have to be careful, though, because some of these are low-quality imitations that end up wasting your money. It's better to stick to the best hunting clothes brands like Sitka, Kuiu, Cabela's and the others on this list. This will save you time, money, and frustration and make your chances of a successful hunt that much higher, and with proper care, they will last for many seasons.

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