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If you're interested in archery, it can be intimidating when you find out all the gear and accessories you need besides the bow. That's why we love the TideWe Recurve Bow. It takes all the stress out of that first leap into archery by providing you with most of the accessories you'd otherwise have to find yourself. To detail these accessories as well as the quality of the bow itself, we've written this full review of the TideWe Recurve Bow.

What's Included in the Package?

Tidewe Recurve Bow Package

The TideWe recurve bow and arrow comes in an extensive ready-to-shoot package. First and foremost, it includes the bow itself, consisting of the following main components:

  • The riser: The main part of the bow, this is the thick wooden part that you grip.

  • The limbs: Made of laminated wood and fiberglass, the TideWe's two takedown limbs can be fastened on and taken off.

  • The bowstring: Made from 16-strand Dacron material, the TideWe's bowstring maintains consistent tension with higher draw weights.

However, that's far from all that comes in the package. In fact, you get just about everything you need to start shooting as well as some advanced accessories, including:

  • Six carbon arrows

  • Stick-on arrow rest

  • Adjustable bow sight

  • Bowstringer device

  • Finger tab

  • Paper target

Additionally, the bow comes with pre-installed brass bushings that allow you to install other accessories like a quiver or more advanced arrow rest. The only essential accessory lacking from the package is an arm guard.

Assembling the TideWe Recurve Bow

Instructions Included With The TideWe Recurve Bow

As a takedown recurve bow, this TideWe model requires assembly. First, you need to attach the limbs to the riser by inserting them into their pockets and tightening the bolts. You'll need an Allen key for this, which is not included.

The next step is stringing the bow, which you should do using the included bowstringer tool to prevent injury and damage to the bow. If you've never used a bowstringer tool before, read up on the proper methodology first.

Once you've strung the bow, you can attach the included accessories. Adhere the arrow rest to the side of the riser, matching the cut-out the arrow-rest bushing. Screw the sight into the appropriate bushing and adjust it as desired.

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Draw Weight

The TideWe bow is available in draw weights from 20 to 50 pounds in five-pound increments. This range could be bigger but is still enough to have some manageability at the lower end but enough power for hunting on the higher end, keeping in mind that many states require at least 35 or 40 pounds for hunting whitetail deer or bigger game.

Draw Length

The TideWe's draw length is 29 inches. Although we'd recommend getting your exact measurement at an archery shop, you can use your height in inches to estimate your draw weight by dividing it by 2.5. This means a 29-inch draw length is ideal for archers six feet tall or within a couple of inches of that.

This makes it a good choice for most tall archers, though the really tall—over 6'3"—may still find they can't shoot it accurately. For really tall archers we recommend the Southwest Archery Spyder, in the XL version.

Shorter archers can use the bow, but they won't get the full power from the rated draw weight, especially if they're much shorter, such as women and children.

Pros and Cons of the TideWe Recurve Bow

Hunter Shooting The TideWe Recurve Bow

What We Like

Accessories Included

The best part about the TideWe bow and arrow set is all the accessories that come in the ready-to-shoot package. The adjustable sight is great whether you want to target shoot or hunt, and the stick-on arrow rest improves accuracy but is easy to install.

One of the best included accessories is the finger tab. This makes it more comfortable to draw the bowstring so you can hold it with stability while aiming. Plus, it minimizes the risk of nerve damage to your fingertips after repeated use.

Just keep in mind that the package doesn't include an arm guard, which we would consider an essential accessory. Without an arm guard, the bowstring could slap your bow arm when you shoot, which is at best painful and at worst seriously damaging.

Carbon Arrows

On top of helpful accessories, the TideWe Recurve Bow comes with six carbon arrows with field tips. This way you can start practicing as soon as possible and don't have to worry about finding the right arrows.

Plus, they're high quality arrows that, when equipped with broadheads, are ideal for hunting due to their durability and strength but light weight. This makes the bow an even better value than it already is, saving you money on arrows.

Ergonomic Grip

The TideWe bow has one of the most comfortable grips we've found on a takedown recurve bow. It's very comfortable, even over long days at the range, and helps minimize fatigue so you can keep shooting.

Enough Draw Weight for Hunting

Many states require vertical bows to have at least 35 or 40 pounds to hunt whitetail deer and sometimes higher draw weights like 50 pounds for hunting big game like moose. The TideWe Recurve Bow goes up to 50 pounds of draw weight, so it's a good option for aspiring bowhunters.

What We Don't Like

Takedown Requires Tool

Many takedown recurves these days have "tool-less" takedown designs where all you have to do is tighten or loosen a knob to attach the limbs or take them off. Unfortunately, the TideWe Recurve Bow isn't one of those, and you need an Allen key to tighten or loosen the bolts. What's more, it doesn't come with one, so you'll have to find your own.

Right-Handed Only

If you're left-handed, the TideWe Recurve is not your best option. It only comes in a model for right-handers, and using the wrong handed bow could result in painful wrist slap. Plus, it will be detrimental to your accuracy.

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TideWe Recurve Bow Quality 

Shooting The Tidewe Recurve Bow


We were really impressed with the quality of the riser on this bow, especially given the affordable price range. Made of hardwood, it's both durable and attractive.


The TideWe Recurve Bow's limbs are well-made. The lamination is resilient, and the materials stand up to repeated use. If you do find that the lamination is coming apart, which will likely happen before the riser has any issues, you can always replace the limbs thanks to the takedown design.

TideWe Recurve Bow Limbs


The TideWe has one of the best grips we've found on a takedown recurve bow. It's great for beginners as it doesn't require much practice to hold the bow correctly, allowing you to focus more on footing and other aspects of form.


A 16-strand Dacron string, the TideWe's bowstring is of decent quality. It resists stretching but perhaps not as much as higher-quality materials like FastFlight. The 16 strands are also more appropriate for higher draw weights, so if you've gotten limbs with minimal power, you may need to trade it in for a 14-strand version.

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Is the TideWe Recurve Bow Good for Beginners?

The TideWe Recurve Bow is one of our favorite recurve bows for beginners because it comes in a ready-to-shoot package that includes almost all the essential accessories and even six carbon arrows. Just pick up an arm guard, and you're ready to hit the range.

Is the TideWe Recurve Bow Good for Kids?

The TideWe Recurve Bow is a bit too big for small children, but it's a good choice for youth archers such as teenagers. Not only does it come with important accessories that can help them improve their skills and learn accuracy, but it also has draw weights as low as 20 pounds which may be more manageable for them.

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Is the TideWe Recurve Bow Good for Hunting?

The TideWe Recurve Bow is an excellent bow for hunting if you get it with a powerful draw weight over 35 or 40 pounds, which is what you need to hunt big game like whitetail deer and may also be legally required by your state. Additionally, it comes with accessories that improve your chances of success on the hunt like a sight and arrow rest. 

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The TideWe Recurve Bow vs the Samick Sage

Both the TideWe Recurve Bow and Samick Sage are takedown models good for archers of all skill levels even if the Sage is considerably more well-known. However, if you want a more affordable option that comes with a lot of accessories and arrows, go with TideWe.

The TideWe Recurve Bow vs the Bear Grizzly

Unlike the TideWe Recurve Bow, the Bear Grizzly is a single-piece bow with no option for takedown. As a result, it's a top-shelf bow better for those who want to make a serious investment and bowhunt with the best quality they can find regardless of skill level. The TideWe bow is better for beginners or casual archers who have a tighter budget. 

The TideWe Recurve Bow vs the AF Archery American Longbow

The TideWe Recurve Bow and AF Archery American Longbow have fundamentally different designs. As a recurve bow, the TideWe is more standard and better for beginners and those interested in bowhunting. The AF Archery American Longbow, on the other hand, is a niche product best for those specifically interested in longbows and traditional archery. 

The TideWe Recurve Bow vs the Topoint Endeavor Takedown Recurve Bow

As our top recommendation for Olympic target shooting, the Topoint Endeavor Takedown Recurve Bow has a different design than the TideWe Recurve Bow. Specifically, the riser is made of lightweight aluminum rather than wood. If you're interested in bowhunting and casual archery, the TideWe bow might be a better bet.

The TideWe Recurve Bow vs the PSE Razorback

The TideWe Recurve Bow and PSE Razorback are both great target shooting bows, especially for beginners, but the PSE Razorback is not available in draw weights high enough for serious hunting purposes. If you're looking to take a trophy buck, the TideWe bow is probably the better choice.

Wrapping Up the Review

If you need a bow package that comes with most of the accessories you need to get started shooting and enjoying archery, you should consider the TideWe Recurve Bow. With everything from a finger tab to six carbon arrows, it's not just a way to start off on the right foot but a great value too. It comes with a paper target, but you are going to want to get a proper archery target. We recommend it for beginners and experts alike.

Still unsure if the Tidewe Recurve bow is right for you? Check out our Recurve Bow Buying Guide with Size Chart.

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