Best Meat Grinder for Deer And Wild Game In 2024

Written By John VanDerLaan 


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Our staff of experts here at put 12 meat grinders to the test in order to find the best meat grinder for deer and wild game. 

Below you will find REAL REVIEWS by REAL HUNTERS that actually use these meat grinders to process deer every season.

Best overall

Lem Big Bite Meat Grinder

lem big bite 1hp

Editor's Choice

Cabelas commercial grade carnivore meat grinder

cabelas carnivore 1hp

Best FOR the money

Lem Mighty Bite Meat Grinder

lem mighty bite #8

Best Meat Grinders At A Glance

Reviews Of The Best Meat Grinders

Our top picks include models from LEM, ALTRA, and Cabela’s. All of the following grinders are ideal for deer. They come with different price points, materials, features, and uses.

Best Overall: LEM Big Bite 1 HP 

Lem Big Bite Meat Grinder

The LEM Big Bite grinder is exceptionally well-rounded, earning the first-place spot on our list. LEM is one of the top manufacturers of meat grinders and is a favorite of hunters of all skill levels.

A one-horsepower motor and 755 watts of power consumption drive the Big Bite’s grinding force. This powerful motor handles semi-frozen venison meat without a problem and can grind around 13 pounds per minute. 

The Lem Big Bite meat auger grabs more meat than the standard competitor's meat auger.

Lem Big Bite Meat Auger

The Big Bite features steel gears, several grinding plates of different sizes, a dual-blade knife, a stuffing plate and sausage tubes, and a meat pan. With a rifled grinder head, processing raw meat is made easy. Stainless steel construction even prevents rusting and is easy to clean.

Lem Big Bite meat grinder and all accessories

The Lem grinder also comes with a five-year warranty and lifetime customer support. Additional features, including a storage tray for knives and plates, makes it convenient. The only minor problem was the hopper’s safety guard.


  • High quality stainless steel construction.
  • Large meat pan helps make short work of big jobs.
  • Produces excellent ground meat.
  • Added storage area for knives and accessories comes in handy.
  • Disassembles easily for thorough cleaning.


  • The safety guard on the hopper can get in the way.

Here's a video that shows you everything that is included with the Lem Big Bite and how easy it is to assemble and start grinding.

Hunters looking for a high-powered grinder can trust LEM’s products for all their venison meat grinding needs. You can utilize the Big Bite 1 HP for big and small jobs. Its combination of easy use, decent size, quality materials, and extensive warranty make it our top choice.

Cabelas commercial grade carnivore meat grinder

Cabela’s is another well-known brand that sells meat grinders. Their Carnivore Meat Grinder is a reliable, high-powered option that is ideal for grinding large amounts of deer meat or elk meat. Hunters seeking a quiet, powerful grinder will enjoy it.

The Carnivore boasts a quiet one-horsepower motor with 750 watts of power consumption. You can quickly grind 10 to 13 pounds of meat per minute. 

Stainless steel materials mean you’ll have an easy cleanup, and the grinder’s parts will last considerably longer than an aluminum unit would. A high-capacity meat tray and grinding head allow for easy stuffing. You also receive coarse and fine grinding plates, a cutting knife, and a storage drawer.

Cabelas Carnivore with accessories

Hunters who look for a unit with cooling features will find the Carnivore a great choice. Cabela’s proprietary Cool-Tek gel ice pack technology chills meat while grinding. An internal fan pulls heat away from the grinding area to keep it cool.


  • We love the cooling system with the Cool-Tek gel ice pack and the cooling fan.
  • The heavy duty commercial induction motor is capable of grinding a lot of meat very quickly.
  • Handy storage drawer for knives and accessories.
  • Easy disassembly and food grade stainless steel makes cleaning quick and simple.


  • There is no foot pedal included.

Here's a video showing all of the features of the Cabela’s Commercial-Grade Carnivore and also showing the grinder at work.

We have selected Cabela’s Commercial-Grade Carnivore as our Editor’s Choice. The Cabela's Carnivore is a worthwhile option for hunters with commercial needs or an abundance of venison meat. The only downfall is that there is no foot pedal which should be included on a top quality meat grinder.

STX Turboforce II 4000 Series Platinum Edition Quad Air Cooled Electric Meat Grinder

Grind venison and stuff sausages effortlessly with the STX Turboforce II PlatinumGrinder.

While STX is a lesser-known brand, the Turboforce II Platinum secures our number three spot for its versatility and convenience.

With 2000 watts of peak output power, the Turboforce II Platinum’s motor features three different speeds to adapt to your grinding needs. It can grind up to 225 pounds of meat per hour or three to four pounds per minute. Use a lower speed for stuffing sausage.

The Turboforce II Platinum features a heavy-duty stainless steel meat pan that can hold up to three pounds of meat at a time.

Black plastic and stainless-steel construction give this grinder a polished yet durable appearance. It comes with three stainless steel cutting blades, five grinding plates, three stuffing tubes, and one sausage stuffing plate. 

STX Meat Grinder

Filling sausage is easy with the STX Turboforce II Platinum. An included foot pedal allows you to control operation while handling casing. Combining the lowest motor speed and foot pedal operation makes it manageable for users of all skill levels.

A three-year warranty comes with your purchase and covers the costs of repairs. STX’s proprietary quad air-cooling system keeps the grinder cool and increases longevity.


  • We love the price. The STX is significantly less expensive than the grinders above.
  • The foot pedal makes sausage stuffing so much easier.
  • Very versatile grinder for the price.


  • There are a lot of aluminum pieces that are not dishwasher safe and have to be hand washed.

For hunters who want a versatile grinder ideal for venison sausage stuffing, the STX Turboforce II Platinum is the way to go. Its flexibility and ease of use make it enjoyable to grind meat while multitasking.

Best For The Money: LEM Mighty Bite Aluminum 

Lem Mighty Bite Meat Grinder

Hunters with limited kitchen space will benefit from a compact grinder such as the LEM Mighty Bite. A smaller cousin of the Big Bite, the Mighty Bite is an electric grinder that offers outstanding performance for the money.

A 500-to-1000-watt motor provides ample speed and grinding power to grind around three pounds of venison per minute. Grind venison and stuff sausage with high, low, and reverse options.

The meat pan has a capacity of three pounds and features an extra-wide mouth to allow cuts of venison to slide down without assistance. 

However, the Mighty Bite’s aluminum construction means it is not as durable and easy to clean as stainless steel. The meat pan, head, and auger are aluminum. On the other hand, the cutting knife, grinding plates, and stuffing plates are stainless steel.

Unfortunately, there is no compatibility for jerky slicing attachments, but convenient cable storage is on the underside of the unit.


  • Compact size makes it a good fit for small kitchens.
  • Multi speed and reverse. Reverse comes in very handy when grinding.
  • Cable storage is a nice feature to have.
  • Stainless steel blades and knife.


  • Mostly aluminum construction.
  • Difficult to clean.

Occasional hunters will get excellent value out of this LEM Mighty Bite. If you’re looking for a smaller grinder that can handle large amounts of meat, the Mighty Bite’s motor speed and capacity make it worth purchasing, given its price point.

Best For Doing Multiple Deer a Day: Cabela’s Pro-Cut 

Pro Cut Grinder

Cabela’s Pro-Cut Grinder is our top pick for doing multiple deer a day. It can grind up to 1,700 pounds of meat per hour.

It comes in three different power levels: 0.75 HP, 1 HP, or 2 HP, making it perfect for home or work. Its durable stainless-steel design features a deep pan that controls messes and makes cleanup easy. The Pro-Cut grinding system features no washers to reduce maintenance.

The Cabela’s Pro-Cut Grinder accepts up to a dozen grinding plates. You can also make salsa, jelly, and purees with them. Thanks to a removable cast iron head, and a high volume meat hopper, the Pro-Cut is easy to clean.


  • True commercial quality, heavy duty construction.
  • Incredible grinding capability.
  • Produces excellent ground meat.
  • Washerless design increases durability.


  • Heavy.
  • Not ideal for occasional use.

Check out this video where they stack the pro cut grinder against a much larger grinder to see if it can grind as fast. 

The Cabela’s Pro-Cut is a reliable machine for avid hunters or commercial kitchen use. Its heavy-duty construction makes it suitable for long hours spent grinding wild game.

Best Grinder/Slicer for Wild Game: Vevor Commercial Meat Grinder and Slicer

Vevor Meat Grinder Slicer

If you’re interested in other forms of venison, a grinder with a slicer is a worthwhile investment. Vevor’s VBENLEM Three-in-One Grinder is a meat grinder, slicer, and sausage stuffer. We found the Vevor grinder to be efficient and worth the money.

An 1100-watt motor powers this grinder and slicer combo. Its grinding, slicing, and stuffing functions are convenient for processing venison and vegetables. Our meat output rates sit around 500 pounds per hour, making the Vevor ideal for small businesses. 

The Vevor Grinder and Slicer features two different blades and a sausage attachment. A stainless-steel meat pan and grinder throat ensure your grinder stays rust-free. The top of the grinder is detachable to facilitate easy cleaning or resolve blockages.

Other helpful features include air vents under the chassis and non-skid feet to prevent accidents.


  • Three-in-one functionality.
  • Easy to remove head facilitates cleaning and makes clearing blockages a snap.
  • Rubber feet to absorb vibration and prevent slipping.
  • Stainless steel construction.


  • Attachments are not stainless.

Hunters looking for the versatility of grinding meat or slicing beef jerky, and looking for durability will be satisfied with the Vevor Commercial Grinder and Slicer.

CSS electric meat grinder

While a low budget will limit your options for quality meat grinders, you aren’t out of possibilities. You can find many meat grinders under $150, but the Carl Schmidt Sohn Grinder and Sausage Maker takes the cake. 

Boasting a 750-to-1800-watt motor, hunters can grind up to 5.5 pounds of venison each minute. A four-way power switch allows for on/off, reverse, and medium and high speeds. Although it’s not 100% dishwasher-safe, most of its components are.

A suction cup on the bottom of the unit helps you push meat steadily. The grinder’s locking handle keeps blades stable while grinding tough cuts of meat. Overall, you’ll receive a meat hopper, three grinding plates, sausage tube, set of cutting blades, meat pusher, and kubbe kit.


  • Locking handle and suction cups on the bottom for stability.
  • Dishwasher safe blades.
  • Three grinding plates included.
  • Stainless steel construction.


  • Motor is loud.

The Carl Schmidt Sohn affordable grinder gets you the best value for processing venison and wild game at less than $150. Hunters dealing with small batches of meat will find the stainless-steel parts durable and the motor sufficient for fast processing.

Altra meat grinder

ALTRA offers an affordable option for hunters with extremely lower budgets: the ALTRA Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer. For a small grinder, it packs a punch.

The 350-to-2000-watt motor in the ALTRA grinder boasts effortless grinding capabilities for venison. It can grind around three pounds per minute. Its separate power and reverse buttons provide better safety than a toggle switch.

Stainless steel construction ensures the grinder is easy to clean and won’t tarnish. However, the construction seems slightly less durable than other models we reviewed.

You’ll receive three cutting blades for different-sized grinds, as well as a sausage stuffer, meat pusher, and blade set. This ALTRA grinder comes with a two-year warranty. If yours breaks down within this period, ALTRA will replace broken parts for free.


  • Internal noise reduction.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Thoughtful safety features.
  • Two year warranty.


  • Loud Motor.
  • Less durable than other models tested.

You won’t find much better quality at such a low price point than with the ALTRA Grinder. Budget prices with commercial grinding power make it economical.

Lovimella Meat Grinder

Those seeking a cheap grinder for deer and wild game meat can take advantage of the Lovimela Electric Grinder and Sausage Stuffer. 

This electric grinder is fairly durable and features aluminum and stainless-steel construction. Although its powerful 2600-watt motor grinds three pounds of venison each minute, it can overheat with extensive use. 

In the box, you’ll find three different grinding plates, three attachments for sausage, one cutting blade, and one food pusher. The attachments are not dishwasher safe but clean easily in the sink. The cutting blade and grinding plates are stainless steel, while all other parts are aluminum.


  • Pretty efficient given the low price.
  • One year warranty


  • Motor gets hot quickly.
  • Parts are not dishwasher safe.

A cheap grinder like this Lovimela unit is suitable for hunters that don't process a lot of game meat. Although it’s powerful, the materials make it less durable than other meat grinders.

Stainless steel meat grinder attachment for kitchenaid mixer

If your KitchenAid mixer is in good condition, buying a food grinder attachment is more economical and is a good grinder for game meat. 

This grinder attachment works well with venison and doesn’t clog easily. It uses your KitchenAid Stand Mixer to power it, so meat grinding powers are considerably less efficient than getting a complete unit and the grinding capacity is not as good.

In addition to the attachment, you receive a stainless-steel meat tray, two grinding blades, one food pusher, three different grinding plates, a sausage stuffing plate, two sausage tubes, and a cleaning brush.

Cleaning up in the dishwasher is easy, thanks to the stainless-steel materials.


  • Saves money.
  • Non-corrosive materials.
  • Dishwasher-safe.


  • Not as efficient as the other top picks.

Hunters looking to save money can opt for this stand mixer attachment. Despite its limitations, it’s a good size for grinding a few pounds of deer and elk meat at a time.

Lem Manual Meat Grinder

While an electric grinder is more convenient, using a hand grinder saves electricity. Manual grinders also allow you more control over speed and power. The LEM Clamp-on Grinder makes grinding meat by hand effortless.

Heavy-duty construction gives this hand grinder excellent durability when grinding frozen venison. The hand crank mechanism turns smoothly and stands up to consistent use. A clamp allows you to attach it to your table or counter like a vise to stay upright.

Stainless steel materials won’t make you worry about rust or corrosion. It washes easily by hand and includes two grinding plates, a blade, three sausage stuffing tubes, and a stuffing plate.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Saves electricity and money.
  • Stainless construction.


  • No bowl attachment.
  • Requires hard work.

The LEM Clamp-on Hand food Grinder works well for grinding deer meat and stuffing sausage. This grinder is best for hunters who grind small amounts of deer and elk meat.

Best Meat Grinders Compared





Lem Big Bite Meat Grinder

Best Overall 

Lem Big Bite 

1 HP

755 Watts

Cabelas commercial grade carnivore meat grinder

Editor's Choice 

Cabela's Commercial-Grade Carnivore

1 HP

750 Watts

Lem Mighty Bite Meat Grinder

Best For The Money 

LEM Mighty Bite

1/2 HP

500 Watts

STX Turboforce II 4000 Series Platinum Edition Quad Air Cooled Electric Meat Grinder

Best Sausage Stuffer 

STX Turboforce II"Platinum" w/Foot Pedal Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder & Sausage Stuffer

1 HP

1000 Watts

Pro Cut Grinder

Best For Multiple Deer

Cabela's Pro Cut 

2 HP

220 Volt

1500 Watts

Vevor Meat Grinder Slicer

Best Meat Grinder/Slicer

Vevor Commercial Grinder and Slicer

1 HP

1100 Watts

Carl Schmidt Sohn electric meat grinder

Best Under $150

Carl Schmidt Sohn Electric Grinder & Sausage Maker

1/2 HP

750 Watts

Altra meat grinder

Best Economical

ALTRA Electric Grinder and Sausage Stuffer


350 Watts

Lovimella Meat Grinder

Best Cheap Meat Grinder

Lovimela Electric Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer


1000 Watts

Stainless steel meat grinder attachment for kitchenaid mixer

Economical Option

Grinder Attachment for KitchenAid Stand Mixer, Including Sausage Stuffer



Lem Manual Meat Grinder

Best Hand Grinder

LEM Products #10  Clamp-on Hand Grinder



How We Chose The Best Meat Grinders

Meat grinder grinding venison

I have more than 40 years experience processing deer and have used more than 20 different meat grinders over the years.

There are several factors that we tested and rated these grinders on. You can see these factors below/

  • Power: The most critical aspect of a meat grinder is its power to grind and cut meat. Power will affect the motor’s performance, cutting efficiency, and more. You’ll need to consider rated and locked power.
  • Size: Are you pressed on storage or need a commercial-grade meat grinder? Consider your size requirements and how much meat you’ll be grinding.
  • Materials: The meat grinder’s body and cutting blades should be high-quality materials to ensure maximum durability.
  • Capacity: The amount of meat a grinder can process in an hour relates to the capacity and impacts grinding efficiency.
  • Cooling features: High-powered electric grinders may have cooling features to make processing more meat possible at one time and prevent overheating.
  • Cleaning ease: Processing deer meat is a lengthy, dirty process. Consider how much cleaning work you’ll want to do after processing meat.
  • Accessories: Some meat grinders come with attachments for making sausage or burger patties.

What Materials is the Meat Grinder Made Of?

Parts of a meat grinder

The standard materials of meat grinders include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic

A stainless-steel grinder will be more expensive than an aluminum model, offering better durability and longevity. Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant. Hunters with heavy-duty needs will find stainless steel meat grinders suitable because it has dishwasher-safe parts.

While food grade stainless steel is ideal, aluminum is a worthwhile budget option for hunters with infrequent or short meat grinding needs. Unfortunately, the lower price of aluminum meat grinders indicates low quality. The downside to aluminum is its immense potential to rust and corrode.

Plastic is another popular material for a budget grinder, with some featuring metal interior components and plastic on the outside. Plastic is less durable than metal but lacks corrosion problems.

If you want something that lasts, choose a stainless-steel meat grinder. Occasional hunters may get away with using an aluminum grinder with proper storage and moisture control.

How Much Deer Meat Can the Grinder Process Per Hour?

Grinding venison into a food safe container

The quantity of deer meat processed per hour will depend on the grinding pan’s capacity. The more meat you can push through the grinder at one time, the less time it will take to grind it.

It will also depend on the size of the pieces of venison that you are feeding into the grinder. Use a high quality boning knife to cut the venison into small pieces before loading the meat pan.

Hunters who get several deer a year will benefit from grinders with a bigger capacity. 

Pan capacity often correlates with motor power. Bigger, powerful meat grinders will typically have a larger meat pan to accommodate commercial demands or large amounts of meat.

Capacity considerably impacts the final price. If you value speed and efficiency over costs, a large grinder can be a wise investment.

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How Is the Meat Grinder Cooled?

Air cooled electric fan in the meat grinder

One of the most common problems people face with meat grinders is overheating. A small grinder may overheat after processing several pounds of meat. A grinder with an internal fan will help cool it and prevent overheating.

You’ll need to chill your meat pan, food processor bowl, cutting plates, and other non-electric grinder parts in the fridge or freezer. Grinding equipment must be cool before using it to ensure meat travels smoothly throughout it. A grinder with detachable parts will be best for this. 

Stainless steel grinder components will chill well, while aluminum may break down from moisture. Some brands offer cooling mechanisms such as wraparound ice packs to keep meat and equipment cool while grinding.

How Easy Is the Meat Grinder to Clean?

removing the grinding plate for cleaning

Cleaning a meat grinder is relatively easy but requires attention to detail to ensure adequate sanitization. Some grinders have specific cleaning instructions, while others are dishwasher safe. After a long day of grinding deer meat, you’ll likely want something quick.

The cleaning process includes:

  • Removing oil and other residues inside the grinder
  • Disassembling it
  • Soaking non-electrical parts in soap and water
  • Wiping motorized parts with a rag
  • Scrubbing and drying non-motorized parts
  • Reassembling the grinder

Alternatively, you can put stainless steel and plastic parts in the dishwasher. Considering these steps, you’ll need to make sure the grinder you choose has easily removable components to make cleaning easy. You can wipe plastic models down easily, while aluminum requires gentle cleaning to prevent rusting.

Are Accessories Available?

Using a sausage stuffer attachment with a meat grinder

Some grinders come with accessories and attachment kits, while others are purchased separately. With specific attachments like sausage stuffing tubes, you can fill sausage or make homemade pasta, chop other foods, and more.

If you plan to do more than grind meat with your new purchase, an option with attachments may be suitable for you. Attachments include foot pedals, juicer screens, meat slicers, sausage attachments and tenderizers.

Accessories are also available, including covers for safely storing your grinder, additional sausage tubes, grinder plate extractors, and food-grade silicone lubricant.

Depending on the accessories and attachments you need, buying them with your grinder can be cost-effective. 

What Is the Warranty?

With any appliance, you want to ensure the warranty is suitable for your usage. A meat grinder is an expensive investment. A warranty covers a replacement grinder’s cost if it breaks before the warranty’s expiration.

Some grinders have a one-year warranty, while others have lifetime warranties against manufacturer defects. Meat grinders for daily use may feature more extensive warranties. 

You should choose a grinder with a warranty that protects your interests. Your warranty should cover breakdowns from regular usage as well as manufacturing errors.

Hunters looking to process only one deer a year can get by with a shorter, less inclusive warranty. However, those who grind their own meat daily need something extensive.

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What Is the Best Size Meat Grinder for Deer?

Different sized meat grinders

The best size grinder depends on your needs. Hunters who get several deer throughout the season may benefit from a larger grinder, while a small grinder will be suitable for those with fewer pounds of meat to store.

Meat grinders are sized according to either horsepower or watts. 


Meat grinders with .75 horsepower motors or higher are best for grinding a lot of meat quickly. You can find models with one horsepower for maximum grinding efficiency and speed. Commercial-grade models can run for considerably longer on horsepower than watts.

Peak Power Output (Watts)

Smaller electric grinders typically run on anywhere from 300 to 700 watts. Higher wattages result in more motor power but are not as powerful as horsepower motors.


Beginner deer hunters and veterans alike enjoy processing their deer after the harvest.

While we all enjoy steaks, chops and roasts, it is the ground venison that we use the most.

A meat grinder is an essential tool if you’re looking to enjoy your yearly harvest. Choosing the right one will help you grind deer meat quickly and efficiently. The best quality meat grinders will last long, process meat effectively, and be a powerful asset to your kitchen.

The team at has detailed everything you need to know to purchase the best meat grinder for deer and wild game, whether it is for yourself or as a gift for a hunter in your life.

We have tested and reviewed electric grinders and manual grinders. While a manual grinder gets the job done, we would definitely recommend that you go with an electric grinder.

Perhaps one of the models we tested is right for you. Take your new knowledge and find a  grinder that fits your needs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a meat grinder grind bones?

Yes, a high quality electric grinder is capable of grinding small animal bones and soft bones. Soft bones are from chickens, rabbits, ducks and animals like that. Deer bones are not considered soft bones and should not be put through your grinder. Also, you will need to sharpen the knives much more often if you grind bones.

How many times do you grind deer meat?

You can get away with grinding venison once using one of the coarse grinding plates, but some hunters like to grind their venison twice. Once with the coarse grinding plate and then again with a finer grinding plate.

Is it better to grind meat frozen?

It is best to grind meat that is half frozen. Put the meat in the freezer for 15-30 minutes for optimal grinding. Also make sure to chill all the parts of grinder itself, including the meat auger, cutting blades, grinding plate, grinder head, etc. Click here for more tips on how to grind deer meat.

Can you grind deer meat in a food processor?

Food processors can be used to grind small amounts of venison, but it is not an ideal solution. It is more of a meat mincer and will produce minced meat rather than ground meat.

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