Best Hunting Pants For Men And Women In 2024

Written By John VanDerLaan 


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Hunting clothes may not be the first piece of gear you think of when outfitting yourself for hunting season, but your pants are definitely one of the most essential. Our team of experts share their top picks for best hunting pants.

We took the time to consider just about every situation, from women looking for a better fit to the right pants for different parts of the season. Get the best pair of hunting pants for your needs, and you'll be surprised by how much they can improve your hunt. 

Best overall

Sitka Timberline Hunting Pants

sitka timberline

Best For Deer Hunting

Cabela's Outfitter Series Wooltimate Pants

Cabela's Outfitter Wooltimate

Best Rain Pants

Sitka Downpour Hunting Pants

sitka downpour

Best Hunting Pants At A Glance

How We Chose The Best Hunting Pants

Myself and other staff members wore each of these hunting pants on different hunting and scouting trips across the country and rated them on their usefulness for the specific task at hand.

We wore them scouting and hanging tree stands in the summer months. We wore them turkey hunting in the spring. We wore them on upland bird hunts. We even wore them on late season elk hunts. We put them through just about every hunting scenario that you can think of.

The pants below are the ones that performed the best for each scenario.

Best Hunting Pants: Reviews And Recommendations

Best Overall: Sitka Timberline Pants

Sitka Timberline Pants

These pants from Sitka are our overall favorites because they have everything you need to tackle just about any hunting situation you might encounter. They can take on extreme hunting conditions thanks to the water-repellant finish, and the reinforced knees in addition to the removable knee pads mean you can still hunt with confidence even in the thickest bush. You can also get closer to your quarry due to the Subalpine camo pattern that disguises you to the deer eye.

At the same time, you can hunt from a tree stand as well because the reinforced seat keeps you comfortable and protects the pants season after season. Plus, the stretch fabric and suspender design keep the pants stable but comfortable for long periods. This is a big plus since you may need to shift around to stretch out.

Finally, unlike a lot of hunting pants, you don't have to worry about the fit or comfort while you're hiking. Whether you're still or stand hunting, you'll inevitably have to do some hiking, so the fact that these won't chafe the skin or ride up under your pack makes them the ideal set of pants for just about anyone.


  • Waterproof rain pants
  • Reinforced seat and knees
  • Removable knee pads
  • Gore Optifade Subalpine camo
  • Stretch fabric
  • Suspender design
  • Great value


  • They are expensive

Check out this video that shows all of the features of the Timberline Hunting Pants.

Are you a still hunter who plans on taking week-long wilderness hunting trips in the Rockies? Are you a dedicated stand hunter who takes your climber to your local public hunting area every weekend? Regardless of your situation, Sitka Timberline pants can keep you hidden from game, comfortable for long periods of time, and hunting successfully season after season.

Best Wool Hunting Pants: Code Of Silence Zone7 Versa Pants

Code Of Silence Zone7 Versa Pants

We have guys on our staff that absolutely love these pants and wouldn't consider ever wearing another brand of wool hunting pants. They are actually a combination of wool and fleece, but they are incredibly quiet and comfortable.

They are super warm and tough enough to serve you for years, even decades. The warmth, of course, comes from the wool design that regulates temperature without overheating and still insulates even when it's wet.

However, the main claim to fame for these pants is their durability, which makes them well worth the high price. The double-butt seat is great for long days in the deer stand while the padded knees let you still hunt from any position in any terrain. Plus, there are zip and snap cargo pockets so you can more efficiently carry accessories like field glasses, a range finder, your cell phone, etc.

Lastly, it's worth noting the camo design. While it's not the most elaborate we've seen—and a bit reminiscent of army ACUs in our opinion—it does work in multiple environments so you can hunt effectively in the South, Midwest or Rockies.


  • Warm wool design
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Double-butt seat
  • Padded knees
  • Lots of storage


  • Price
  • Suspenders not included

If you're a serious hunter and know you're going to need wool pants for years into the future, consider these. Similarly, they make a great gift for a young hunter just starting out because they have the potential to last decades. The strong wool fabric keeps going and going even after hunting in the roughest terrain. 

Best Deer Hunting Pants: Cabelas Wooltimate Pants 

Cabela's Outfitter Series Wooltimate Pants

The Wooltimate pants are a basic option for handling the cold bite of hunting season without overdoing it. A great value, they have the warmth of wool while still being lightweight and comfortable. This does mean they wear down faster with a lot of motion, but they work great hunting deer from the tree stand during the mid season.

Although there's only one camo option, it's a good one for deer hunting because it matches the colors and patterns of a deciduous forest in late fall and winter. This will keep you blended in with your surroundings so a buck can come right by without noticing.

Other great features include the Windshear liner that keeps you warm in areas where cold is mostly a result of windchill like the Midwest and the reinforced knees that better allow for crouching as crawling as may be necessary to get to your stand or position yourself in a blind. The leg zips also make them easy to put on but still tight and protective against your boots.


  • Great value
  • Warm wool blend
  • Lightweight
  • Windshear liner
  • Reinforced knees
  • Leg zips


  • Only 1 camo option

Whitetail deer are one of the most commonly hunted game animals in the US, and hunters have come to learn a lot about them. These pants address the specific aspects of the whitetail hunt like cold temperatures in windy environments and wintry deciduous forest terrain. At the same time, they're affordable and don't make you pay for features designed for other types of game.

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Best Waterproof Hunting Pants (Gore Tex): Sitka Downpour Pants 

Sitka Downpour Hunting Pants

Sitka gear uses Gore-Tex, a revolutionary fabric that is waterproof but breathable at the same time. This means it keeps water out without causing sweat to build up inside the pants. Sweat buildup is terrible for hunting because it increases your odor and can make you cold if you're outdoors for long periods of time.

If you live in an area where it rains a lot during the hunting season, you definitely need waterproof pants. There's one problem, though. Waterproof materials like Gore-Tex are often noisy. When you walk, the pant legs rub together and make a loud swishing sound. However, Sitka solved this problem with a brushed face that makes them glide together instead. This way you won't scare away big game when you walking.

Our main complaint is that there's only one camo option: Elevated II. Mostly white, gray and beige, this pattern is great for Midwestern and mountain landscapes but not as good for deep Southern terrain where there may still be a lot of green during the hunting season.

As for other features, the articulated fit is comfortable both for walking and sitting for a long time in a deer stand. The pants are also lightweight at just 20.8 ounces, meaning you can hike a lot farther with a lot less effort.


  • Gore-Tex waterproofing
  • Brushed face for noise reduction
  • Articulated fit
  • Internal belt system
  • Lightweight
  • Great value


  • Only 1 camo option

For better or worse, hunting season is usually a wet time of year. You're going to be sitting in a tree stand for a long time, so wet pants mean you'll get too cold to hunt effectively. You need waterproof rain pants, but you also need to be quiet and not scare off any game. The Sitka Downpour pants do just that. 

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Best Insulated Hunting Pants: Cabela’s MT050 Whitetail Extreme 

Cabela’s MT050 Whitetail Extreme Hunting Pants

These pants from Cabela's might not be Sitka, but they use modern technology to tackle the challenges modern hunters face in the field. And they're a great value, too.

First and foremost, the MT050 pants use the latest Gore-Tex to create a waterproof shell that will protect you from the rain or snow. Additionally, they're great for cold weather due to the Thinsulate insulation that keeps you extra warm even if you're sitting and not moving while big game hunting . 

Plus, the insulation is lightweight so that you have a better range of motion in your cramped stand. You can stand up quickly but quietly and deliberately while rotating to take aim at whatever quarry has come into range. Your hands can even take advantage of the insulation thanks to hand pockets.

The only real problem with these pants is the fit, which can feel a bit loose towards the top even when it's the right size through the thighs and legs. Luckily, they come with suspenders so they're stable regardless. Similarly, the adjustable cuffs let you get the length just right to protect you from the elements without being uncomfortable.


  • Gore-Tex waterproofing
  • Advanced-Zone Thinsulate insulation
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Suspenders
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Great value


  • Loose fit

The Cabela's MT050 hunting pants are ideal for anyone who uses a climbing tree stand. Even though you'll have a lot less room, you don't have to worry about your movements being restricted by your pants. Plus, they'll keep you warm even when you're sitting still for long periods of time in cold weather.

Best Cold Weather Hunting Pants: Sitka Boreal Aerolite Pants

Sitka Boreal Aerolite Hunting Pants

Sitka uses a number of different advanced fabrics to take on the elements hunters deal with in the field. With the Boreal Aerolite pants, they use several. For example, Gore-Tex makes the pants waterproof, even in powerful storms or deep snow. 

On top of that, PrimaLoft provides insulation from even biting cold. PrimaLoft is a synthetic insulator that combines the benefits of down, which is the warmest by weight but stops working if it gets wet, and wool, which works even if it's wet but is heavy. In other words, these pants are great for snowy and icy environments where you have to deal with both cold and wet for long periods of time.

Other features that make the Boreal Aerolites our favorite cold weather pants are the suspenders, which keep the pants stable even if they get wet, and the cargo pockets that let you carry important accessories like rangefinders and your cell phone without worrying about the elements. Plus, the seat is abrasion resistant, so the pants won't wear out even if you sit on the ground while big game hunting.


  • Gore-Tex waterproofing
  • PrimaLoft insulation
  • Suspenders
  • Cargo pockets
  • Abrasion-resistant seat


  • Heavy

The Boreal Aerolite pants are for the diehard bowhunters out there. It's January and dumping snow, but you're still going to hike out to the deer stand at 4 am and spend all day sitting and waiting for your trophy buck. You need maximum protection from the elements, and you get that thanks to the latest hunting gear technology from Sitka. 

Best Elk Hunting Pants: Sitka Ascent Pants

Sitka Ascent Pants

As the name implies, the Ascent pants from Sitka are designed for hiking up steep inclines. You'll inevitably get hot in this situation, so these pants are lightweight. Specifically, they're only 12 ounces, so you can save energy no matter the mountains you're conquering.

Similarly, the Ascents are breathable to keep you cool in warm weather, and they feature Sitka's special Polygiene technology that prevents microbial growth. Basically, you'll sweat less, and the little sweat you do produce won't create as much odor so you're less likely to be noticed by a quarry's sensitive nose.

Lastly, the articulated fit and stretch fabric help you hike around without discomfort or noise. The knee pads even let you crouch or kneel down without damaging your gear.


  • Super lightweight
  • Breathable with mesh panels
  • Anti-odor Polygiene technology
  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • 3 camo options
  • Knee padding


  • No suspenders

Here is a video that shows all of the features of the Ascent Hunting Pants.

These pants are our go-to for elk hunting. That's not just because they have a number of features from Polygiene technology to stretch fabric that are conducive to hiking through the mountainous terrain where elk live, but also because you can get them in Optifade Open Country camo that blends in with wide mountainous valleys like those in the Rockies.

Best Camo Hunting Pants: Sitka Traverse Pants

Sitka Ascent Pants

If you can't tell, we love Sitka gear. It's durable and effective thanks to Sitka's extensive field testing following their involved research and development. 

The Traverse pants are no exception. They're a basic model of hunting pants that can handle a wide range of environments while being comfortable and protective. While they won't keep out pouring rain, the waterproof finish is enough to keep you fresh walking through the morning woods. They also have 4-way stretch fabric and only weigh 17 ounces, which allows you to hike through any terrain and sit in a tree stand or blind with full range of motion.

Of course, what we really like about these pants is the selection of five different Optifade camo patterns: Subalpine, Open Country, Elevated II, Waterfowl Marsh and Waterfowl Timber. From the swamps of Louisiana to the snowy barren mountains of Montana, you can match where and what you're hunting. 


  • Tough and durable
  • Light waterproof finish
  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • Lightweight
  • 5 camo options
  • Suspender buttons


  • Not fully waterproof 
  • Some noise when moving

If you want to take your hunt to the next level, try matching your camouflage hunting pants precisely to the terrain you're hunting. If you're in the mountains, you want blocky textures with a lot of grays while if you're hunting in deciduous southern forests, you need more detailed patterns with various colors. Deer notice patterns well, so getting the right one can make the difference in a successful hunt. These Sitka pants make it easier to do this with the many modern Optifade camo options.  

Best Lightweight Hunting Pants: Kuiu Attack Pants

Kuiu Attack Pants

Kuiu is another brand like Sitka that takes research and development to the extreme and uses advanced technology to address every detail of the hunt. When it comes to the Attack pants, their claim to fame is the insanely lightweight Primeflex Polyester fabric that weighs just 247 grams per square meter. The square meters will depend on your height, of course, but the pants usually weigh around just 18 ounces.

On top of the lightweight design, the articulated knees and gusseted crotch give you an unrestricted range of motion so you can climb mountains with all your gear, crouch, crawl, whatever you need to do to get to the game. Similarly, the brushed fabric on the inside of the pants avoids abrasion against your skin.

While you're hiking in warm weather, you won't get too hot either thanks to mesh hip vents. Plus, the Makspec treatment resists odor buildup so you won't give away your position.


  • Lightweight Primeflex fabric
  • Flexible range of motion
  • Brushed inside fabric
  • Mesh hip vents
  • Makspec odor-resistant treatment
  • 11 finish options


  • Not fully waterproof
  • No insulation

Here's a great video showing you the features of the Kuiu Attack Hunting Pants.

Kuiu's Attack pants are ideal for warm weather environments such as Arizona or Texas. They allow you to move around easily without overheating or getting too smelly to hunt. Plus, you can match your style and the terrain with the three camo options and eight other single-color options. 

The Kuiu Attack pants are a favorite active hunting pant for a lot of our staff members.

ScentLok BE-1 Voyage Quiet Warm Fleece Bow Hunting Camo Pants

We chose these ScentLok camo pants specifically for bowhunters because they have a lot of features that are good for those situations bowhunters encounter more often than riflemen. Most significantly, they're made from fleece fabric and insulated for warmth even in the late season only open to archery. Plus, it's 100% waterproof to take on those winter storms.

Similarly, the fabric includes carbon alloy technology that neutralizes your odor. This is extra important for bowhunters because you usually have more gear to carry. When you're walking, you're likely to sweat, even if it's cold. You don't want that sweat to produce a smell that'll give you away to animals' noses. Plus, the three camo options hide you from your quarries' eyes.

You also don't want that sweat to stick to your skin where it'll make you cold once you get to the stand. For that, these pants include moisture wicking fabric.

Finally, another bow hunting specific feature is the large amount of storage. Six pockets can carry the many accessories bowhunters need like a rangefinder, binoculars and bow release. Oh, and your cell phone.


  • Warm fleece insulation
  • Waterproof
  • Carbon alloy scent control
  • 3 camo options
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Six pockets
  • Tall sizes


  • No suspender connection

For the dedicated bowhunter, there are few better options than these ScentLok pants. They have the temperature regulation to handle the colder weather of the bowhunting season and the storage for all the equipment you'll be taking with you. Plus, they increase your chances of success all around thanks to scent neutralization, a quiet design and great camo.

ScentLok Savanna Aero Lightweight Hunting Pants

For early season hunts, you don't need to spend extra money on a pair of pants that are going to be too heavy anyway and just make you uncomfortable and sweaty to the point that your BO scares off all the game. A better idea is a pair of lightweight pants like these Savanna Aeros from Scentlok that won't drain your bank account.

In addition to their lightweight design, these pants are also ideal for the early season because of their six camo patterns that have more focus on plant growth and foliage. Depending on where you live, the trees likely still have some leaves in the early season, and there will be a lot of leaves on the ground and low-growing brush. You need to blend in with these specific patterns well to hunt game like whitetail deer especially since they're a bit more cautious before the rut fully takes hold.

Lastly, despite the low price, these pants come with advanced scent-absorbing fabric. The early season is warmer, so you're more likely to sweat and develop body odor. However, the carbon alloy technology in these pants traps odor and keeps it from catching the wind where it could alert cautious game animals to your presence.


  • Great value
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • 6 early-season camo options
  • Carbon alloy scent-absorbing technology


  • Thin fabric wears out faster

These aren't thick insulated pants that will keep you warm in December, but they are a lightweight hunting pant that will keep you cool in warm weather. You'll be able to deal with the warmer weather a lot more comfortably, and the early-season camo along with the scent-absorbing fabric will disguise you from the deer's senses. And they're a great price, too.

Best Hunting Pants For Warm Weather: Vertx Cutback Technical Pants

Verx Cutback Technical Pants

We have guys on staff that love these pants for warm weather hunting and summertime scouting.

They feature 14 pockets with room for all your gear, safely stored away. Pockets specifically for phones, mags and more.

The front pockets are super deep and mesh lined to help with circulation.

Specially designed rear pockets have wallet traps to prevent losing your wallet, licenses, etc.

The fit is great, with articulated knees, double stitching and a fully gusseted crotch for great range of motion without restriction.

8 strategically placed, extra wide belt loops that allow room for holsters at the appropriate positions for concealed carry.

What really sets these pants apart for warm weather hunting is the VaporCore™, powered by 37.5® technology.

37.5 Technology is an active particle technology made from volcanic sand that regulates temperature and humidity to keep you at the ideal core temperature of 37.5ºC and 37.5% humidity. 

The molecular structure of the active particles attracts water molecules and then dispels them, increasing the diffusion rate of water vapor out of the layering system. The action of this water vapor is powered by you: the particles utilize your body’s IR energy (read: heat) to eliminate humidity from your clothing, sleep system, or any product incorporating 37.5 Technology. 

This technology uses your body’s IR energy to move water vapor out of your layering system before it consolidates as liquid sweat. This diffusion of water vapor creates a cooling effect when you’re hot and eliminates a key source of discomfort, odor and bacteria. 

An independent study by the University of Colorado Boulder found that test subjects wearing shirts with 37.5 Technology were able to perform up to 26% longer due to a slower temperature build up than those wearing the exact same shirt, just without 37.5 Technology.


  • Temperature regulating
  • Excellent fit 
  • Unrestricted range of motion
  • Plenty of pockets
  • Lightweight pants
  • Fast drying
  • Super durable pant


  • Athletic fit may not work for some

These pants are a newcomer here at DeerHuntingGuide. We were introduced to them by a couple of the younger guys on our staff that absolutely love them for warm weather wear. After I had the chance to try them for myself, it was easy to see why they like them so much. They now have a place in my wardrobe for scouting, hanging stands and hunting in warm weather.

Best Affordable Hunting Pants: Kryptek Men's Standard Stalker Pants

Kryptek Men's Standard Stalker Pants

It's hard to find a pair of pants that beat the price point on this Kryptek pair. Still, you get all the features you need to hunt effectively.

For instance, you get five pockets including a dedicated cargo pocket to carry accessories. The fabric, while not waterproof, is moisture wicking to help cool you down when you sweat.

Now, Kryptek primarily cut costs on these pants by using a thinner, weaker fabric. As a result, they may rip more easily in thick brush, but if you hunt in open areas, their lightweight design actually helps keep you cool and comfortable.

Finally, there are five camo options to match a wide range of terrains. The Transitional pattern has a lot of green, while Raid is a good choice for barren and mountainous landscapes.


  • Budget price
  • 5 pockets
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Lightweight
  • 5 camo options


  • Not waterproof
  • Weak fabric
  • Awkward fit

Hunting on a budget? You can still get warm weather hunting pants that are comfortable and help you blend into your environment. These Kryptek pants are lightweight and moisture-wicking, keeping you cool even in warm conditions, and pockets to hold a wide range of accessories. Save your money for that new bow you've been looking at.

Best Hunting Pants For The Money: Sitka Equinox Pants

Sitka Equinox Hunting Pants

When you buy hunting gear, you often get what you pay for. With the Sitka Equinox pants, though, we found you get more than what you pay for. They're a great value coming from one of the most respected brands in the hunting community.

One thing we really like is that while these pants use thinner fabric to make them lightweight, they're still tough and can handle hiking in rugged terrain and through thick brush. They also have a water-repellent finish that can keep you dry in light rain and dew. That said, the only part of the pants that's fully waterproof is the seat, which will definitely help you on cold mornings when your hunting seat is covered with dew or even frost.

Additionally, the Equinox pants are made with Sitka's famous four way stretch fabric that gives you better range of motion both in the stand and while hiking to it. Plus, you can hike to your stand more comfortably thanks to the zippered pockets that keep important accessories from falling out. There's even a dedicated knife sheath so you can field dress your quarry.


  • Great value
  • Lightweight but tough
  • Water-repellent finish
  • Waterproof seat
  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • Zippered cargo pockets


  • Only 1 camo option

We recommend these pants if you're a serious hunter who's looking for a quality pair of lightweight pants. They're a reasonable price but are still made with Sitka's renowned quality and have top-shelf features like four way stretch fabric and zippered pockets. For those living in warmer climates, these can save you money without compromising your hunt.

Best Women’s Hunting Pants For Cold Weather: Sitka Women’s Timberline Pants

Sitka Women’s Timberline Pants

Fit is important when it comes to hunting. You're going to be hiking and climbing, not to mention sitting for long periods of time. Not only do you want to be comfortable, but you also want to be able to move with a full range of motion without loose clothing rustling against brush and making noise. Sometimes for women it can be hard to find hunting gear that fits correctly because even "unisex" pants have straighter waists that are better for a typical male frame. 

Luckily, Sitka solved this with their Timberline pants specifically for women. The wider hip to waist ratio is much more snug, so your fit is more stable and allows for better movement. This also helps keep you warm since the pants remain closer to the skin.

At the same time, you still get the great quality and features typical of general Sitka gear. For example, the removable knee pads along with the reinforced seat and knees are great for still hunting since you might have to crouch or kneel. The Subalpine camo design is also designed for still hunting as it blends in with trees and other vegetation at eye level.

Finally, even though the fabric is lightweight, it has a water-repellent finish. It's not fully waterproof, but it will protect from light rain or the moisture you're likely to encounter on the cold mornings of hunting season.


  • Woman-specific cut
  • Durable fabric
  • Removable knee pads
  • Reinforced seat and knees
  • Lightweight
  • Water-repellent finish


  • Only 1 camo option
  • Not fully waterproof

For the female hunters out there, we definitely recommend getting pants designed specifically for women like these from Sitka. With the right fit, you'll be better equipped to make the wide range of movements necessary for both still and stand hunting. Plus, you'll be more comfortable and warmer and therefore better able to enjoy your hobby. 

Best Women’s Hunting Pants For Early Season: Sitka Women’s Equinox Pants

Sitka Women’s Equinox Pants

In the early season, it's warmer, so you might think you don't need snugly fitting pants like you do in colder weather. That isn't the case, though. Women should also look for female-specific cuts.

That's because, as is the case with these Equinox pants, the right fit means more comfort and better motion. Plus, Sitka included 4-way stretch nylon for maximum range of motion.

What makes these pants ideal for the early season specifically is the breathability. On top of the stretch nylon, mesh-backed pockets help vent heat and keep you from sweating too much. Then, whatever sweat you do produce is neutralized by Sitka's Polygiene technology, keeping you better hidden from game.

Finally, the pants have a water-repellent finish that's great for the humidity and dew that's common in the early season. There are also cargo pockets with zippers to keep your many accessories safe and secure, something often harder to find on women's gear.


  • Woman-specific cut
  • 4-way stretch nylon
  • Breathable fabric
  • Polygiene odor-neutralizing technology
  • Water-repellent finish
  • Zippered cargo pockets


  • Not fully waterproof
  • Only 1 camo option

Yes, you want breathable pants for the early season, but you also want them to fit right. As a result, women should consider the Equinox pants from Sitka since they have a female-specific cut but still feature early-season necessities like odor-neutralizing technology and mesh.

Best Affordable Women’s Hunting Pants: SHE Outdoor Insulated Waterproof Pants for Ladies

SHE Outdoor Insulated Waterproof Pants for Ladies

These pants made our list because they combine a woman-specific cut with a great price. Plus, they even have a number of special features you wouldn't even find on more expensive pieces of gear.

For example, they have magnetic pockets. These are better than zippers and buttons because you can more easily open the pockets and they make less noise. Additionally, the knee-high leg zippers make the pants easy to take on and put off over hunting boots and adjust for the best fit.

The temperature regulation is high quality, too. ThermoLite insulation is enough to keep you warm in cold temperatures, but the pants are still breathable as well. This is great for peak hunting season when you usually hike out to your hunting spot in cold weather but start to get hot as the sun comes out. Oh yeah, and they're fully waterproof.


  • Great value
  • Magnetic pockets
  • Knee-high leg zippers
  • ThermoLite insulation
  • Breathable fabric
  • Waterproof


  • Bulky

One of the most difficult things about finding woman-specific hunting gear is dealing with the inflated prices. Many times, the higher prices cause women to just go with standard unisex or men's gear. With the SHE Outdoor pants, you don't have to do that. You can get a woman-specific cut along with essential hunting features like breathable, waterproof fabric at a reasonable price.

Best Sitka Pants: Sitka Stratus Pants

Sitka Stratus Pants

Sitka makes some of the best hunting pants on the market today, so it was hard for us to pick a favorite pair of Sitka pants, but we finally decided on the Status. This is mainly because of how well they protect hunters from the elements with Gore-Tex fabric and Windstopper technology. Along with a micro-fleece interior, this adds up to some of the most advanced temperature regulating hunting gear on the market.

Not only will the Stratus pants keep you warm in cold or windy weather, the Gore-Tex breathes so that you don't overheat when you have to move around.  At the same time, while it is a bit bulky and heavy, it's quiet and doesn't create excess noise like most other wind-resistant pants.

Furthermore, these pants have quiet snap closures that can be fastened or undone with less likelihood of scaring off all the animals nearby. Similarly, the thigh cargo pockets let you grab important accessories like your rangefinder without having to stand up or make noise.


  • Warm Gore-Tex fabric
  • Windstopper technology
  • Quiet when moving
  • Quiet snap closures
  • Thigh cargo pockets


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Only 1 camo option

Sitka is known for quality and designs that are precisely developed for specific hunting situations. In the case of these Stratus pants, they handle the windy, wet weather that's typical of the hunting season in most of the whitetail range like the Midwest and South. The make an ideal pair of rain pants. For this reason, in addition to their quiet design that allows you to move more covertly, they earned our spot for best Sitka pants.

Best Hunting Pants For Big Guys: ScentLok BE:1 Divergent Pants for Men

ScentLok BE-1 Divergent Pants

Our favorite feature of these pants is the wide waist and thighs that make them ideal for plumper men who still want the comfortable fit and range of motion of standard hunting pants. The removable and adjustable suspenders are probably our second favorite feature for the same reason.

It's not just the fit, though. We also like the warmth provided by the wool shell and Primaloft insulation. Still, you don't have to worry about getting sweaty because the fabric includes carbon alloy technology that helps to minimize your odor.

We do wish these pants, which are otherwise great for the late season, had more waterproofing. But they at least have a Precip-X water-repellent coating that will help keep you warm and dry even if your hunting seat gets dewey on cold mornings. You can protect your accessories from moisture as well thanks to nine covered pockets.


  • Wide fit
  • Removable, adjustable suspenders
  • Wool shell and Primaloft insulation
  • Carbon alloy odor-absorbing technology
  • Water-repellent coating
  • 9 covered pockets


  • Not fully waterproof
  • Only 1 camo option
  • Bulky

Big guys, look no farther. With these pants from ScentLok, you're more likely to stay comfortable in the stand regardless of your size. Plus, you can keep warm hunting big game in the late season with enough pockets to hold just about every accessory you can think of from your rangefinder to your release to your cell phone.

Choose Your Hunting Pants Based On When You Hunt

Bow Hunter In a tree mid season

Early Season Hunting Pants

The early season is usually in the early fall before the rut, October and sometimes September depending on the jurisdiction. While mornings before dawn might be a bit chilly, you're likely to get hot after the sun comes up. As a result, you need lightweight, breathable pants that will keep you cool and minimize sweating that could give away your position due to odor.

Many of our picks for early season are the pants that we wear for elk hunting. When paired with lightweight hunting boots, you can stay comfortable all day, chasing elk up and down the mountains.

Additionally, you want early-season-specific camo. The early season usually still has greenery and thicker vegetation, so you need a more detailed pattern. 

Mid season Hunting pants

The mid season tends to be a bit colder and in most places has a lot of wind. Windproofing is great during this time. Most leaves have fallen by now, so more barren camo patterns work best.

The best hunting pants for mid season have to be adaptable and cover a wide range of temperatures.

It may be below freezing in the morning and then quite warm by midday. You need pants that are comfortable in both of these situations. That usually means a breathable pair of hunting pants, think Gore-Tex or some other high tech membrane that allows the garment to breathe. Consider a high quality, moisture wicking base layer under your pants for the ultimate comfort.

Late Season Hunting Pants

In the late season, it's cold. You want maximum insulation. You may also encounter rain and snow as well, so waterproofing is a good idea in late season pants. 

For the coldest weather hunting, consider purchasing a pair of the best hunting bibs you can afford.

As for camo, you want subdued colors that blend in with the barren winter landscape. If it snows often where you live, consider a pattern that has white in it.

Things To Consider When Buying Hunting Pants

Things To Consider When Buying Hunting Pants


Hunting pants have a wide range of warmth and insulation. Some are lightweight with hardly any insulation at all, great for warmer weather. Meanwhile, others have wool or synthetic fibers that provide a lot of protection from the cold. If hunting season gets cold where you live (it probably does), you're going to want a lot of insulation.


Waterproofing also comes in a wide range. Some pants merely have a water-repellent covering. This is good for protecting you from light rain or the dew that's inevitably going to form on your hunting seat in the morning. However, if you're going to have to deal with the powerful storms that many places experience during hunting season, you want full waterproofing rain pants. You can't go wrong with Gore Tex when you are deer hunting in the rain.


Deer move in the wind, which means you should be hunting in the wind. In places like the Midwest, hunting season means a lot of wind. When you're sitting still in a deer stand, this wind can really make you cold. Windproofing prevents this. Just make sure it's still a breathable fabric that won't trap in your sweat.


Regardless of the temperature outside, you want breathable fabric. That's because you'll likely have to hike to your treestand with gear, and this is going to warm you up even if it's dumping snow outside. If the fabric isn't breathable, sweat won't be able to escape. It will stay on your skin, which could create odor that scares off game. Plus, once you stop moving around, that sweat will end up making you cold.

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Noise is one of the primary reasons hunters aren't successful and most rain pants are notoriously noisy. Most game animals like whitetail deer hear very well, and something as little as your pant legs rustling together can scare them off. Quality hunting pants feature specific fabrics and designs that minimize this noise, something you should definitely look for.

Scent Blocking

Most hunters go through a lot of effort to eliminate their scent before the hunt with specific detergents and soaps. Unfortunately, this all goes out the window if you start sweating and develop BO. In the right conditions, deer may be able to smell you from up to a mile away. 

Luckily, a lot of manufacturers have developed technology that helps minimize your odor even if you sweat. This is an important feature to check for.


Even though you're likely using a rucksack to carry much of your gear, pockets are still a great feature on pants because you want some accessories easily on hand like your rangefinder, bow release and cell phone. Some features make pockets even better like waterproofing and secure fastenings like buttons, zippers or magnets.

Knee High Zippers

Knee-high zippers are something to look for if you plan on wearing rubber hunting boots. You can unzip the pants up the legs and put them on or take them off over your boots.

They also make it easier to change your hunting socks, if your feet become sweaty, or you need to add a second pair to keep your feet warm while hunting.


Obviously you want camouflage hunting pants with a camo pattern so that you blend into the background, making you invisible to your quarry. However, which pattern is a more complicated issue. You should try to match the environment where you live, whether that's the deciduous forests of the South, the plains of the Midwest or the mountains of the West. This is a lot easier if the pants have several options to choose from.

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Hunting pants inevitably see tougher conditions than regular pants. You're going to be hiking up and down, climbing, crouching, and getting yourself caught on branches, thorns, and briars. You want a tough pair of pants that won't wear down after just one season. Otherwise, they'll lose effectiveness and you'll lose money.

With proper care and storage, a high quality pair of hunting pants should last you mant seasons.


We're not all made of money, but unfortunately, when it comes to hunting pants, you usually get what you pay for. Cheap pants often wear out faster, meaning you actually spend more money in the long run. 

That said, you don't have to totally bust your budget and get the most expensive pants out there. Many pants are great values, meaning they're durable and have advanced features without costing more than necessary. These are the best choices.


Warranties are great when it comes to hunting pants, not just because it means you won't lose your money if there's a problem, but because it shows the company is confident in the quality of their product. A longer, more extensive warranty lets you buy with confidence and generally signals that it's a quality product that will be effective for hunting.

Best Place to Buy Wool Hunting Pants

Wool hunting pants are great because they're durable and keep you warm while hunting. Unfortunately, they can be pricey. Luckily, you can now buy them straight from the manufacturer thanks to the internet. This cuts out the middleman and lowers costs, and you know you're getting the authentic item that's less likely to have been damaged or worn through extensive shipping.

Our favorite wool hunting pants are the Cabela's Wooltimate Hunting pants.

These would make a great gift for the hunter in your life.


What kind of pants do hunters wear?

Hunters wear durable pants that are lightweight, breathable and waterproof, while providing protection from the elements. Wool is the old standby, with synthetics and technological layers, like Gore-Tex and Windstopper dominating the markets today. Hunters also like strategically placed pockets that help them store and organize their gear.

What is the best brand of hunting pants?

The best brand of hunting pants is Sitka Gear. Other brands that deserve mentioning are Kuiu, King Of The Mountain, Cabelas, Filson, and ScentLok to name a few.

What brands are comparable to Sitka?

The best brands that are comparable to Sitka are Kuiu and First Lite. The list drops off quickly from there. There are some independent brands that produce amazing quality wool clothing like King Of The Mountain, but they only produce high quality wool hunting pants.

Which is better Sitka or First Lite?

In our experience, Sitka Gear is better than first lite. Sitka is better for hunting in changing weather conditions, while First Lite is better suited to the hunter that is mobile and wants lightweight hunting pants.

Are wool pants good for hunting?

Yes wool pants are good for hunting. Most hunting pants today aren't 100% wool. The are a combination of materials like merino wool and fleece that performs better than wool alone. Our favorite wool hunting pants are Code Of Silence and Cabelas Wooltimate pants.

Final Thoughts

Because of how much moving you'll do in them, hunting pants are one of the pieces of gear you could consider most carefully before buying. You need to match insulation, weather-proofing and breathability to your environment and the part of the season you'll be hunting. Our overall favorites are the Sitka Timberline pants, which are expensive, but worth it.

Some of the experts on our staff love the Kuiu Attack pants. Here is a great explanation of the differences between Kuiu vs Sitka Gear.

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