InfiRay Xinfrared T2 Pro Thermal Eye Review

Written By John VanDerLaan 


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The hardest part of hunting is finding the game that you are after. Game animals are well adapted to hiding, using night and vegetation for cover. If you want to give yourself an advantage when hunting wild boar or coyotes at night, why not use a device that allows you to see in the dark? Thermal monoculars have become a popular tool for tech-inclined hunters, so we want to share one of our favorites with this full review of the InfiRay Xinfrared T2 Pro Thermal Eye.

What is the InfiRay Xinfrared T2 Pro?

InfiRay Xinfrared T2 Pro Thermal Eye Review

The InfiRay Xinfrared T2 is a nifty piece of modern technology called a "thermal monocular" that basically lets you turn your smartphone into a night-vision device. Attach it to your phone, and you see heat signatures in the dark like Predator.

In other words, the device picks up the heat radiating off animals'—or people's—bodies and displays it visually on your phone. This allows you to see things you otherwise couldn't either because it's dark or they're obscured by distance and foliage. In fact, it registers heat signatures up to 1,300 meters, which is almost a mile.

There are a bunch of other helpful features as well, which we'll detail more fully in the pros and cons sections. To give you a quick idea, though, the device combines with an app that helps you track the heat signatures it registers and record it too. It's an all-around cutting-edge piece of technology. 

What Can It Be Used For?


Xinfrared T2 Pro Thermal Imaging A Deer

The main thing you can use the T2 Pro for—and the whole reason we decided to review it—is that it's great for hunting. Many game animals, especially whitetail deer, are crepuscular, meaning they're more active during twilight hours at dusk and dawn. And they have a good reason for that: it makes them harder for predators like you to see.

Many states actually restrict hunting at night, mainly with firearms, so check your local laws. However, the T2 Pro's usefulness isn't limited to darkness. It can also help you pick out a deer hiding in the bushes and keep your eye on it as it moves through the woods.

The T2 Pro can be a gamechanger for hunting coyotes at night, and if you are a deer hunter, then hunting coyotes can be one of the best things that you can do for your deer herd.

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Farming and Livestock

Even if you're not actively hunting, the T2 Pro can help you keep an eye on livestock or a local deer herd you're managing even when it's dark. This can be especially useful if you have predators bothering your livestock since these animals mainly hunt at night. For instance, you can spot wolves coming after your cows or foxes and  coyotes for your chickens.

Wildlife Exploration and Photography

At the end of the day, taking photos or simply viewing many animals requires the same process as hunting them. You have to find the animal and sneak up close. The T2 Pro can help with that, both in the dark or thick brush, and is great for much more than just whitetail deer. You can use it to pick out elusive birds as well.


You can't exactly use the T2 Pro as a constant night-vision surveillance device, but it can definitely help you in a pinch. For instance, if you're camping or just live in a sparsely populated area, the device can help you check out a noise or other threat with more confidence.

Search and Rescue

We've even heard of professional and volunteer search and rescue personnel using the T2 Pro to look for people who may be incapable of responding and lost in the dark, thick brush or rubble. Even if you're not regularly involved in search and rescue, just imagine how helpful it would be if you get separated from your child on a hike.

What’s In The Box?

InfiRay Xinfrared T2 Pro Thermal Eye Review: What's in the box

Luckily, the T2 Pro is pretty straightforward with simple unboxing. There aren't a lot of different pieces you have to put together. Instead, you get:

  • The InfiRay Xinfrared T2 Pro: This is the main gadget itself. Already assembled, it's small but ready to go.
  • Extension Cable: This is the cord that you can use to connect the device to your phone for power and video. Connect it to the camera first, then your phone.
  • Laser Locator: You can use this included tool to pinpoint specific objects and focus your thermal imaging.
  • T2 Pro Handle: The handle holds both the thermal camera and your phone, so you can use the device and view the images easily using just one hand.
  • Lens Cap
  • Protective Case
  • Infrared App: Okay, so this isn't technically in the box, but you have to have to use the T2 Pro. It's an easy download from the Google Play Store or App Store.


  • Resolution: 256X192
  • Temperature Measurement Range: 0℃-80℃ (32℉-175℉)
  • Range: 1,300 meters (0.8 miles)
  • Weight: 20 grams (0.7 ounces)
  • Size: 26mm x 26mm x 26.6mm
  • Focal Length: 13mm. This is a measure of how strongly the system converges or diverges light. In this case, it helps determine the field of view and how far away you can spot objects.
  • Field of View (FOV): 13.6X10.2 degrees. This is essentially the observable area that the device can see at any given moment.
  • Frame Rate: 25Hz. This is how many times the image updates per second. A higher frame rate provides smoother motion.
  • Pixel Pitch: 12μm. This is the size of the thermal sensor pixels. Smaller usually results in better image quality.
  • Spectral Band: 8-14μm. This is the infrared range the thermal camera works within to detect heat signatures.
  • Magnification: 2x-15x continuous digital zoom.
  • Power Consumption: 350 mW.
  • Compatibility: iOS 13 and above, and specifically for iPhone 8 and above models or Android 9.0 and above. Check the listing for non-compatible Android phones.

Design And Features

InfiRay Xinfrared T2 Pro Thermal Monocular

The T2 Pro is small and compact. Shaped like a cube, it's around an inch in every dimension. That said, it's still tough and rugged, which you can tell when you pick it up. This design also makes it easy to mount on a gun—or potentially even a bow—without getting in the way, though you will have to find the mounting tools separately.

To use the T2 Pro with your phone, it pairs with an app called Xinfrared. Using the app is amazingly simple and pretty much works right from the get-go without any tedious or complicated installation. The app itself allows you to do things like record and save thermal images, which is beneficial for hunting, managing livestock and surveillance.

In our opinion, the primary standout feature is the zoom. With a maximum of 15x magnification, it's almost like having a pair of binoculars on your phone.

Another feature we like is the hot spot tracking. The app locates a heat signature and then tracks it. This is pretty important for hunting since game animals, well, move.

Initial Setup

Xinfrared App

Setting up the InfiRay Xinfrared T2 Pro is incredibly simple. The first thing to do is download and install the Xinfrared app onto your phone, which you can do from the App or Play Store. Once you have it installed, open the app.

The next step is to plug the extension cable into the camera. Then, plug the other end into your phone. Make sure you connect the cable in this order. The app should immediately pick up the camera feed.

Now all you have to do is attach it to the T2 Pro Handle mount. It consists of two clamps. Place the T2 Pro thermal camera within the forward-facing clamp and tighten it with the knob. Place your phone within the rear-facing clamp and do the same. The mount has further adjustment knobs to tune the angles to your preferences, but otherwise, you're good to go. 

The Mount And Handle

Xinfrared T2 Pro Mount And Handle

The T2 Pro Handle, which includes a mount, is both convenient and sturdy. It just takes a few twists of a couple knobs to mount the camera and your phone, but it makes the entire setup that much easier because you can just hold the connected camera with one hand and point it at whatever you want to see. You don't have to juggle multiple pieces of equipment, but you also know it's stable enough to hold the technology.

This is all a real boon for hunters because you can't exactly be fumbling with several different devices in both hands if you need to pull the trigger or release an arrow. Instead, you can have your rifle or bow at the ready and still check out what might be hiding around you. 


The T2 Pro's ability to record is a really nice bonus, particularly if you want thermal imaging for herd management. The interface on the Xinfrared app is simple, and you just have to hit a button to start recording.

The app records the videos right to your phone's storage, which makes them easily accessible even if you don't have the camera connected. Of course, this also means you're limited to the storage space on your phone, so keep an eye on that.

The recording also lets you play around with color palettes, which is pretty cool, though more so for actual photography purposes than hunting. You can choose from a few different options depending on what you're observing and the situation.


The InfiRay Xinfrared T2 Pro performs pretty impressively given its size and low price. The viewing distance of 1,300 meters is more than enough for the majority of hunting and herd management purposes. Plus, the max 15x magnification can get really close, though the detail tends to degrade with closer magnification.

The frame rate is where the performance really shines. It records at 25Hz (aka 25 frames per second). This might not be the blistering frame rates of professional video cameras, but for night vision, it produces smooth, clear images that show you what's going on. 

What We Like 

Compact and Lightweight

Xinfrared T2 Pro Fully Assembled

One of the best things about the T2 Pro is just how small—and therefore portable—it is. It's roughly the size of a golf ball and weighs less than 20 grams.

This makes it ideal for hunting as well as many other outdoor activities. For one thing, you have limited space in your kit, and this takes up hardly any of it, nor does it weigh you down.

More importantly, in a hunting scenario, it's easier to use simultaneously with other gear. You don't have to move around a lot and make noise, especially if you're in a small space like a tree stand. You can easily hold the camera and aim it at what you want to see while still having your weapon handy.

Good Performance for Its Size

Despite being so small, the T2 Pro is quite the quality piece of technology. The thermal imaging is more than enough for hunting scenarios, and the frame rate is high enough that you get smooth video if you're tracking something.

Easy to Use

Setting up and using the T2 Pro is a breeze, frankly. It basically works right out of the box with little assembly or installation. Just download the app and connect the thermal camera to your phone. This is great for hunters who, let's be honest, may not be otherwise technically inclined.

The app itself is super easy to use as well despite its versatility and extra features. Recording, zooming and even changing the color palette are easily accessible. Playing and saving videos just requires pushing a button. Overall, it's simple and intuitive even for the less-than-tech-savvy. 

Versatile App with Many Features

We also just like how many different things you can do with the app in general. For hunting, the thermal imaging and tracking is probably all you really need, but the recording and color palette options can be a lot of fun and useful for other purposes from wildlife viewing to herd management and livestock surveillance.

Robust Construction

Xinfrared T2 Pro Rugged Design

The T2 Pro is admittedly small, but that doesn't mean it's fragile. The construction is solid, so it can handle outdoor trips and a lot of bumping around. This applies to the handle and mount as well which is made of machined aluminum parts.

Convenient Mounting Design

Not only is the handle durable, it makes the whole setup that much more convenient. It holds both the camera and your phone as one combined unit that you can hold it ergonomically with one hand. This also just makes it easier and more effective to use since you can quickly point it at whatever you want to image.

Affordable Price Point

While the T2 Pro's price isn't exactly pocket change, it's definitely affordable for what you're getting and the extent to which it can help you while hunting. After all, you're not only getting the thermal imager, but the laser locator and mount as well. Compared to other pieces of hunting equipment, it's reasonably priced despite using advanced technology.

Versatile Uses

View from the front of the Xinfrared T2 Pro Thermal Eye

We love using the T2 Pro for coyote hunting, but we can appreciate that it has a lot of other uses. And considering the hunting season isn't year round, this also gives you some versatility for the device.

If you're on your own property, you can use it to manage your deer herd. Similarly, you can keep an eye on your livestock at night or just spot wildlife that would otherwise be hidden.

Some other unique uses include checking for heat leaks in your home or emergency preparedness. If there's a natural disaster at night, you may have to find incapacitated family members by their heat signature.

Good Range of Viewing Distance

One of the T2 Pro's best specs is its 1,300-meter range. That's over three-quarters of a mile, so you can spot game well beyond the range you'd ever need to shoot. Plus, this gives you a wide radius and therefore a large area of terrain where you can spot game or track animals for other purposes.

What We Don’t Like

Requires a Smartphone

Unlike some thermal imagers and cameras that display the image on the device itself, the T2 Pro requires a smartphone to work. This actually has some advantages, namely that you can store the videos easily on your phone's hard drive. However, it does mean that you have to use the two devices at once, and you'll have to rely on your phone's battery for power.

Limited to Certain Phone Models

Not only does the T2 Pro require a smartphone, but it requires a smartphone meeting certain requirements, usually the more recent versions of hardware and software. 

The iOS version isn't so strict. You just need iOS 13 or above and an iPhone 8 or above. That gives you a range of recent models.

The Android version is a bit more complex, though. You need Android 9.0 or above, which is simple enough, but there's unfortunately a decent list of phones that aren't compatible with the thermal monocular:

  • Samsung A31 android 11
  • SamsungS21 android 11
  • Samsung S20
  • Samsung A51 Android 10
  • Motorola
  • OPPO PEMM20_11_C.08
  • OPPO A55
  • OPPO A56
  • OPPO A93 S
  • OPPO k9
  • Samsung A13
  • Samsung A32
  • Samsung A41
  • Samsung M32

 As you can see, some of these are popular Samsung models that many people own.

Manual Focus

You have to manually focus the T2 Pro Thermal Monocular

The InfiRay Xinfrared T2 Pro lacks an automatic focus. It's not a huge deal, but if you don't have a lot of experience with cameras or tech in general, this particular feature might have a bit of a learning curve for you. To focus, you have to physically twist the camera lens as you would with traditional binoculars or cameras.


AGM G2 Guardian Thermal Imaging & Night Vision Smartphone

AGM G2 Guardian Thermal Imaging & Night Vision Smartphone

The AGM G2 Guardian is a great alternative to the T2 Pro if you want an all-in-one solution without having to use two devices—the thermal camera and your phone—at once. Instead, the G2 Guardian is just a smartphone with a thermal monocular built right in.

Thanks to being an all-in-one model as well as its overall rugged construction, the G2 Guardian is a bit more durable, too. It's even waterproof and so might be the better choice if you hunt in really extreme conditions.

Of course, this all means it costs quite a bit more too, so if you already have a smartphone you like, it might not make sense. Plus, the G2 Guardian loses out to the T2 Pro in certain specs, particularly its range. It detects heat signatures out to just 500 yards versus 1,300 meters for the T2 Pro.

AGM Asp-Micro TM160 Thermal Imaging Monocular

The Asp-Micro TM160 is more similar to the T2 Pro in that it's a separate device that's quite small and portable. It doesn't have the range of the T2 Pro or the zoom, but it does have quite a few features the T2 Pro lacks—all while falling into a similar price range.

Most notably, the TM160 can transfer video over wifi to the AGM Connect app on your smartphone. Plus, it has its own battery that lasts up to 10 hours, so you don't have the issue of connecting to your phone with a cable and keeping them together the whole time you're using it.

In general, we think the T2 Pro is an excellent compact option specifically for hunting since it's so tiny and portable and comes with the handle and mount that make it easy to integrate with your hunting process. That said, if you have other needs for a thermal monocular, the Asp-Micro TM160 is worth taking a closer look at. 

Final Thoughts

The InfiRay Xinfrared T2 Pro Thermal Eye is a compact, high-performing thermal imager that's super easy to use and setup. Plus, it can help you spot game in the dark or thick brush, giving you a better chance of success while deer hunting, not to mention aid in things like livestock surveillance and wildlife viewing. Its reliance on a smartphone and manual focus feature may not be for everyone, but with a fantastic detection range and numerous features, you should consider adding it to your hunting arsenal.

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