Best Climbing Sticks for Tree Stands and Saddle Hunting (2024)

Written By John VanDerLaan 


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Are you looking for the best climbing sticks to quickly and safely access your tree stand or tree saddle? We have tested 8 sets of the top climbing sticks and found the XOP Climbing sticks to be the best climbing sticks for tree stand and saddle hunting.

Best overall

XOP Climbing Sticks

XOP Sticks

Best Lightweight

Hawk Helium Climbing Sticks

Hawk Helium

Best value

Rivers Edge Big Foot Climbing Sticks


List Of Climbing Sticks We Tested

How We Tested Climbing Sticks

Our staff of hunting experts used each of these climbing sticks to access their tree stands and tree saddles. They compared each set of sticks and rated them on a number of criteria, such as weight, step size, portability, noise, versatility and climbing comfort.

Hunter Attaching Climbing Sticks


Weight varies dramatically from brand to brand and even though heavier weight can meen good quality, you should consider where you are going to be hunting and plan accordingly. If you are going to be trekking miles through thick cover to set up your treestand, you don't want to be lugging any more weight than necessary. You would be much better off with light sticks. Each of our staff members rated the weight of each stick on a scale of one to five with five being the best.

Step Size

The smaller the steps are, the harder it is to climb trees safely and comfortably. We have some guys on staff that insist on the double step design because it makes climbing more comfortable when they can place both feet at the same height.

Make sure that the steps have enough room for your boots and have some kind of teeth for traction and added safety.

Each of our staff members rated step size on a scale of one to five with five being the best.

Portability And Stackability

Portable Climbing Sticks

Portability consists of how easily the tree sticks stack together and attach to your tree stand so you can easily carry them long distances to your hunting spot. We also took into cosideration how tightly they sacked and how quietly they could be transported. Each staff member rated portability on a scale of one to five with five being the best.


Noise is one of the most important issues with climbing sticks. We tested both the noise level when setting up the sticks on the tree and also the any noise made while climbing the sticks.

In our testing, single sticks were much quieter than stick ladder types. Each staff member rated each stick for noise on a scale of one to five with five being the best.


All sticks will work on perfectly straight trees with no branches or limbs in the way, but what about crooked trees and trees with lots of limbs?

Each of our staff members rated each set of these sticks for versatility, taking into consideration multiple problem trees, and being able to get the sticks into these trees and access the tree stand or saddle.

Each one was rated on a scale of one to five with five being the best.

Climbing Comfort

Muddy 8 inch standoff

Each set of climbing sticks were rated on how well they attached to the tree. Was there slippage or any movement? Were the steps a comfortable distance apart? Were the sticks far enough away from the tree so that the toes of your boots don't hit the tree?

Each of our staff members rated the sticks on a scale of one to five with five being the best.

Below you will find the results of our testing with complete reviews of each set of sticks.

Who Are We?

We are a team made up of real deer hunters. We are outdoor writers, contributors, field testers and pro staff that have used each of these climbing sticks to access our hang on tree stands and tree saddles. We then rate and review them based on our findings.

If you have done a google search for the best climbing sticks, then you have seen numerous pages that were clearly not written by deer hunters. Some of these pages don’t even make sense!

They are written by internet marketers trying to sell you on the climbing sticks that they make the most money from.

Don’t be fooled!

We are real hunters with many years of hunting experience and actually use all of the products that we rate and review.

Below you will find our reviews of the 8 best climbing sticks that we have tested so that you can determine which ones are best for you.

You may have seen others online recommending Tethrd One Climbing Sticks. We tried them last year and were not impressed. It also came as no surprise to us that the Tethrd One Sticks were recalled last year!

You can see the Tethrd One Climbing Sticks recall here: Tethrd One Recall

I am sure Tethrd One has corrected the problem and it is now safe to use a new Tethrd One Stick, but we are going to give them a little more time before we try them again.

Below you will find in-depth reviews of all 8 sets of tree climbing sticks that our staff uses during the hunting season.

Best Climbing Sticks: Reviews And Recommendations

Best Overall: XOP Climbing Sticks

XOP Climbing Sticks

XOP climbing sticks and tree stands are very similar to Lone Wolf hunting products and here's why.

XOP stands for Extreme Outdoor Products and the company was started by the original founder of Lone Wolf Products. He sold Lone Wolf and when the patents were up and the non compete period was over, he founded XOP and began making similar products.

The big difference?

Lone Wolf products are made in the USA and XOP products are made in China.

XOP has designed some really awesome products, but we prefer products made in the USA when we can get them.

Now you know the back story. Let's take a look at the XOP set and what sets them apart from other climbing sticks.

XOP climbing sticks are constructed from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum with heat treated steel fast strap buttons that make hanging them quick, effortless and safe.

They also have a pivoting bracket system that follows the natural contour of the tree and a patented arch step technology that forms to your boot for secure tree climbing.

The V brackets have a deep stand off for more room between your boot and the tree. If you have ever used climbing sticks with a short standoff, you know how hard it is to comfortably climb when your toes are hitting the tree with each step.

The pivoting steps are also reversible with relative ease.

They also have a patented self locking mechanism that locks the sticks together making them easy to carry without the need for a separate strap to hold them together.

Key Features:

  • Aircraft grade aluminum construction
  • Single tube design
  • 350 pound capacity
  • Stick is 34 inches long
  • There is 15 inches between each step
  • Each stick weighs 3.2 pounds
  • Reversible steps

Test Results Average Score: 4.75

  • Weight: 4
  • Step Size: 5
  • Stackability: 5
  • Noise: 5
  • Versatility: 4.5
  • Climbing Comfort: 5

What We Like

  • These sticks nest together without the need for a strap and attach to all of the best hang on treestands.
  • 350 pound weight limit is great for big guys.
  • Deep stand off brackets for more boot room and easier tree climbing.
  • The pivoting v brackets can be hung on almost any tree and are noiseless thanks to washers which prevent metal to metal contact.
  • Rock solid once set.
  • There are also XOP short climbing sticks available for the hunters that prefer a shorter design.

What We Don't Like

  • They are on the heavier side.
  • Made in China.

Here's a great video taking an in depth look at the XOP climbing sticks.

Best Lightweight: Hawk Helium

Hawk Helium Climbing Sticks

The Hawk sticks are a solid stick built from aircraft grade aluminum at price anyone can afford, making them our choice for best value climbing sticks.

Each stick is 30 inches long and utilizes cutouts to bring the weight down to 2.9 pounds.

It consists of three anti slip steps, but this stick has all three steps on both sides of the stick making it easy to stand with both feet at the same level.

These sticks attach to each other with a suction cup design formula that has failed numerous times and is almost useless. You will need to strap these together, but the price is right.

The silent use versa button and strap system is noiseless when attaching to the tree and the tree digger teeth really bite into the tree bark for a solid connection to the tree.

Key Features:

  • Quality aluminum construction
  • TreeDigger™ teeth 
  • Suction cup attachment system
  • 300 pound capacity
  • Stick is 30 inches long
  • There is 10 inches between each step
  • Each stick weighs 2.9 pounds
  • Dual steps
  • Locking pegs

Test Results Average Score: 4.25

  • Weight: 4.5
  • Step Size: 4
  • Stackability: 3
  • Noise: 5
  • Versatility: 4.5
  • Climbing Comfort: 4.5

What We Like

  • The price. The Hawk sticks are very low priced for high quality climbing sticks
  • We like the 10 inches between steps. Makes it much easier to climb.
  • The versa button and strap are literally silent when attaching these sticks to the tree.
  • We love the double steps, so that you can stand with both feet on one step.
  • Lightweight materials and compact design.

What We Don't Like

  • The silent lock suction cups that are supposed to hold multiple sticks together break.

Here's a great video showing the key features and value of the Hawk Sticks.

Best For Saddle:  Novix Mini Sticks

novix mini climbing sticks

The Novix sticks are a must have for the mobile hunter. Weighing in at just 1.4 pounds apiece, these sticks are the ultimate in portability.

Each stick is 17 inches long and carries a weight rating of 300 pounds.

It features reversible steps and a pivoting bracket similar to the XOP climbing sticks that enable you to use it in just about any tree.

If you are the type of hunter that is mobile and looking for the best portable climbing sticks to take deep into the woods, you need to check out the Novix sticks.

Key Features:

  • Single tube design
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Easy to install
  • 300 pound limit
  • Stick is 17 inches long
  • There is 15 inches between each step
  • Each stick weighs 1.4 pounds, 5.8 pounds for 4 sticks
  • Pivoting V-bracket
  • Reversible steps

Test Results Average Score: 4.66

  • Weight: 5
  • Step Size: 5
  • Stackability: 4.5
  • Noise: 4.5
  • Versatility: 4.5
  • Climbing Comfort: 4.5

What We Like

  • They nest together beautifully for a compact size for the best portable option.
  • Super lightweight yet durable at the same time.
  • Can hang in most trees due to the pivoting bracket.
  • The 15 inch step distance is perfect for climbing comfortably.
  • We love the quiet set up process.
  • Made In The USA.

What We Don't Like

  • Four sticks will only get you about 15 feet high. May need five sections or more.

Here's a video showing the key features of the Novix Sticks.

Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks

Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks have long been the standard by which all others were rated. Their patented technology is second to none and really sets them apart from other climbing sticks.

Unfortunately, Lone Wolf Sticks have become hard to find since the pandemic. You can still find them on ebay, or just go with the XOP Climbing Sticks, which are almost the same as the Lone Wolf.

We have guys on staff that will only use these sticks with their hang on treestands and their tree saddles.

Let's take a look at why.

Lone Wolf sticks are made of lightweight aluminum and have pivoting v brackets that rest against the tree, so the trees that you can climb do not have to be straight. I have seen some guys get a tree stand into a crooked tree easily, that you wouldn't believe was possible with these sticks.

Each stick comes with a weather resistant strap that fits trees up to 22 inches in diameter and strap extensions are available for different sized trees.

Each stick has three pivoting steps with nice aggressive teeth for a better grip and extra safety when tree climbing. Each step can swivel to be on the right side or the left side depending on your needs in each situation.

Once the strap is tightened and you step on the stick to lock it in place, it is rock solid, silent and safe.

The sticks nest together for a slim profile that is easy to carry and and will mount directly to the assault treestand and many others..

Key Features:

  • Aluminum construction with single tube design
  • Pivoting v brackets provide a firm grip on any tree
  • 300 pound weight capacity
  • Stick is 32 inches long
  • There is 15 inches between each step for a comfortable climb
  • Each stick weighs 2.5 pounds, 10 pounds for 4 sticks
  • Reversible anti slip steps
  • Extension straps available for larger trees

Test Results Average Score: 4.58

  • Weight: 4.5
  • Step Size: 5
  • Stackability: 4.5
  • Noise: 4.5
  • Versatility: 4.5
  • Climbing Comfort: 4.5

What We Like

  • We love the fact that they nest together so well and can be directly attached to the Assault treestand and Alpha hang on stands.
  • Super lightweight aluminum construction.
  • The most solid, non slip climbing stick that we tested.
  • The pivoting brackets move to match the natural curve of the tree making this climbing stick extremely versatile when it comes to tree selection.
  • Lone Wolf 4 pack goes 20 feet high.
  • Made In The USA.

What We Don't Like

  • More expensive than other brands.
  • Sharp edges.
  • Hard to find.

Here's a great video showing how to hang a tree stand using these sticks.

Another Lightweight Option:  Beast Gear Climbing Sticks

Beast Gear Climbing Stick

A relative newcomer to the climbing stick industry is the Beast Gear Climbing Sticks.

Beast sticks were started by Dan Infalt, a public land bowhunter that set out to develop the best climbing sticks available, after he saw a gap in the market for lightweight, high quality climbing steps.

Beast Gear Climbing sticks are lighter than most other climbing sticks we tested.

Key Features:

  • 6061 Aluminum construction
  • Non-staggered In-line Stacking™ Design
  • 300 pound weight capacity
  • Stick is 20 inches long
  • There is 18 inches between each step
  • Each stick weighs 1.7 pounds
  • No Moving Parts

Test Results Average Score: 4.58

  • Weight: 5
  • Step Size: 5
  • Stackability: 4.5
  • Noise: 4.5
  • Versatility: 4.5
  • Climbing Comfort: 4

What We Like

  • We love the 9" double climbing steps
  • Super lightweight 6061 aluminum construction.
  • Patented design.
  • We love that Beast Gear uses grade 8 bolts
  • We like the Delrin ® Beast Button which makes set up quick and quiet.
  • Made In The USA.

What We Don't Like

  • More expensive than other sticks.
  • big steps

I used the Beast Gear Climbing Sticks for the first time last season and I was very impressed with their light weight and silent set up.

The only downside with the Beast Sticks is the 18" steps. That is the longest step of all the climbing sticks we have tested and it could be getting on the big side for some hunters.

These sticks are ideal for saddle hunting and hang and hunt hunters who like to travel light and quiet.

Here's a video showing you how Beast Gear Climbing Sticks were designed and developed.

Best For The Money: Muddy Pro Sticks

Muddy Pro Sticks

The Muddy Sticks are our top pick for the best climbing sticks for the money.

Muddy sticks have gotten a bad rap because they were recalled back in 2012, but these are new models significant improvement and are deemed safe.

We really like these sticks because they are super light weight aluminum at only 2.5 pounds each and the specially designed rope cam system is really easy and quiet to use with Silent Lock technology.

Muddy pro sticks rope and cam attachment system

The aluminum bark biters give you a really solid attachment to the tree and the steps have built in teeth for easy gripping with your boots in all weather conditions.

Each stick is 20 inches long with 10 inches between steps and carries a weight rating of 300 pounds.

The sticks stack together nicely and are compatible with most lock on treestands.

Key Features:

  • Dual step design
  • Silent Lock technology
  • Easy to install
  • Steps have built in contraction teeth for extra grip
  • Rated for 300 pounds 
  • Each stick is 20 inches long
  • There is 10 inches between each step
  • Each stick weighs 2.5 pounds
  • Fiberguard powdercoat for a non slip grip
  • Quiet rope cam system attachment hardware

Test Results Average Score: 4.08

  • Weight: 4.5
  • Step Size: 4
  • Stackability: 4
  • Noise: 4
  • Versatility: 4
  • Climbing Comfort: 4

What We Like

  • We like the double step design for keeping both feet on the same step.
  • We really like rope cam system for super quiet installation. It is an ingenious design.
  • Lightweight aluminum construction.
  • Works on straight or crooked trees.

What We Don't Like

  • a four pack of sticks will only get you about 13 feet off the ground. Really need at least 6.

Here is a video showing you some of the key features of the Muddy Sticks.

Rivers Edge Big Foot Climbing Sticks

The Rivers Edge Grip Stick is a solid stick and our choice for the best value.

These are no frills climbing sticks with a very simple design that flat out works.

As you can see in the photo, it is a welded design with no bolts or parts of any kind that can loosen or fail and make noise.

Each step is 11 inches across, which is plenty of room to have both feet on one step and is covered with a non slip coating for a secure grip.

Each stick is 32 inches long with 15 inches between steps and carries a weight rating of 300 pounds.

The welded design is nice, but it does limit your tree selection to different trees that are fairly straight.

They are also heavy at 4 pounds each, but they do nest together nicely.

These are the best sticks for hunters on a budget.

Key Features:

  • Double step design
  • Rated for 300 lbs 
  • Stick is 32 inches long
  • There is 15 inches between each step
  • Each stick weighs 4 pounds
  • Non slip powder coated finish
  • Quiet looped strap attachment

Test Results Average Score: 3.5

  • Weight: 3
  • Step Size: 4
  • Stackability: 3.5
  • Noise: 3
  • Versatility: 4
  • Climbing Comfort: 3.5

What We Like

  • We like the solid welded design.
  • We really like the looped strap attachment so there is no metal on metal contact and less noise when setting them up.
  • The double step system gives you enough space for both feet on the same level.
  • We liked the grip that our boots got on the anti slip coating.
  • Really solid once set on the tree.
  • We love the price. It is perfect for the seasoned hunter that doesn't want to spend a lot of money to access their tree stand.

What We Don't Like

  • They are heavy and tough to transport long distances.They are loud if you bang them together.
  • They have a shallow standoff. Most hunters prefer more space between the steps and the tree.

Here's a video showing the features of the Rivers Edge Stick.

Best Climbing Stick Ladder: Millennium Treestands M210 Stick Climber

Millennium M210 Stick Climber

The difference between this type of climbing stick and the others that we have reviewed so far is that these sections all attach and make one stick that its 20 feet long.

Some guys like this style of climbing stick and some don't. It all depend on your individual preference.

This one has a foot ground stabilizer to keep it from going into the ground and a double top step for standing on or gripping with your hands when stepping in or out of your treestand for maximum stability.

It also comes with 7 foot cam buckle straps which gives you a super tight grip on very large trees without the need for extension straps.

It is a bit heavy at 17 pounds with SteelTough construction and finished with a heavy duty coating. Maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds.

Key Features:

  • Dual top step 
  • Extra long 7 foot cam buckle strap for big trees
  • Lightweight SteelTough construction
  • Non slip powder coat finish to prevent rust
  • Deep standoff for easy climbing without toes hitting the tree
  • Boot gripping steps have raised ends so your foot doesn't slide off

Test Results Average Score: 2.9

  • Weight: 2
  • Step Size: 4
  • Stackability: 3
  • Noise: 2
  • Versatility: 2
  • Climbing Comfort: 4.5

What We Like

  • Some of our guys on staff prefer this style of stick.
  • It is easy to assemble and then stand up against the tree.
  • We love the extra long tree straps with cam buckles.
  • We like the extended tree brace that provides the deep standoff for easy climbing with big feet.
  •  We like the price. It is much cheaper than the single style sticks.

What We Don't Like

  • Can only be used on straight trees.
  • It is loud to set up.

Runner Up Best Stick Ladder: Muddy Ascender Climbing System

Muddy Ascender Climbing System

The Muddy Ascender is another example of the stick ladder. It consists of 5, 48 inch sections that connect together to make it 20 feet tall. Each section has its own cam lock straps.

They use plastic caps and nylon washers throughout to eliminate metal to metal contact and make it as quiet as possible.

It is constructed of steel DX tubing which is really strong and durable, but also really heavy at 33 pounds.

It utilizes double steps which measure 11 inches overall and have a non slip finish.

The Ascender also has a 8 inch standoff between the steps and the tree which makes it much easier to climb when you are wearing large boots.

Key Features:

  • Nylon washers and plastic caps for noiseless use
  • Rated for 300 lbs
  • Strong steel DX tubing construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • 8 inch standoff provides extra space between the tree and the steps
  • Non slip powder coat finish

Test Results Average Score: 2.75

  • Weight: 1
  • Step Size: 4
  • Stackability: 2
  • Noise: 3
  • Versatility: 2
  • Climbing Comfort: 4.5

What We Like

  • We really like the 8 inch deep standoff.
  • Quick one piece set up after assembly.
  • We like the double steps.
  • Really solid, sturdy construction.

What We Don't Like

  • It is heavy.
  • Tools required for assembly.

Here is a video showing the features of the Muddy Ascender.

Climbing Sticks Comparison Table




Weight Limit


XOP Climbing Sticks

Best Overall - XOP 

3.2lbs each

20' w/4 sticks


Hawk Helium Climbing Sticks

Best For Saddle Hunting - Hawk Helium 

2.9lbs each

15' w/3 sticks


Novix Mini Climbing Sticks

Best Lightweight - Novix Mini Sticks

1.4lbs each

15' w/4 sticks


Rivers Edge Big Foot Climbing Sticks

Best Cheap Sticks - Rivers Edge Bigfoot

4lbs each

15' w/3 sticks


Muddy Pro Sticks

Best For The Money - Muddy Pro Sticks

2.5lbs each

15' w/4 sticks


Millennium M210 Stick Climber

Best Climbing Stick Ladder- 

Millennium M210

17lbs total

20' assembled


Muddy Ascender Climbing System

Runner Up Best Stick Ladder - 

Muddy Ascender


20' assembled


Lone Wolf 4 Pack Climbing Sticks

Staff favorite -

Lone Wolf 

2.5lbs each

20' w/4 sticks


Climbing Sticks Buying Guide

In this section we will teach you all about the different types of climbing sticks, as well as what you should consider when shopping for the sticks and stick systems.

We will also go through all of the frequently asked questions so that when you are done reading this article you will possess all of the knowledge necessary to make a well educated and informed decision on which sticks are right for you.

Tree stand climbing sticks are used to access hang on treestands, they are not used with climbing tree stands, ladder stands or 2 man ladder stands.

They are also used with tree saddles depending on your hunting style.

Although here is a deer stand placement tip for guys that like to use climbers:

Some of our guys like to hunt out of climbing stands in multi trunked trees, because it is great camouflage and very easy to hide in the middle of 2 or 3 tree trunks. The problem is that you can't fit a climber around the base of a multi trunked tree because the tree trunk base is huge. So these guys use a climbing stick or two to get five or six feet up and then climb into their climber and up they go.

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Types Of Climbing Sticks

There are basically two types of climbing sticks on the market that you will be choosing from. Single and ladder style climbing sticks.

Some say that there are three types and throw tree steps into the mix, but tree steps are not climbing sticks, they are individual metal steps that either strap on or screw into the tree.


Single Style Climbing Stick

Single climbing sticks are the top choice for most situations. They are individual sticks with two or three steps on them, which you attach to the tree. You attach as many as you need to achieve the height that you want.

These sticks can be used in almost any tree, whether crooked and gnarly, or straight and are a better alternative for most hunting situations.

Ladder Style 

Ladder Style Climbing Sticks

Ladder style sticks consist of a metal tube in the center with steps on each side. The ladder sections are pre assembled on the ground and then set against the tree and attached as one unit.

This style of climbing sticks is usually less expensive and can be quite noisy due to the friction where the sections connect.

This style can also only be used on fairly straight trees with no branches or limbs in the way.

Things To Consider When Buying Climbing Sticks

In this section we are going to go through all of the things that you should consider when you are shopping for good climbing sticks.


This should be your first consideration. How high do you want to be and how many sticks is it going to take to get you that high.

Most climbing stick systems are designed to go 20 feet high.

Keep in mind that your tree sticks should extend above your tree stand so that you are stepping down onto the stand. This is a safety factor and the best way to enter your stand. Most tree stand accidents happen when you are entering or exiting your stand. Don't be a statistic.

So if you purchase a 20 foot climbing stick, your treestand should only be about 15 to 16 feet off the ground, which is about as low as you should go in most instances.

If you want to go higher than that, you are going to need the individual climbing sticks and you will have to purchase the correct number of them that you need to reach your height you want. This number varies by manufacturer and model.

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Weight Capacity

Muddy Climbing Sticks

This should go without saying, but we are going to say it anyway. Make sure that you stay under the rated weight limit for the sticks you choose.

Remember, they are not talking about how much you weigh when you step on the scale in your skivvies. They are talking about the actual weight, which is your overall weight, fully dressed and any hunting gear that you will have on your person.

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As hunters, we want our hunting gear to last a long time so that we can safely and confidently use it year after year and our tree climbing systems are no different.

The best climbing sticks that are the most durable are going to be the ones that are made from aluminum.

Aluminum will not rust like steel, so even though you make think that the steel is more sturdy, it will not be as durable in the long run.


This should go without saying, but you get what you pay for when it comes to climbing sticks. If you choose a lower priced set of sticks, you are giving up some of the features of the higher priced sticks. Always buy the best that you can afford.

Final Thoughts 

We hope that we have answered all of your questions about the top climbing sticks available today.

Our staff has tested each of the climbing sticks reviewed above and the XOP Sticks were the clear winner for accessing your saddle or hang on tree stand.

We even polled our readers and the overwhelming answer was XOP.

XOP Climbing Sticks

The ultimate choice for saddle hunting are Hawk Helium Climbing Sticks, because of their small size and super light weight, which our saddle hunters preferred.

Whatever your hunting style, we are confident that any of these tree sticks will get you safely up a tree for your next hunting trip.

Hunt high and hunt safe.

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    • Hi Tony,

      Thanks for adding in your opinion. We are currently testing some of the Beast sticks to add to the article. The climbing sticks that we have featured so far are great sticks for hunting out of tree stands. Saddle hunters require sticks that are lighter and more portable.

      I recently reached out to saddle hunters over at and asked them what their favorite sticks are. We had a ton of responses and we are currently testing a number of different sticks for saddle hunting.

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