Best Hunting Socks

Our search for the best hunting socks is over! These socks are literally changing the game in foot comfort. We have tried and tested just about every sock on the market including socks from Thorlo, Wigwam, Cabelas, Smartwool and many more. None of them can compare to the socks from Farm to Feet!

Our Choice For the Best Hunting Socks

Best hunting socks
Best Hunting Socks

Farm to Feet Ansonville Socks are our top choice for the best hunting socks. We've been testing them for almost a year now and they have proven to be far superior to any other sock tested.

I wore these socks on a bow hunt for whitetails in Ohio last November. I was crossing a creek and slipped off of a rock and my right foot went into the water. The water was deeper than the top of my Gore Tex boot and quickly filled my boot with water.

The air temp was 30 degrees and the water was extremely cold as well. I thought that my hunt was over and I was going to have to go back to camp and change socks and dry my boots.

I sat down and took off my boot and dumped the water out. I took off my sock and repeatedly wrung it out until most of the water was out. Keep in mind the sock was still wet.

I put the sock and the boot back on and continued to my tree stand. By the time I reached my stand, my right foot was as warm as my left!

I notoriously get cold feet, so I was sure that once I had been sitting for a while, my right foot was going to be freezing. To my amazement, I was wrong! The temperature got up to around 35 degrees and my feet were toasty warm!

I couldn't believe it! I am still wearing this same pair of socks almost six months later and they are still like brand new. These are not only the best hunting socks, they are the best wool socks period!

What Makes Farm to Feet the World’s Best Hunting Socks?

  • Comfort - We have yet to test a more comfortable, form fitting hunting sock than Farm to Feet.
  • Warmth - As described above, these socks are unbelievably warm, even when wet!
  • Durability - We have put these socks to the test, wearing them daily for almost a year. They have outlasted every other sock tested!
  • 100% American Ingredients - Farm to Feet socks are made with 100% U.S. merino wool sourced from American Sheep Industry Ranchers and 100% U.S. nylon and Spandex.
  • 100% U.S. Manufacturing - Farm to Feet socks are manufactured in the United States with 100% American Workers!
  • Guarantee - If you are not 100% satisfied with the performance or durability of your Farm to Feet socks, simply return them to Farm to Feet for a 100% refund! No questions asked!
  • Value - While the price tag might seem high at first, realize that they are going to last twice as long as all other hunting socks.

With the Farm to Feet 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose! Get a pair of Farm to Feet Socks Today! Your feet will thank you and you will be supporting American Workers!

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John VanDerLaan

Hi folks! I'm John VanDerLaan and I have a deep passion for the outdoors, and deer hunting in particular. I am what you call a year round deer hunter. I am in the whitetail woods year round preparing for the next years season and I love to share the knowledge that I've gained over 40 years of chasing the wily whitetail! In full disclosure, it is safe to assume that I am an affiliate for products that I recommend. I will make a commission if you buy through my link. You will not pay more when buying through my link. In fact, oftentimes I have negotiated a lower price (or bonuses) for my readers than you will find anywhere else online. Also, when you buy through my link, it allows me to continue to provide you with tons of FREE valuable information through this website!

Gordon D - December 29, 2016

Hi John, thanks for the great review. I have been pouring through tons of sites & forums searching for the absolute best cold (ie below freezing) weather socks available. So far I have come up with Darn Tough socks. They seem to be better than Smartwool, Thorlo, Wigwam, etc. I’m not sure about Altera, Fits or Cabelas and have just learned about Farm to Feet.

I’d be interested if you have tried these other brands as well and how they compared?

Perhaps, I’ll have to try an experiment and purchase one of each. hah
Thanks again!

    John VanDerLaan - December 30, 2016

    Hey Gordon,

    I have tried all of the socks that you mentioned except the Darn Tough socks. I have found the Farm to Feet socks to be the best by far. I highly recommend that you try them and I would love to hear your opinion!

    Thanks Gordon!


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