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We've all done it—bought a cheap block target to sight in our crossbow and promptly lost the bolt after it passed right through. All of us crossbow shooters need a target with more stopping power. I have tested and reviewed all of the best crossbow targets in a variety of categories so that you can find the right target for your crossbow.

Best overall

SpyderWeb ST 24XL Crossbow Target

spyderweb st 24xl

Best 3D Deer Target

GlenDel Full-Rut Buck 3D Crossbow Target

GlenDel Full Rut Buck

Best block

Block Infinity Crossbow Target

Block infinity

Best Crossbow Targets At A Glance

How I Chose The Best Crossbow Targets

I have been a crossbow hunter for over 20 years and have tried just about every crossbow target on the market. Some were good and some not so good, so I set out to test and find the best crossbow targets available today for different scenarios.

First thing I did is reach out to all of our crossbow enthusiasts on our staff, and ask them; "What is your favorite crossbow target and why?"

I then reached out to our readers through our email list and asked them the same question.

After getting all the answers, there were some targets that were clearly favored over others.

I then obtained all of the targets and used them with my crossbow, while comparing them with each other.

Here are the things I looked For:

  • Stopping Power
  • Easy Arrow Removal
  • Durability
  • Portability
  • Multiple Aiming Points
  • Value

Below you will find the crossbow targets that came out on top.

Best Crossbow Targets: Reviews And Recommendations

These are reviews of the best crossbow targets. Click here for reviews of the best archery targets.

Best Overall: SpyderWeb ST 24XL Crossbow Target

SpyderWeb ST 24XL Crossbow Target

The first thing I noticed about the ST 24XL is that it's a "no speed limit" target. It's even printed right on the top! This means it's rated for any bolt speed from a production crossbow, so if you have the newest, most powerful model, this might just be the target for you.

My favorite part about this target is the easy bolt removal.

The part that I don't like is that it cannot be used for shooting broadheads. This is because it has a covering of woven Spylar fabric. Instead of slicing the threads, the field points merely move them out of the way. When you remove the arrow, you can move them back, returning the face to its original design.

As for setup, the ST 24XL is a bit on the heavy side at 38 pounds, but it's also larger than other targets, so this makes sense. Nevertheless, it's easy to transport thanks to the carrying handle, which also allows some versatility for hanging. We'd recommend checking out some target stands, or you can use it right on the ground.


  • Stopping power for high speed crossbow bolts up to 500 FPS
  • Easy arrow removal
  • Self-healing Spylar fabric facing
  • 2 different target faces
  • Carrying handle
  • Weatherproof design

What We Like:

  • I love the easy arrow removal.
  • The durable design means you can likely take thousands of shots before needing a new target.
  • The woven Spylar fabric self heals so that the target faces look smooth for every shot.
  • The standard rectangular design is compatible with a wide range of target stands and mounts.
  • The weatherproofing allows you to leave it out and create a permanent shooting range.
  • Handmade in St. Joseph Michigan, USA
  • Best crossbow target for the fastest crossbows

What We Don't Like:

  • You can only use field points, which makes it harder to sight in your crossbow.
  • It's a bit heavy, so it's less useful as a mobile target.

Check out this video showing how easy it is to remove crossbow bolts from this target.

Our favorite overall, the SpyderWeb ST 24XL is our top recommendation for crossbow shooters. Not only can it handle high use from powerful crossbows, but it's weatherproof, sturdy design allows you to set it up in your backyard range and leave it there.

Best For Broadheads: Rinehart 18-1 Broadhead Target  

Rinehart 18 - 1 Broadhead Target

The best thing about the Rinehart 18-1 is that the tough foam target stops high speed crossbow bolts up to 500 fps even with crossbow broadheads attached to the bolts. In fact, it's even "self-healing," so the holes you create minimize themselves after you remove the bolt.

Another one of the key features is that it has 18 different targets presented at various angles. Deer don't always give you an easy flank shot, so this lets you practice shooting at different angles. Similarly, you can also take elevated shots to practice shooting from a tree stand.

Finally, we love the shape in general. It's admittedly a bit on the small side, but that also makes it easy to carry around, especially considering the carrying handle. Again, this allows you to practice from different angles and positions. You can even mount it, hang it, whatever works best for you.


  • Self-healing foam
  • 18 targets at different angles
  • High-vis yellow target finish
  • Carrying/hanging handle

What We Like:

  • You can practice shooting broadheads without destroying the target.
  • The different shooting angles allow you to practice from different positions.
  • The lightweight design and carrying handle make it easy to carry and mount or hang.
  • The high-vis targets help you practice at dawn or dusk, which are also ideal times for hunting whitetail deer.

What We Don't Like:

  • The self-healing foam can make it difficult to remove large broadheads.
  • It's a bit on the small side, meaning you need to already have a good level of accuracy. 

The toughest part about sighting in a crossbow and practicing your aim is that broadheads quickly destroy normal targets, meaning you have to use field points. But field points and broadheads just don't fly the same way. The Rhinehart 18-1 solves this problem, meaning you can get better accuracy out of your crossbow, your bolts and your scope.

BigShot Iron Man Extreme Crossbow Target

Our favorite feature of the Iron Man Extreme target is the life-like target face. With the outline of a deer's vitals, it even has markings for the heart, lungs and liver. You can angle the target in different ways to practice different shots. Plus, if you need a normal target for sighting in your crossbow, the other side has standard circles and diamonds for more exact shooting.

On top of that, we like that you can use a powerful crossbow with this target since it's rated for up to 500 fps. At the same time, arrow removal is so easy that it only takes 2 fingers!

Lastly, we love how durable this target is. It has a sturdy plywood frame that gives you a lot of versatility as to how you mount it since you can even screw things into it. Additionally, the woven handle is weather resistant along with the rest of the target, so you can use it in a lot of different climates year round and even build your own range.


  • Target face of deer vitals
  • Stopping power up to 500 fps
  • Plywood frame
  • Woven handle
  • Weatherproof design

What We Like:

  • I love the 2 finger easy arrow removal.
  • You can both sight in your bow and practice realistic hunting shots thanks to the two target faces including one of deer vitals.
  • It has enough stopping power that you can use power crossbows on it and still remove the bolts with ease.
  • The internal compression material eliminates tunneling for better sighting in.
  • Weatherproof and sturdy, you can use it in a wide range of places and positions.

What We Don't Like:

  • The plywood frame makes it pretty heavy, so it's not great for moving around.

Check out this video to see how easy it is to pull out a crossbow bolt with two fingers. It is unbelievable!

Want to create your own backyard archery range? The Iron Man Extreme is a heavy-duty target that can handle fast bolts and powerful crossbows, not to mention the weather. It even gives you more realistic hunting practice thanks to the target in the outline of deer vitals.

Best Bag Target For Crossbow: Bulldog Targets Doghouse Xp Bag Target

Bulldog Doghouse XP

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Are you tired of replacing your crossbow target? We love the Bulldog Doghouse XP because every Bulldog target comes with a lifetime warranty!

When I think of bag targets, I think of Morrell Targets, so when one of our our staff members came to me with this Bulldog Target, I was surprised, but happy to put it to the test.

My first impressions after using the Bulldog for about an hour?

Wow! It is quite an upgrade from the old Morrell Targets that we are all used to.

It stays upright on flat surfaces quite well, so you can use it with most mounts and target stands, or even set it on the ground, hay bales, etc.

Each face just has eight circular targets arranged in the same way. However, this design does make it great for taking multiple shots one right after the other without worrying about hitting your other bolts.

I found the stopping power of this target pretty good, and the arrow removal is very easy, even with just two fingers. The synthetic cover is definitely tough enough to handle the weather, although it's definitely going to show holes after frequent use.


  • Bag target design
  • Self-standing stability
  • Multiple targets
  • Synthetic covering
  • Carrying handle

What We Like:

  • We Love that it has a lifetime warranty.
  • We love the easy arrow removal.
  • Despite being a bag target, it stays upright on a variety of surfaces, giving you a versatile setup.
  • The multiple targets let you take several shots one after the other.
  • The tough design stops arrows and holds up in all types of terrain and conditions.

What We Don't Like

  • There's only one type of target design, so you don't have a lot of versatility with your shots.
  • The carrying handle is small and not especially comfortable, so it's not super fun to move around.
  • Not for shooting broadheads

Watch This video to see the stopping power using a 500 FPS crossbow and then watch the 2 finger bolt removal.

If you're looking for a bag target that's easy to hang or mount but still has a lot of stopping power, we highly recommend the Bulldog Doghouse Xp. It's particularly sturdy and stable, and this gives you a lot of versatility as to where you set it up, and with the lifetime warranty, it will be the last crossbow target you will buy!

GlenDel Full-Rut Buck 3D Crossbow Target

The GlenDel buck target has several features that make it just about the most realistic 3D target on the market today. The first is simply its appearance. Obviously it looks like a buck, but it's also the appropriate size: 37 inches high at the shoulders and 62 inches high overall. This large size gives you a better idea of how a real trophy buck will look through your scope.

The actual target is a four-sided shooting insert, one of which features the buck's kill zone including markings for the heart, lungs and liver. And since the insert's foam is self-healing and capable of stopping broadheads as well as field points, you can practice frequently till you're satisfied with your accuracy.

This is our favorite 3D deer target, but it is only rated for crossbows up to 400 FPS.


  • 62" tall, 37" at the shoulders
  • 4-sided removable shooting insert
  • Target outline of deer vitals
  • Self-healing foam
  • Included target stand 

What We Like:

  • The lifelike size and design provide real-world practice that prepares you for hunting bucks during the rut.
  • Because of the layered foam insert, you can use broadheads to sight in your crossbow as accurately as possible.
  • The included stand allows you to change the angle of the target to practice shots like quartering towards and away.

What We Don't Like:

  • If you miss the target insert, the main body of the buck may break or chip, causing aesthetic damage.
  • Bolt removal is not as easy as other crossbow targets.

Here is a video showing all of the features of these 3D Deer Crossbow Targets.

3D targets are one of the best ways to imitate real hunting situations and practice taking the angled shots that are common when bowhunting whitetail deer. The GlenDel Full-Rut Buck 3D target takes that to the extreme by also including a stand so you can shoot at it from various angles. It also has a lifelike appearance and size that makes you feel like you're actually hunting.

Morrell Double Duty 450 FPS Crossbow Target

Morrell is one of the most popular archery target brands, so it's all the more impressive that they're providing their Double Duty target at such a low price point. What surprised us the most, though, is just how big the target is: a perfect 19x19x19 cube weighing in at 36 pounds. This allows for four complete target faces, twice as many as most targets, increasing the value of the target even more.

We really like the target faces as well. One is a dart board if you want to compete with friends, but the most useful is certainly the deer vitals. This allows you to practice how you'll aim with a real deer in the sights. All the faces are on the target's yellow background, which catches the eye and makes aiming easier.

Unfortunately, with the lower cost comes a bit less stopping power. The Double Duty is only rated for up to 450 fps, so some of the most powerful crossbows these days will tear it up. Luckily, though, if you do destroy the target cover beyond repair, it's replaceable.


  • Large 19"x19"x19" size
  • 4 target faces including deer vitals
  • 2 carrying handles
  • Rated up to 450 fps
  • Replaceable yellow cover

What We Like:

  • The large size and four faces gives more shots and more versatility when it comes to practice.
  • The deer vitals target face is practical while the other faces are fun and even let you compete with friends or family.
  • Thanks to the replaceable cover, you can get even more use and value out of this target than it already has.

What We Don't Like:

  • Although it has two carrying handles, it's not a good target for hanging. It's better to mount or set on a stand.
  • This isn't the toughest target around, and it may wear down quickly, especially with high-powered crossbows.
  • Field points only.

If you're looking for a budget target that still gives you realistic practice for a good value, we recommend the Double Duty from Morrell. It's easy to carry and has four different faces for versatile practice.

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Best Crossbow Target Block: Block Infinity Crossbow Target

Block Infinity Crossbow Target

Best thing about the Infinity target? It can stop both fixed blade broadheads and mechanical broadheads at up to 520 fps. It's hard to find better stopping power with a foam target, block or otherwise, and since bolts fly differently with broadheads on, it helps you sight in your crossbow more accurately.

This block's target faces are decent. One has deer vitals, though they aren't the most realistic, and they're smaller than you would experience while actually hunting. Nonetheless, it's a good way to build correct bowhunting habits.

Another aspect we really like is the portability. Made of foam, it weighs just 15 pounds, and you can pick it up with one of the built-in handles. Altogether, it's one of the most portable targets on our list and a good option if you like to try shooting in different areas and situations. You could even take it out into the woods to practice shooting from your tree stand.


  • Layered foam with stopping power up to 520 fps
  • Deer vitals target face
  • 15 lbs
  • Built-in handles

What We Like:

  • The polyfusion technology has enough stopping power for broadheads, so you can sight in your crossbow with the same bolts you'll use in the field.
  • Lightweight and easy to hold, you can move the block target to different places for practice.
  • The durable design means you can take more shots and get more out of the target.

What We Don't Like:

  • The target faces aren't the most realistic, so it's better for sighting in than hunting practice.
  • Bolt removal is a lot more difficult than other targets, limiting your shooting time.
  • The light weight can make it less stable if you don't have it securely mounted.

If you aren't looking to set up your own shooting range and instead need a portable target that you can move around as needed, we suggest the Block Infinity Target. It's lightweight and has built-in handles that make it easy to pick up. At the same time, it has great stopping power, and you can even use broadheads on it.

Things To Consider When Shopping For The Best Crossbow Targets

Top Crossbow targets


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Crossbows pack a lot of power. Their whole purpose is to damage whatever they shoot at. Needless to say, a target has to be tough if you want to use it multiple times.

Interestingly, the main way manufacturers make targets durable these days is by using "self-healing" material, i.e. material that forms back into shape after you take out the crossbow bolts so that it doesn't fill up with holes as fast. Basically, self-healing material involves some kind of fabric or foam in layers that slides out of the way of the bolt, slowing it down with friction. Then you pull the bolt out, and the layers slide back.

If you need a target for a crossbow, you should definitely look for this feature. While you may be able to use a less durable target for a recurve bow, the power of a crossbow necessitates this kind of toughness.

Can You Shoot Broadheads Into It?

Because of either general design or toughness, not all crossbow targets are capable of taking shots with broadheads. If you shoot a broadhead into one of these targets, you'll either damage the target too much, be unable to remove the broadhead, or damage the broadhead or bolt itself.

However, the ability to take broadhead shots is a real plus when it comes to targets. Because broadheads fly differently than field points, if you sight a crossbow in using only field points, it's likely to be a little off when you use broadheads while hunting.

We also use a crossbow target to decock our crossbow after a hunt, so the target needs to be able to accept broadheads.

How Easy Is It To Remove Crossbow Bolts?

Removing Arrow With 2 Fingers

Powerful crossbows have the ability to bury bolts deep inside targets regardless of how much stopping power they have. Then, somehow, you have to remove the bolt resisting that same friction and stopping power on the way out.

Ideally, you want to find a target that's been designed so it's easy to remove the bolts. This will save you time while you're practicing. Plus, as we can attest to, it will save you a lot of frustration.

Does It Have Multiple Shooting Sides?

Most targets have at least two shooting sides, one on the front and another on the back. Some even have four or more shooting sides. At the very least, more shooting sides increases the life of the target because if one side gets worn out, you can shoot at the other.

More importantly, though, multiple shooting sides are ideal if they also have different target designs. For instance, one side is a traditional ring target while the other is an outline of deer vitals. This gives you more versatility so that you can practice dynamically.

How Heavy Is It?

Weight is a tradeoff when it comes to crossbow targets. Generally, lighter targets are better because they're easier to move around. You can set them up anywhere for different kinds of practice. On the other hand, heavier targets will be more stable when they're shot and may not need as much support from a stand or mount. 

Basically, if you plan to move the target around a lot, go for lightweight. If you want to set up a permanent range in your backyard, go for heavy.

Can You Leave It Outside?

A lot of targets have weatherproof covers or casings that allow you to leave them outside regardless of the forecast. This is convenient because you don't have to store them after every use. It's especially nice if you're setting up a range on your property because you don't have to worry about repositioning the target again later.


Targets range in price from cheap foam blocks you can pick up for $20 to advanced 3D targets costing hundreds. As a general rule, you get what you pay for, and those cheap $20 targets are going to get destroyed by your powerful crossbow after a few shots if they even have the stopping power for one.

Nonetheless, it's a good idea to consider the value of the target. Some targets may have a low price point, but if you get more out of them for the money, it can still be a good choice that keeps you within your budget.

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Crossbow Target Types

Bag And Block Crossbow Target

Bag Targets

A bag target is usually a good economical option. They're easy to manufacture. After all, it's basically just a bag stuffed with something that will stop crossbow bolts. Bag targets tend to be easy to carry and hang as well, but they can have problems setting up since they might not have a lot of stability on the bottom.

Most beginners start with a bag target when learning to shoot a crossbow and move to better targets as they develop more skill.

Block Targets

A block target is a target that's, well, shaped like a block. They're usually made of foam, but there are other materials as well.

The main advantage of a block target is mounting. The cubic shape gives them stability, and you can set them on just about anything and they'll stay up right. In fact, you can even stack multiple block targets on top of each other.

SpyderWeb Targets

Spyderweb Crossbow Target

SpyderWeb is a specific brand of high-quality foam block target. The company's big claim to fame is the "no speed limit" target, which means it can handle shots from any bolt speed. 

Now, obviously, if you spend years building Leonardo Da Vinci's giant crossbow in your garage, and it can shoot a bolt as fast as a bullet, maybe it will pass through a SpyderWeb target. However, it should be able to handle repeated shots from any production crossbow currently on the market.

If you're willing to spend the money on a "no speed limit" SpyderWeb target, it's one of the best ways to sight in and practice with a high-powered crossbow, specifically one shooting over 500 fps.

3D Targets

3D Deer Target

A 3D target is specifically a target shaped like whatever animal you're hunting. For instance, it may be a full buck with a target drawn on the kill zone in the shape of vital organs like the heart and lungs. 

This has the obvious benefit of providing you with realistic target practice that imitates a real hunting scenario. We highly recommend getting a 3D target with its own stand as well so that you can shift the angle for even better practice.  

Foam Targets

Foam is easily the most popular material for modern targets. It's great at slowing down bolts while still being lightweight and easy to move around. These days, manufacturers have even discovered how to produce foam in layers that then "self-heals" or moves back into place after each shot, thereby increasing the life of the target.


What is the best target for a crossbow?

Here at Deer Hunting Guide, we consider the SpyderWeb ST24XL the best target for crossbow shooting. Made of self-healing woven Spylar fabric, it's rated for any bolt speed. It's a great way to sight in a powerful crossbow and then practice your aim regularly.

Do I need a special target for a crossbow?

Regardless of the type of crossbow you use, you are going to need a crossbow target. In theory, you can use any archery target for a crossbow. However, crossbows are much more powerful than other bows, even compound bows. They sometimes shoot bolts over 500 fps, and that means that a crossbow bolt may pass through a target that would otherwise stop a recurve arrow traveling at 200 fps.

As a result, you should look for a tougher, higher-quality target if you're going to be shooting a crossbow at it. The easiest way is to just check your crossbow's rated bolt speed and then check what bolt speed the target is rated for.

Will a block target stop a crossbow?

Since block targets tend to be smaller and simpler than other targets, most of the cheapest models won't stop a crossbow bolt, unless you are shooting from a long distance away. However, there are some that are rated for crossbow bolt speeds. 

For example, take a look at the Block Infinity Crossbow Target. Despite being a lightweight compact block target, it can stop bolts shot at speeds up to 520 fps, which includes most production crossbows. 

Will a Black Hole target stop a crossbow?

Yes, despite its lightweight foam design, the layered technology in the Black Hole target produces friction that can stop crossbow bolts traveling at around 400 fps. That covers most production crossbows, though it may not be enough for the most powerful on the market.

Final Thoughts

Because crossbows are so powerful, you can't just get any old archery target off the shelf. Instead, you need something with stopping power for high bolt speeds, in addition to other features that help you sight in your crossbow accurately and prepare for hunting season. 

For these reasons, we highly recommend the SpyderWeb ST 24XL. Made with self-healing material, it's rated for any bolt speed. That said, make sure you check all our reviews in case there's something that works better for your personal situation or budget.

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