Best Mineral Blocks For Deer In 2024

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Mineral blocks are great for attracting deer to your property, but it is even more critical to the health of those deer you are trying to attract. Deer herd health is vital for breeding and also for harvesting meat. Mineral block ingredients can vary, but you will find the best mineral blocks for deer right here in this article.

Whitetail Institute 30-06 Mineral and Vitamin Block is our top pick and best overall because of its superior quality and top-of-the-line ingredients. We have had many amazing experiences using this mineral block, and experience is the best teacher. So we challenge you to experience the differences also.

Best Mineral Blocks And Salt Licks At A Glance

7 Best Mineral Blocks and Salt Blocks For Deer

Best Overall: Whitetail Institute 30-06 Mineral and Vitamin Block

Whitetail Institute 30-06 Block

Imperial 30-06 Mineral/Vitamin Block is ideal for attracting more deer to your property while supplying the necessary vitamins and minerals. It is scientifically researched and formulated to contain essential vitamins needed for a healthy herd.

Real-life tested and proven to help bucks reach their best genetic potential in antler growth. The Imperial 30-06 Mineral/Vitamin Block incorporates seducing scent and flavor attractants that draw in deer quickly and consistently. 

This product is convenient and straightforward to use, and it is pre-scored, so it can easily be broken into 2, 3, or 4 smaller blocks for use at multiple sites. These mineral blocks Include necessary vitamins and specific minerals in the correct states and ratios to promote optimum antler growth, pregnancy, and lactation.

Imperial delivers essential macro and trace minerals together with vitamins A, D, and E into a block that is long-lasting and economical to use.


  • Draws deer in quickly
  • Favored and frequented


  • It only comes in a 20-pound block 

Imperial has created an attractant that can become an obsession for deer. The scent and taste bring in the deer, Whitetail Institute 30-06 Mineral and Vitamin Block, and the supplements provide all the necessary nutrients to grow a healthy herd that will reproduce. It also produces healthy rack growth for those bucks that make it to the wall.

Best Deer Minerals For Antler Growth: Ridley Monster Buck Mineral Block

Ridley Monster Buck Mineral Block

Ridley Monster Buck is scientifically balanced to supplement deer’s natural diet by providing the required protein, minerals, vitamins, and an energy boost. Ridley's supplement formula contains all the ingredients necessary for optimal growth, antler and bone development, and reproduction. 

When Monster deer blocks are positioned in areas frequented by deer, such as trails, rubs, and watering spots, deer will begin to build a pattern of use.  The quantity of consumption of this product will vary according to body weight and the size of the herd.

It is designed for long-lasting life. Ridley guarantees the Intake of this product by growing and breeding should be at the rate of ¼ to ½ pound per head per day. This is significant.


  • Holds up well in the weather
  • It helps with antler growth


  • It seems to take the deer a little longer to find

Ridley Monster Buck Mineral Block is named aptly. This block quality and unique combination grow monster bucks. Maintaining deer herd health affects antler superiority and, more critical reproduction. Ridley has composed a winning recipe.

Best For Whitetail Deer: Mighty Deer Lick Sweet Apple Block 

Mighty Deer Lick Sweet Apple Block

 Mighty Deer Lick Sweet Apple block is an extremely attractive block created from an original Mighty Deer recipe. Its appeal begins with pure fresh apple flavor and includes a tantalizing natural apple aroma. It smells so good you might be tempted to take a taste too. 

Proven one-to-one calcium to phosphorus ratio provides a recipe that causes superior antler growth. Then key vitamins paired with essential minerals for optimal physiological absorption ensure deer retain all of the nutritional benefits.

When you pair the scent and sweet apple taste with the optimal placement on your property, you will see results. Deer will not only find this mineral block quickly, but it will be frequented until it disappears and you have to replace it.


  • Apple smell and taste attracts deer
  • Formulated for deer health and antler growth


  • Dissolves quickly in the rain

Deer love apples. If you have apple trees or ever hunted a property that does, you will have seen evidence of this fact. Mighty Deer takes this love of apples and incorporates it into a mineral block that is not all sweets and smells but is full of vitamins, minerals, and supplements to benefit the health of the herd and optimal antler growth.

Trophy Rock Salt Lick

Deer love Trophy Rock mineral licks, as evidenced by their constant return to it again and again. Not only will you be pleased with the herd's pattern of reuse, but you can also have the satisfaction of watching them grow, knowing they are healthy.

Healthy Doe reproduces healthy fawns. Healthy bucks grow healthy antlers and impressive racks.

Trophy Rock prides itself on incorporating all-natural minerals, unlike other significant game attractants that use chemicals.  Trophy Rock believes in a herd's best health. To achieve this goal, they only produce all-natural deer attractants that you can feel confident about to accomplish this goal. 

Without sufficient and certain minerals, deer cannot reach their best health potential. With Trophy Rock's all-natural minerals, deer will get everything they need.

Trophy Rock promises its mineral rock is proven to be longer-lasting in the field than competitors, which gives you more bang for your buck.

They also guarantee the best trail cam shots using rocks and minerals from Trophy Rock as deer attractants. 


  • Keep deer coming back
  • All natural and mined in the USA
  • Holds up well in the rain


  • It May take longer for deer to find

Trophy Rock is a trusted brand among hunters and deer approved. We love that this mineral block is all-natural and mined in the United States. We can also attest to its popularity in the field. This mineral block will support the health of your herd.

Trophy Rock Salt Lick

Himalayan Nature 100% Natural salt block is mined from ancient deposits deep in the Himalayas. These rock salt licks contain many of the valuable minerals all animals, including deer, need for a healthy, nutrient-balanced diet.

Himalayan Salt is very beneficial For deer, horses, goats, sheep, and other farm animals. It delivers a long list of naturally occurring trace minerals and electrolytes to supplement your animal's diet in a safe all-natural rock salt block.

One of the benefits of consuming rock salt licks is that it makes deer thirsty, encouraging them to drink more water and avoid dehydration by staying hydrated.

Himalayan Nature Salt Block is resistant to weather, so they are long-lasting. These mineral salt licks are suitable for all types of livestock, so there is no need for concern when used by various species.


  • All natural
  • Resistant to rain and biting


  • It takes a little longer to find

Purina Quick Draw Block Deer Attractant

Purina Quick Draw Deer Block is made to lure deer with its irresistible scent and then keep them coming back because of its flavorings. Because it is designed in a 20 lb block, deer will keep coming back for an extended amount of time because it is long-lasting.

Quick Draw® Deer Block can be used as a year-round attractant and supplement for deer, elk, and other game to enhance native habitat. Feed Quick Draw® Deer Block is a supplement, not a complete feed. 

Adequate forage from native habitats or food plots should be readily available. There is no replacement for nature. When you place blocks in areas frequented by deer or in areas where you would like to attract and hold big game, you will see activity. 

This block attractant has been field-tested and shows strong consumption driven by a closely held secret proprietary flavoring agent not found in any other deer block.

Purina boasts its flavor and scent is superior to other competitors and will attract, keep deer coming back and cause improvements in health.


  • Has attracting scent and flavor
  • Full of corn and seeds


  • It falls apart when exposed to the elements

AntlerMax Deer Block For Antler Growth

As fond as deer are of apples, they also love acorns. The acorn scent and flavor attract deer with a flavor they love and keep them returning.

AntlerMax by-pass protein technology supports antler growth by improving protein quality and incorporating a high protein concentration into its block for growing antlers and bone mass.

AntlerMax mineral technology is a power-packed nutritional combination with the perfect amounts and ratios of vitamins and minerals. Again, help support antler growth but is also crucial for reproductive success and growth rate.

AntlerMax Deer Block contains the new AntlerMax Extreme Energy Supplement that provides nutrition for the bone mass of deer so they can reach their ideal genetic potential for antler growth.

It is simple to set up in the area you want to attract and feed deer. There is no feeder required, and it includes a convenient carrying handle for easy transport.


  • Acorn flavor attracts deer
  • Carrying handle for easy transport


  • Supply can be hard to find

It is hard to find many cons about AntlerMax Deer Block. Deers really seem to love it, and it has a great combination of vitamins, minerals, and supplemental ingredients. And it is always worth thinking about how much deer are drawn to and love acorns.

Mineral Blocks vs. Salt Licks - Which Do Deer Like More?

Deer will crave salt in the spring and summer but not as much in the fall of the year. Not unlike our own health, though, pure salt without other nutrients is not good for deer health. We have observed deer travel up to 3 miles outside their normal range to visit a sodium source.

A well designed mineral block is, in our opinion, the way to go. It must consist of a healthy mixture of salt and minerals and have plenty of other sweets and attractants to keep their attention in the fall of the year. Ideally, many hunters will put out a salt lick and a mineral block to keep the deer year-round. Keeping them on your property year-round is the goal if you want to grow a healthy herd that reproduces and thrives.

How To Choose A Mineral/Salt Block?

Salt Lick

When choosing a mineral/salt block, it is critical to take into consideration many things such as the time of year, the size of the herd of deer you have on the property, the budget, and the location you are placing it.

Salt is vital for a deer’s diet, and they love and crave it, but other than salt, they also need additional minerals to grow healthy. Mineral blocks need sodium, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and trace minerals, with just the right amount of salt and flavors to override the bitterness. All of these ingredients are necessary to create a good mineral/block.

You do not want to disturb the mineral or salt block area very often, so a long-lasting product is advisable. Also, a block to be proven all-weather will also mean less scent left by your often visits.

Also, consider your budget and those fruits and nuts deer love, especially if these do not exist naturally on your property. If you do not have apple trees, an apple flavored and scented block may be the exact attractant you need. On the other maybe acorns would work great. 

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Where To Put Mineral Blocks For Deer

Deer Mineral Block.

You have options when placing a mineral or salt block on your property. You can purchase brackets and even find DIY holder videos, but we have found that digging a hole in the ground and placing the salt block inside mimics a natural salt lick. It will flow into the dirt like a natural salt lick. 

We have found that the best place to put a mineral block for deer is either close to a food plot or bedding area. Frequent traffic areas are perfect. Finding a place on a major trail where the deer enter a food plot or just off the edge of the field but inside the tree line next to the trail can be ideal. With the cover of the tree line, they will feel safer frequenting the area more often.

From year to year, it is beneficial to keep placement consistent. This puts deer at ease, and they will continue to frequent it. This is also an excellent place for a trail camera. You can get some great shots of patterns and specimens.

How To Make A Mineral Block For Deer

For an inexpensive way to feed deer, consider making your own mineral block.

Many recipes you can find out there use a 1:1 or 2:1 salt to dicalcium phosphate ratio for your mineral site. Minerals on their own are bitter, so be sure to mix in plenty of salt for taste and scent to attract the deer.

There are many varieties and promises made on the shelves these days, but making a mineral lick doesn't have to include spending a lot of bucks (pun intended). 

You can find more recipes like the one above on the internet and videos on creating actual rectangle shaped mineral blocks. Still, in our experience, a mineral lick can actually be more successful and natural.

To make a mineral lick for deer, we have always gone to the local farm store and bought three ingredients salt, dicalcium phosphate, and trace mineral salt. Some like to add dried molasses also. Others will add softened over-ripened apples or acorns. Mix equal parts of each ingredient in a bucket, and then find an old rotting tree stump at your preferred location. This stump should have cracks and crevices. Turn the soil around the stump a bit and pour ¾ of your mixture around the stump and stamp the soil back down. Add the remaining mixture to the top of the soil.   

Spreading deer attractant on the ground

Is It Illegal To Use Salt Licks and Mineral Blocks For Deer?

The legality of salt and mineral blocks varies from state to state. It is important to check with your state officials or hunting laws. Some states allow it on private property only but have rules and conditions even then.

Some states allow it on private but not only public property. Some states restrict hunting over or near a mineral/salt lick. Other rules that can apply may also include a different game in other seasons. From one year to the next, these laws can change, so staying informed on the regulations in your state is very important and save you a few nights in jail in some states.

We currently hunt in the state of Kentucky, and here it is legal to use salt licks and mineral blocks for deer on private property; however, it is not legal to use them on public hunting lands. When using them for deer on private land here in Kentucky, it is illegal to harvest a turkey in the area where you have minerals or food out.

Final Thoughts

Having the freedom to enhance your food plots and watering areas or trails with a mineral/salt block can be a gamechanger. Providing nutrients along with food and water can establish and grow a healthy herd that may make your property a forever home and get deer to come out during the day consistently.

Considering your property's natural offerings, such as foliage and fruit, can be helpful in determining which mineral block may be suitable for your property. We are still pleased with and recommend the Whitetail Institute 30-06 Mineral and Vitamin Block. We believe that experience is the best teacher, and it has taught us we can count on Whitetail Institute for some of the best deer attractants available today.

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