Any tips on hunting AEP’s land in Zanesville Ohio for deer/gun?

I plan on hunting AEP’s land in a few weeks for deer/gun. I have never been there before. Are there tree stands? Where is a good spot? Where should I park? Is it really crowded? Tips to be safe? What time to go out? Can I use a deer attractant?

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“First off, let me say that I would not hunt a piece of land without first doing some scouting.

If you can’t get to the land before you hunt, you could do some high tech scouting with maps and aerial photos.

Some of the best parts of AEP land are the areas bordering private farms.

Look for these farms on the aerial photos.

The deer will feed in the agricultural fields while bedding in the nearby thickets.

The pressure during the gun season will be intense, so look for the thickest areas that you can find.

Try to find some out of the way places that are tough to get to.

If you don’t want to go into these places, neither will other hunters…

That is where you need to be!

Pack a lunch and plan on staying all day.

There are plenty of large Ohio bucks in that area and the only way you are going to come out with one is to get into the thick stuff early and stay late.


If it were easy…

Everyone would harvest a trophy animal!”


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Dec 04, 2014 AEP Avondale Hunting Area
by: Rob Terrill
Twenty years ago I would have said that the Avondale area was the best hunting area in Ohio. Now, 2014, I would rank it the worst place in the state. Over the past ten years, AEP and Ohio DNR, have allowed timbering in the area, allowing the timber company to leave the tops of the trees and deep ruts in the ground., and thorn bushes are everywhere. The terrain is difficult enough from thousands of spoil banks ranging in different sizes. Also along with all of that, we have 1400 acres off limits because of Columbia/Portland Cement poor mining and caused cave ins. I hope that during reclaiming of the land over the next two years they do it right and turn it into rolling hills. Last, if you ask the hunter that live around this area, they would love to see the state go back to a one deer limit for a few years, because the deer population is extremely low.

Oct 28, 2013 leasing land
by: Anonymous
How do you lease this land

Aug 31, 2010 Hunting in Ohio…
Iowa will be your place to visit since it has four state forests which offer the public for fishing and hunting as well. However, before participating in the activity of this place, you have to buy the valid hunting/fishing license.
If you are the resident, you could buy hunting license at the lower price than nonresidents.However, the hunting session only takes place during winter, fall, and spring. And, the fishing season is open all the year round.

Nov 29, 2009 Very Good Public Hunting Area in Ohio
by: kelly
Avondale wildlife in Zanesville Ohio is a very good place to hunt. I hunt it all the time. I’m from the Zanesville Ohio area. I hunt a couple of farms that border aep property. Your best bet is to hunt off of Heckel Rd or Crock Rd. Find gates that are yellow and cut off in the woods close to them and look around. It’s very hilly in the area, but i have all my luck in the evenings. There are a good bit of hunters out in gun season, but the area is huge and get to the hard to get spots. I have seen several 170 class bucks around the area so good luck to you.

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