Ohio Deer Hunting Lease

Written By John VanDerLaan 

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Ohio Deer Hunting Lease

I just returned from my Ohio deer hunting lease. I have 93 acres in Miegs County. It is an awesome piece of ground with a couple of funnels that are sure to produce during the rut.

I was out there for a few days to hang treestands and cut shooting lanes, as well as, check the trail cameras I had put out back in August. Here are a couple of picks of the Ohio buck I have my sights on!

Ohio Buck

Ohio Trail cam pics

He was coming in to eat the deer attractant that I put in front of the trail cam.

Like I said, there are some great funnels on this Ohio deer hunting lease.

One is a saddle between two ridges and it seems like every deer trail on the property eventually goes through that saddle. I’ve got 2 sets in that saddle, one for a south wind and one for a north wind. I’m pretty confident that a buck will fall from one of those stands.

The other funnel is really cool. It’s a waterfall! Yes, it drops about 25 feet straight down into a deep ravine. The deer have no choice but to cross the top of the falls. That is where the buck above is pictured. I need an east wind to hunt this spot and if I get that wind direction, the spot is almost foolproof.

I also have a set overlooking a bedding area. We call that the bees nest stand… Yea, my eye was actually swollen shut! Literally put blood, sweat and tears into that one!

Lastly, there is a set on the ridge all the way at the back of the property. It’s difficult to access because it is so far from the road, but it will be a great place to spend all day in a stand during the rut!

I can’t wait for Ohio deer hunting in November! I will be sure to post an Ohio deer hunting report and let you all know how we did.

Ohio Deer Hunting Lease Still Available

I found my Ohio deer hunting lease through a friend of mine by the name of Jerry Meyer. Jerry is a wildlife biologist retired from the state of Ohio. He has a vast amount of knowledge and also some great properties for lease.

If you are interested in an Ohio deer hunting lease, you can find them at Jerry’s website, huntdeerinohio.com. At last check he still had leases available for this season.

He also has Ohio land that he does managed hunts on, if that is something you are interested in.

I’m extremely happy with my Ohio deer hunting lease and the service provided by Jerry Meyer.

Please leave your questions and comments below.

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24 thoughts on “Ohio Deer Hunting Lease”

    • Hey Jonathan,

      It is very difficult, if not impossible to find an Ohio deer hunting lease at this time of year.

      Your best bet is to look for a lease right after the first of the year. This is when any leases that are not being renewed come up as available.

      Good luck!

  1. Thank you for providing this information, John! I am a newcomer to Ohio and am looking for my first hunting lease. Hunting leases, in my opinion, will cost more than a standard hunting club membership and more petite than purchasing property altogether. However, I’ve been told that it’s favorable to the hunter because the area is adequately managed for animals. Furthermore, there is less strain on the parcel while there is the potential to create a long-term relationship.

  2. Hi, I’m extremely interested in hunting an getting involved in leased property to hunt! I’m looking some great knowledge and advice and guidance to make my money and time is well spent. I would like this available for my family to tag along!!

  3. Jerry is a top notch man to deal with I have leased land from him in the past and WD do it again hoping to this 2017-2018 deer season if one comes available

  4. John it sounds like you have been around the block a time or two. I found Jerry’s site awhile back and have yet to pull the trigger on a lease. Would you say Jerry’s site is as good as it gets when trying to obtain a lease or do you have similar luck with something like Base Camp Leasing?


    • Hey Cory,

      I have found Jerry to be very personable and extremely knowledgable about deer hunting land in Ohio. He is retired from the Ohio DNR and is very willing to walk the properties with you and share his knowledge freely.

      I highly recommend recommend working with him.

      Let me know how you make out!


  5. Hi my name is hugo botticher.. me and some friends are looking for a good lease.. we are looking for at least 140 class.. get back to me if there’s any leases for 2017-2018.. thanks

  6. I’m 62 with a disability that requires medacation to be administered every other day that must be done by a hunting partner usually my son Nathan 35 years old hunts with me. We are very interested in a year long lease that can be renewed. Neither of us have ever had a hunting violation in our lives. Also have a excellent reference from a land owner we have leased from for the last 8 years in Mi. Thank you for your consideration,Ron & Nathan Suszek

    • Hi Ron and Nathan,

      You have to check huntdeerinohio.com for available leases. Leases become available after January as some hunters do not renew.


  7. John

    Wondering if the lease is available for 16-17 and is it an annual lease open to the full deer season? If so, I could be very interested!

    • Hi Jason,

      I believe it is leased. Check huntdeerinohio.com. Jerry is the broker that we leased this property from.


  8. I c that lease is available for 2016 season just wondering how the property was and y u gave it up this season I c they r going to timber it did u find another lease


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