Havalon Piranta Review

Written By John VanDerLaan 


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Havalon Piranta Review

The Havalon Piranta is part of a new, popular family of high quality hunting knives that have a replaceable, razor sharp blade. 

With the Piranta, a surgically sharp blade is always seconds away!

The Havalon Piranta is a lightweight hunting knife with quick change, replaceable blades.

The piranta's small size makes it the perfect field dressing knife for deer as well as the skinning and cutting around bones with precision and ease.

It comes with 12 surgically sharp replacement blades that change out in a matter of seconds so that you always have an incredibly sharp blade.

We love the blaze orange ABS plastic handle with rubberized black easy grip inlays and a built in pocket clip. The blaze orange makes it easy to see when you set it down in the leaves.

The Havalon Piranta is our Editor's Choice for the Best Deer Hunting Knife´╗┐ for skinning.

My Experience Using The Havalon Piranta

Author with a buck that he field dressed with the Havalon Piranta

I used the Piranta to field dress and skin the buck in the photo above. I usually use the Outdoor Edge Razor Pro, but I wanted to test the Piranta and compare it to the Outdoor edge.

The first difference that I noticed is that the Pirana does not have a gut hook. Not all hunters use a gut hook, but I do and I love that feature on my Outdoor Edge.

Author Holding The Havalon Piranta

With the Piranta, you have to field dress the old fashioned way. Cut a small hole, put your index finger and middle finger in the whole and use them as a guide for the knife, so that you only cut the skin.

That worked flawlessly because of the super sharp blade on the Piranta.

Once the cavity was opened, I reached up inside and cut the windpipe. The small size of the Havalon knife was ideal for this step.

I also appreciated the super sharp thin blades for separating the rectum from the deer.

Once field dressing was complete, I dragged the buck out of the woods, got him home and hung him up for skinning.

As I started skinning the buck, I could tell that the knife was losing its edge, so I grabbed one of the interchangeable blades and had a new blade in seconds.

I have to say, I absolutely love to skin a deer with this knife. The skinning process goes very quickly and is effortless, thanks to the light weight and sharpness of the Havalon.

It eliminates the need to have two knives to gut and skin a deer.

I think what I like the most about this knife is its size. It is quite small, about the size of a pocket knife and much lighter than other knives.

Havalon Piranta Quality

Havalon Piranta Partially Open
Havalon Piranta Quality 95/100

While I was very impressed with the quality of the Havalon Piranta, it is not a structurally strong knife.

It is very light and much too flimsy to take on heavy tasks, but for a field dressing and skinning knife, it can't be beat.

The handle is blaze orange, which we love for field dressing, because the knife is easy to find when set down on the forest floor.

The blades are crazy sharp and more like a scalpel than a knife blade.

It is perfect for making short work of any skinning job.

The Piranta comes complete with a nylon sheath which contains a pocket for storing the Havalon blades for ultimate convenience.

Design and Functionality

Author Showing The Back of The Havalon Piranta
Design and Functionality 95/100

We love the design of the Havalon Piranta. It has thumb studs for easy opening and it's lightweight virtually eliminates hand fatigue.

It is preferred by taxidermists when skinning and caping deer for it's razor sharp precision.

Add in it's small size which makes it super easy to maneuver inside the chest cavity of a deer , that makes the Piranta a must have for any deer hunter.

The ability to simply change the blade to a new razor sharp one in seconds is revolutionary and makes the Havalon Piranta one of the best skinning knives on the market today.

The one downside to this knife is that you need a pair of pliers or a multi tool to change the blade.

Also, as you can see in the image below, There is a gap in the middle of the handle that makes it somewhat difficult to clean this knife.

Author Showing The Space In the Handle Of The Havalon Piranta


  • Razor sharp replaceable blades. No more sharpening your deer hunting knife.
  • Super lightweight and small size reduce hand fatigue
  • Surgical steel blades change in seconds.
  • Handle is blaze orange for high visibility when placed on the ground. No more lost knives.
  • Can use the 60A thin blades or the 60XT thicker blade.


  • Can be difficult to clean.
  • Gutting a deer will use one blade. It will need to be replaced after that.
  • Need a tool to change the blade.

Havalon Piranta Specs

  • Knife Blade: 2 3/4 Inches
  • Overall Length 7 1/4 Inches
  • Comes with 12 Stainless Steel 60A Blades
  • Ambidextrous Thumb Studs
  • Liner Lock Construction
  • Uses #60A or 60XT Blades
  • Handle: ABS Plastic with Rubberized Easy Grip Inlays
  • Sheath: Nylon
  • Weight: 2.5oz

Final Thoughts

I have tested and reviewed many knives over the past 8 years and the havalon knives have earned a place in my hunting pack. 

The Havalon Piranta is not a hunting knife that you can use for every task, but if you are looking for an incredibly sharp, lightweight knife for field dressing and skinning deer, moose, elk and other wild game, you will not find a better knife anywhere.

The Piranta is a great knife for skinning and field dressing. We think that you will agree once you put the Piranta in your hands.

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