Best Crossbow Broadheads In 2024 Fixed Blade And Mechanical

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Are you looking for the best crossbow broadheads?

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Our staff of experts weigh in with comprehensive reviews of the crossbow broadheads that we use every season, for deer, elk, bear, turkeys and more.

We will introduce you to our favorite fixed blade crossbow broadheads, our favorite mechanical crossbow broadheads and our favorite hybrid crossbow broadheads.

We will finish up by answering all of the frequently asked questions about crossbow broadheads, so that by the time you finish reading this, you will have a complete understanding of which crossbow broadhead is right for you.

Best Fixed Blade

Excalibur Boltcutter Crossbow Broadheads

Excalibur boltcutter

Best Mechanical

G5 MegaMeat Mechanical Broadhead

g5 megameat

Best over 400 fps

TenPoint EVO-X CenterPunch Broadhead

tenpoint evo x

Table of Contents

List Of The Best Fixed Blade Broadheads For 


List Of The Best Mechanical Broadheads For Crossbows

Reviews Of The Best Crossbow Broadheads 

Below you will find in depth reviews of all our favorite crossbow broadheads that we use every season.

First we have our fixed blade broadhead reviews, followed by our mechanical broadhead reviews.

We have put them in categories based on what they are best for, but most of these broadheads can span across many categories.

Best Fixed Blade Broadheads

Best 150 Grain Crossbow Broadheads: Excalibur Boltcutter 

Excalibur Boltcutter Crossbow Broadheads

As a heavy 150-grain broadhead, penetration is the Excalibur Boltcutter's claim to fame. In fact, it doesn't just put extra weight at the front of your bolt, it puts it at the front of the broadhead itself with increased front-of-center weight. This means penetrating deeper into animals, even big game, as well as traveling straighter inside the target, even if the broadhead strikes bones or cartilage. 

The fact that it is an Excalibur product means you can also count on the Boltcutter to be durable and reliable. Its stainless steel blades and tip resist corrosion so they stay sharp longer and require less maintenance.

One of our favorite features, though, is the center locking system. It keeps the broadhead stable on the bolt, which means it flies straighter and more accurately through the air, and it's less likely to be knocked off course when it enters the target.

These are ideal for fast crossbows that have a problem with arrow drift,using lighter bolts. We have been able to correct the drift, simply by using a Boltcutter broadhead.


  • 150 grains
  • Increased front-of-center weight
  • Durable stainless steel
  • Sharp blades
  • Center locking system


  • Requires assembly

There has been a recent push in the archery world to use heavier broadheads, especially for crossbow bolts. This is because they improve penetration and allow you to hunt bigger game. As a result, if you're looking to hunt elk, moose, bear, etc. and need a heavy bolt that will fly straight and improve your chances of a lethal shot, we highly recommend the Excalibur Boltcutter.

Best Rated Crossbow Broadheads: QAD Exodus Crossbow Full Blade Broadhead 

QAD Exodus Crossbow Broadhead

There are a number of reasons the QAD Exodus is regularly one of the top-rated broadheads. First and foremost is the value. This is one of the more affordable broadhead models out there, and it still gives you strength, accuracy and penetration.

Moreover, the Exodus is versatile and works with a wide range of crossbow bolts. While this kind of universal design isn't always as stable as more specific designs, QAD took the time to improve the assembly so that it remains well-fitted and true.

Similarly, we usually don't like broadheads with multiple-piece construction like this one, but in the case of the Exodus, we found that it was well done. In fact, we really liked the fact that it has replaceable blades since this increases the life and therefore value of the broadhead. The trocar tip was a nice touch as well.

As far as weight and width, the Exodus is pretty much standard. It is nice that you can choose between 100 and 125 grains, though we do wish you could choose an heavier option in case you have an especially powerful crossbow. The 1.25-inch cutting diameter is ideal for creating noticeable blood trails without slowing down the bolt too much when it enters the target.


  • Great value

  • Versatile fit

  • Replaceable blades

  • 2 weight options

  • Ideal cutting diameter


  • Non-specific fit

  • Multiple pieces

The QAD Exodus is a good choice if you're just starting to use crossbows. It allows you to try a lot of different bolts and has replaceable blades in case you break one. More importantly, it's a great value and gives you good accuracy and penetration without going over budget.

Best For Barnett Crossbows: The Original Muzzy 3 Blade 

The Original Muzzy 3 Blade Crossbow Broadheads

Muzzy has long been one of the hunting community's favorite broadhead brands for a reason. One of the biggest stand-out features is the trocar tip. Made of hardened steel, it's capable of punching through bone and other tissue to deliver an accurate kill shot even if you're hunting big game.

Additionally, the stainless steel blades come sharp and are easy to sharpen since they're removable from the aluminum ferrule. Since they interlock, this broadhead is also a lot more stable than other multi-piece broadheads, though it can be a bit intimidating to assemble and break down if you're new to that.

One important thing to note on this broadhead is the small cutting diameter of just 1-3/16 inches. This has the downside of meaning a smaller wound and therefore less of a blood trail if the animal runs away. However, it does make it a bit easier for beginners to make an accurate shot over a long distance. 

Similarly, this Muzzy broadhead is a good choice for beginners because the vented blades reduce weight down to just 100 grains and fly better. If you want something heavier, though, there is a 125-grain option.


  • Steel trocar tip
  • Removable blades
  • Interlocking blades
  • Accurate
  • Vented blades
  • 2 weight options


  • Difficult assembly
  • Blood trails could be better

Muzzy and Barnett are two renowned brands that go hand in hand. This Muzzy crossbow broadhead is an especially good choice if you have a Barnett model like TS380 or one of the Whitetail Hunters. By combining both accuracy and penetration, it works well with a wide range of bolt speeds and power profiles and is suitable for most sizes of game. 

Best 125 Grain Crossbow Broadheads: Muzzy Trocar 125 

Muzzy Trocar Crossbow Broadheads

The first thing you'll notice about the Muzzy Trocar 125 is its large-diameter ferrule. For one thing, this more easily fits with crossbow bolts for better flight and accuracy. More importantly, the bulky solid steel trocar and ferrule form one piece that can more easily break through bone and slice through thick connective tissue like cartilage. Plus, as a single piece, it's more stable than other broadheads which have separate trocars.

Another unique feature of the Trocar 125 is the helix design. The blades aren't set into the ferrule at right angles but rather angled to form a helix that helps the bolt spin and travel straighter and more accurately.

The accuracy is also improved by the slightly smaller 1-3/16-inch cutting diameter. This especially helps accuracy over long distances, though it does decrease the amount of blood trail you'll get.


  • Large-diameter ferrule
  • Solid steel trocar
  • Single piece trocar and ferrule
  • Helix blade design
  • Accurate flight
  • 2 weight options


  • Blood trails are not as good as some other broadheads

Best For Elk Hunting: G5 Montec M3 

 G5 Montec M3 Crossbow Broadhead

A single-piece broadhead with an extra 1.125-inch cutting diameter, the Montec M3 is one of the most accurate broadheads on the market. It's also lightweight at just 100 grains for better range if less penetration. You can take better advantage of your crossbow's power to hunt big game over long distances.

Additionally, it's worth pointing out the non-vented design. As a result, the broadhead is quieter than other models, but may drift when shot from super fast crossbows.

Finally, we were impressed by the sharpness of the blades. This way, the M3 still penetrates deep despite its lack of trocar and low weight. 


  • Single piece
  • Long range
  • Accurate spin
  • Quiet flight
  • Sharp blades


  • May drift

The G5 Montec M3 is our choice for seasoned hunters moving on to big game, particularly elk. This is because of its accuracy over a long range, which you're likely to need hunting this type of game. Just keep in mind that you need to know what you're doing as this broadhead is best for those who can consistently hit the kill zone. 

Best Broadheads For Tenpoint Crossbow: TenPoint EVO-X Montec Fixed Blade Broadhead 

TenPoint EVO-X Montec Fixed Blade Broadhead

The EVO-X Montec is one of the cooler looking crossbow bolt broadheads we've seen, but it's not just about appearances. One of the reasons it looks so sleek is the blade shape. Even though it's a single piece, the tip is reinforced for better penetration, and the bottoms of the blades are curved. This keeps the broadhead from coming back out of the wound, which is especially good if you use lighted nocks to track down your quarry. Nevertheless, the blade edges themselves are flat, so they aren't difficult to sharpen like other curved blades.

Another notable feature of the blade design is that they're vented. While this can potentially cause whistling while the bolt flies, it helps with accuracy because it minimizes the effects of crosswinds. 

There are a couple things you should consider about this broadhead First of all, it's only available in 100 grains, which is fairly lightweight. This increases the range and makes accuracy easier for beginners, but it does decrease penetration. 

Luckily, TenPoint increased penetration a bit by decreasing the cutting diameter to just 1.125 inches. This way a beginner can still hit the kill zone effectively. It can make the blood trail harder to find, though, if your quarry runs.


  • Reinforced steel tip
  • Single piece
  • Curved blades
  • Vented blades
  • Lightweight
  • Accurate over long range


  • Whistling vents

The EVO-X Montec is our recommendation for TenPoint crossbows, and not just because they're manufactured by the same company, though that certainly helps with compatibility. Instead, we primarily recommend it because, just as TenPoint crossbows are great for jumping right into serious bowhunting, so are these broadheads. The vented single-piece construction helps them fly straight, even over long ranges, but they still penetrate big game thanks to the reinforced steel tip and narrow cutting diameter.

Best Budget Crossbow Broadheads: DEEPOWER Crossbow Broadheads 

DEEPOWER Crossbow Broadheads

Considering the price, this DEEPOWER broadhead has an impressive combination of range and penetration. At just 100 grains, even lower-power crossbows can still send it a considerable distance. Meanwhile, the single-piece solid steel ferrule with trocar tip can punch through bone and connective tissue for a more lethal shot.

At the same time, the wider 1.25-inch cutting diameter causes a lot of damage on its way in. That gives you a great blood trail to follow if your quarry is still able to run.

Lastly, we want to talk about the blade design. As vented blades offset in a helix shape, they help your bolts fly more accurately. Additionally, the blades are removable for easy replacement or sharpening, even if this does decrease stability a bit.


  • Lightweight

  • Combined ferrule and tip

  • Steel trocar tip

  • Wide cutting diameter

  • Vented blades

  • Helix design


  • Loud

  • Unstable blades

There's no reason you can't save money and still get crossbow broadheads that fly straight and penetrate deep for lethal shots. That's why we recommend the DEEPOWER 100-grain broadhead as a budget option. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, the helix blades make accuracy easier while the trocar tip pushes through layers of tissue. These are perfect for a beginner crossbow hunter.

Best Mechanical Broadheads (Expandable)

Editor's Choice: G5 Megameat 100 Grain Crossbow Broadhead 

G5 Megameat 100 Grain Crossbow Broadhead

The Megameat broadhead takes advantage of the mechanical broadhead design to provide serious destruction that leaves a blood trail that's easy to follow. Primarily, that's due to the large two-inch cutting diameter created by fully steel blades that open dependably.

Additionally, the blades are removable and replaceable. It can take a little practice to do it correctly, but it increases the value of the broadhead and means you can continuously use sharp blades that cut deep.

Finally, we're fans of the overall design of the broadhead. The trocar tip and curved ferrule help with penetration, of course, but they also help break through any tough tissue like bone or cartilage so that the blades can more easily open. This decreases the chances of a broken blade.


  • 2-inch cutting diameter
  • Large blood trail
  • Dependable blade mechanism
  • Replaceable blades
  • Trocar tip 


  • Blades are razor thin

The main draw of mechanical broadheads is their wider cutting diameter that means a better blood trail and bigger margin for error without sacrificing penetration. We love the G5 Megameat because it has all that while minimizing the main downside of expandable broadheads: the flimsy blades. Instead, the Megameat opens consistently and is designed to prevent as much blade breakage as possible.

Best For Deer Hunting: Rage Hypodermic 

Rage Hypodermic

It wasn't hard for us to figure out why the Rage Hypodermic mechanical broadhead has become one of the most popular models for hunting deer. It has an advanced deployment mechanism in the form of a high energy shock collar that keeps the blades from opening in flight but makes sure they open consistently once they hit the target.

This broadhead also has a wide two-inch cutting diameter. Now, this is only made by two blades. We generally prefer three since it increases your margin for error. That said, even with two blades, you'll likely get a heavy blood trail that's easy to track.

The primary downside of the Rage Hypodermic is that it can be a bit difficult to sharpen the blades, and they can't really be replaced. Luckily, their stainless steel design stays sharp longer than other models.

Last of all, pay attention to the weight. You can get the Hypodermic in 100 or 125 grains. 100 grains will give you better range, but we recommend 125 grains for better penetration.


  • Advanced shock collar
  • Consistent opening
  • 2-inch cutting diameter
  • Sharp blades
  • 2 weight options


  • Blades not replaceable

The Rage Hypodermic is a good choice if you're bowhunting whitetail deer. The consistent shock collar means you can be confident knowing that the broadhead will not open prematurely and expect field point accuracy from your broadheads. Plus, sharp blades and a wide cutting diameter mean massive blood trails that are easy to follow.

Best Rage Crossbow Broadheads: Rage Hypodermic NC 2 Blade 

Rage Hypodermic Crossbow NC

The Hypodermic NC broadhead is one of the most advanced and innovative mechanical broadheads on the market. Whereas most mechanical broadheads require some kind of shock collar or rubber band to hold the blades closed before hitting the target, the Hypodermic NC uses a new type of system: the slip cam pivot point. It's much better at remaining stable in flight, but it consistently opens when it hits your target.

Like other Hypodermic broadheads, the NC uses a two-blade design. This is balanced out by the wide two-inch cutting diameter that creates a profuse blood trail. Plus, by only having two blades, the mechanical design flies more like a field point so you can make more accurate shots. 

Speaking of weight, we did like that you could choose between 100 and 125 grains, though. This way you can calibrate it better to the power of your crossbow. We recommend 125 grains if you have a more powerful model approaching 400 FPS while 100 grains might help increase your speed if your crossbow shoots under 350 FPS.

There have been some reports of counterfeits being sold on Amazon. If you want to make sure you are getting real Rage Broadheads, buy direct from the manufacturer.


  • Slip cam pivot point blade retention
  • Consistent opening
  • 2-inch cutting diameter
  • Flies straight
  • 2 weight options


  • Reports of counterfeits being sold on Amazon

If you've successfully used Rage broadheads before, you definitely need to check out the NCs. The new slip cam pivot point blade retention system is likely to change the entire broadhead market, as it's one of the best ways we've seen to keep blades from opening in flight but consistently opening when they hit your quarry. Meanwhile, the NC has everything else you'd expect from a Rage broadhead like stability and a big blood trail you can follow.

Best For Crossbows Over 400 FPS: TenPoint EVO-X CenterPunch Broadhead

TenPoint EVO-X CenterPunch Broadhead

What we like most about the EVO-X CenterPunch is its stability even at high speeds. And, as a 100-grain lightweight broadhead with an aluminum ferrule, it can definitely go fast if you have a powerful crossbow. In fact, it was tested at 505 FPS to ensure that its floating-blade design almost never opens in flight. Specifically, the inertia of the bolt itself keeps the blades shut.

Since this broadhead is mainly designed for speed and range, its penetration isn't as good as some other models. Nonetheless, it's still enough to hunt big bucks. Plus, it has a precision point that helps with penetration, though it's a separate piece that decreases the durability of the broadhead.

For an expandable broadhead, the cutting diameter is slightly less than other models at 1.875 inches. That along with the two-blade design may mean less of a blood trail, but in our experience, the blood trails are massive.


  • Lightweight aluminum ferrule
  • Floating-blade deployment system
  • Precision point
  • Accurate
  • Sharp blades


  • Reduced penetration
  • Separate tip and ferrule
  • Small cutting diameter

The EVO-X CenterPunch is designed for speed. If you hunt with a modern crossbow rated at higher than 400 FPS, this broadhead lets you take advantage of that power thanks to a floating-blade system and aerodynamic, lightweight design. This way you can hunt a large range of game over longer distances. 

Best Broadheads For A Ravin Crossbow: Ravin R102 Aluminum 450 FPS Rated Mechanical Broadheads 

Ravin R102 Aluminum 450 FPS Rated Mechanical Broadheads

The Ravin R102 is another broadhead designed for high speeds and powerful crossbows. Made of aluminum, it's lightweight at just 100 grains. That on top of the aerodynamic design means it flies far and straight. It's been tested at 450 FPS.

We were also impressed by the internal spring clip mechanism. This rear-deploying design makes the blades more dependable. Plus, it also makes the broadheads more easily reusable.

As opposed to other crossbow broadheads, we really liked the wide cutting diameter of the R102 as well. This helps make a heavy blood trail despite only having two blades, a feature that otherwise helps with penetration.


  • Stable at high speeds
  • Lightweight aluminum design
  • Internal spring mechanism
  • Rear deploying
  • 2-inch cutting diameter


  • Separate tip

Ravin is famous for their powerful crossbows that can shoot upwards of 450 FPS. If you want to utilize all that speed and power, you need a broadhead that can fly straight and remain stable without opening at high speeds. For that we recommend the Ravin R102 which has an internal spring clip that helps keep blades from opening in flight and is rated for high speeds.

Best 100 Grain Crossbow Broadheads: Swhacker 100 Gr 2 Blade 

Swhacker 100 Gr 2 Blade

The most unique feature of this Swhacker broadhead is the two-set blade design. The mechanism functions by having two small blades always deployed. These then push out the larger blades when they strike the animal. In this way, it's kind of a cross between a fixed-blade and expandable broadhead, though it can be slightly more vulnerable to crosswinds, especially since it's lightweight.

Another feature we really like is the trocar tip. This helps with penetration even if the bolt has to travel through bones and thick tissue like cartilage to reach the vital organs. However, we do wish the tip and ferrule were one piece. More importantly, the rubber band design can be a hassle, even though Swhacker includes extra bands in the pack.

Lastly, note that the cutting diameter is 1.75 inches. That's smaller than other models, but the dual blade design we discussed earlier helps with that. Plus, it cuts down on weight, so along with the aluminum ferrule, you have a lightweight 100-grain broadhead that can cover long ranges with accuracy.


  • Dual blade design
  • Trocar tip
  • Extra bands included
  • Aircraft aluminum ferrule
  • Accurate flight


  • Smaller cutting diameter
  • Rubber bands must be replaced

The Swhacker is a straightforward mechanical broadhead that we recommend if you need something standard that will work dependably. As long as you don't mind changing out the rubber bands to reuse them, you even get a highly penetrative yet lightweight model that protects its blades to keep them sharp and deadly hunt after hunt.

Best For Turkey Hunting: RAGE Xtreme Turkey Broadhead 

RAGE Xtreme Turkey Broadhead

Our favorite thing about the Rage Xtreme is the large cutting diameter. At 2.125 inches, it's much better than other models at hitting the smaller kill zone of a turkey. At the same time, these large blades don't slow down the bolt because they are effectively retained by the Rage shock collar that simultaneously helps deploy the blades immediately on impact.

Additionally, we were impressed by the .75-inch meat hook tip. This accomplishes two important things. First, it cuts on contact and keeps the broadhead secure inside the animal so that it doesn't pass through. More importantly, it actually slows the bolt down, especially since it's combined with blunt notches on either side. By slowing down, the bolt is more likely to pin the wings for a safer and more ethical kill.

Finally, we also liked that the Xtreme is lightweight since you don't need as much penetration with turkey. Instead, the aluminum ferrule keeps the broadhead at just 100 grains and gives you better range and speed in case your quarry flinches.


  • Huge cutting diameter
  • Rage shock collar
  • Meat hook tip
  • Blunted tip
  • Lightweight


  • May not fly true

The Rage Xtreme is our top choice for turkey hunting. It's specifically designed to make it easier for you to hit a turkey's smaller kill zone without sacrificing speed and accuracy. In fact, with its lightweight design, the Xtreme can fly faster than a number of other models while still slowing itself down to prevent a passthrough.  

Best NAP Crossbow Broadhead: NAP Spitfire Doublecross Crossbow Mechanical Broadhead 

NAP Spitfire Doublecross Crossbow Mechanical Broadhead

The NAP Spitfire Doublecross stands out for exactly what its name says. Instead of just two blades and one cutting plane like most mechanical broadheads, it actually opens two sets of blades at perpendicular angles for a brutal wound channel. The main blades have a large two-inch diameter, and the smaller rear blades are specifically called "bleeder blades" because they help increase the blood trail.

The only problem with this design is that the increased number of moving parts can make the blades a bit more flimsy and prone to breaking, especially if you're hoping for multiple uses. On the whole, though, the blades are remarkably stable thanks to the spring clip technology. This minimizes in-flight opening while encouraging the blades to open as soon as possible upon impact.

As far as penetration, we would have liked more weight options than just the 100-grain version, but the tough tip does help push through thick tissue. Plus, it's well attached to the ferrule compared to other broadheads.


  • 2 sets of blades
  • 2 cutting planes
  • Large blood trail
  • Spring clip technology
  • Penetrative tip


  • Lots of moving parts
  • Only 1 weight option

New Archery Products is known for their quality bowhunting gear. Take a closer look at the Spitfire broadhead from NAP. The extra bleeder blades hit at a perpendicular angle for large blood trails. That will make it much easier to track down your kill. 

Best Hybrid Crossbow Broadheads: Muzzy Trocar HBX Hybrid 

Muzzy Trocar HBX Hybrid

As a hybrid broadhead, the Muzzy Trocar HBX gives you the best of both worlds. The two offset fixed blades help spin the bolt, which makes your shot more accurate. They're even vented to minimize vulnerability to crosswind. At the same time, you still get good penetration with a great blood trail thanks to two expandable blades that have a 1.625-inch cutting diameter.

One detail we like about the HBX is that it has a trocar tip, yet the tip and ferrule are all one piece. This is much more stable in flight, once again improving accuracy. Plus, it's more durable, making the broadhead more reusable and a better value.

Lastly, we appreciate that Muzzy provides two weight options for the HBX: 100 and 125 grains. If you've been disappointed with the accuracy of other mechanical broadheads, the 100-grain version is a great way to take advantage of speed. However, you can get better penetration with the 125-grain version.


  • Hybrid design

  • Offset blades for spin

  • Single ferrule and tip

  • Trocar tip

  • 2 weight versions


  • Small expandable diameter

Fixed-blade and mechanical broadheads both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you like the better blood trails and wound channels of mechanical broadheads but still want the accuracy and stability of a fixed-blade broadhead, consider the Muzzy Trocar HBX. It has fixed blades as well as two expandable blades that combine with the trocar tip for lethal damage.

Things To Consider When Buying Crossbow Broadheads

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Fixed Blade Or Mechanical

Fixed-blade versus mechanical broadheads(also known as expandable broadhead) is one of the biggest debates in the bowhunting community, and it's unlikely to be settled anytime soon. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference and hunting style, but we find that most crossbow hunters perform better with fixed-blade broadheads due to each type's particular advantages.

Fixed-blade broadheads are a lot tougher than mechanicals. Their sturdier blades can more easily break through bone and thick tissue. As a result, they're better for hitting the kill zone that's protected by ribs and, at certain angles, shoulder.

If you decide to go with fixed blade broadheads, be sure to pick up a broadhead wrench for installing and removing the broadheads. 

The main advantage of mechanical broadheads is that you can have a much larger cutting diameter since you don't have to worry about the wind resistance of the blades. Consequently, they produce more internal damage and heavier blood trails, which is important if you miss the heart and lungs and have to wait a while before tracking down the animal.

Additionally, mechanical broadheads can often help accuracy. This isn't necessarily because they help bolts fly better. (In fact, fixed-blade broadheads can actually better induce spin for your bolts.) Rather, it's because mechanical broadheads fly more similarly to field tips, so it's easier to take consistently accurate shots.

With these things in mind, you can understand why we lean towards fixed-blade broadheads. Crossbows are generally more accurate and require less practice. You're more likely to hit the kill zone than with a vertical bow.

That said, mechanical broadheads are still a good choice, especially if you're hunting over long distances where your shots might be more difficult. We also recommend them for hunting smaller game like turkey.

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Best Weight For Crossbow Broadheads

In our opinion, heavier broadheads are better, especially for crossbows. Most crossbows have the power to send even heavy bolts and broadheads long distances, so adding some weight will improve penetration. 

You only want to shave off weight if you're hunting over long distances and need to maximize range. This could be a result of the environment (large plains or valleys), or it could simply be your hunting style.

We generally recommend at least 100 grains for crossbow hunting, and it's worth looking at 125-grain or 150-grain models if you have a crossbow rated for around 400 FPS or higher.

Cutting Diameter

A larger cutting diameter is almost always better. For one thing, it increases your chances of hitting a vital organ. More importantly, it means a bigger wound and therefore a bigger blood trail.

The only issue is that wider broadheads are more susceptible to wind resistance, so they can throw off your accuracy. This is why mechanical broadheads have bigger cutting diameters than fixed-blade broadheads.

Final Thoughts

Your broadhead can make or break your hunt. To maximize penetration and lethal damage, we highly recommend the Excalibur Boltcutter 150-grain fixed-blade broadhead. However, if you want to maximize your range and blood trails, we also like the G5 Megameat 100-grain expandable broadhead. Make sure you've weighed the pros and cons of all the above options to find the broadhead that will work best for your situation and preferences.

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Are crossbow broadheads different than compound bow broadheads?

Yes, crossbow broadheads are different than compound bow broadheads. While you could technically use crossbow broadheads in a compound bow, the opposite is not true, especially with an expandable broadhead. They need to have much stronger retention mechanisms to compensate for the explosive power of a crossbow. This applies to all types of crossbows.

What grain crossbow broadheads should I use?

You should use crossbow broadheads that are at least 100 grains. You may have trouble sighting in your crossbow when using 100 grain broadheads out of faster crossbows. In which case you could go to a 125 grain broadhead, but our favorite crossbow broadhead is 150 grains.

What are hybrid crossbow broadheads?

Hybrid crossbow broadheads are a combination of fixed blade and mechanical. They come with 2 fixed blades and 2 expandable blades, giving you all of the advantages of both types of broadheads.

Can I reuse crossbow broadheads?

Yes, you can reuse fixed blade crossbow broadheads, as long as you inspect them carefully for damage and re-sharpen them. We do not recommend reusing mechanical broadheads. Their razor thin blades are susceptible to damage and they cannot be easily re sharpened.

What is the best broadhead for crossbows over 400 fps?

The best broadhead for crossbows over 400 fps is the TenPoint EVO-X CenterPunch Broadhead. TenPoint makes the fastest crossbow in the world and this broadhead has been tested with that crossbow at 505 fps.

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