Deer Hunting Tree Stands

Deer hunting tree stands are key to your success as a deer hunter. They allow you a much better view of your surroundings. They also keep you above a deers line of sight, and help to keep your scent from reaching the deer. There are three basic types of tree stands. They are hang on stands, climbing stands, and ladder stands. Which one you choose will depend on your personal preferences as well as your specific hunting situation. Below you will find a description of each type of stand along with links to specific stands and where you can find the best price on the deer hunting tree stands that you are interested in.

Hang On Deer Hunting Tree Stands

deer hunting tree standsdeer hunting tree stands
Hang on tree stands are semi permanent, meaning that they are left in the tree and accessed either from screw in steps or climbing sticks. They take a little more time to set up than say, a climber, but once they are in the tree, they are easy to get in and out of quietly and can be left in the tree all season. Hang on tree stands offer versatility as far as tree selection is concerned. The tree does not have to be perfectly straight and these stands can be attached to a wider range of tree sizes.

These stands come with either a strap or chain to attach them to the tree. I prefer to add at least one ratchet strap for a more solid connection to the tree.

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Climbing Tree Stands

deer hunting tree standsdeer hunting tree stands
Climbing tree stands consist of two pieces…The platform and the hand climber or seat section. Your feet lock into the platform and you climb the tree by securing the upper portion and then pulling up the platform with your legs. You then raise the upper section again and pull your feet up again. It is very simple to master with a little practice. Climbers are very versatile. You can change your position in the tree in seconds and the height of the seat is infinitely adjustable.

These are my favorite tree stands, mainly because they are so comfortable. The more comfortable that you are…The longer you will stay in the tree.

These are not the same climbing tree stands that your father used to hunt from. Todays climbers are rock solid and safe. I hunt more than 200 hours a year out of my climbers and I have never had one slip.

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Ladder Stands

deer hunting tree standsdeer hunting tree stands
Ladder stands consist of both the ladder and the platform in one unit after assembly. They are heavy and usually require two people to set up. Again an extra ratchet strap is suggested for stability.Ladder stands are preferred by some hunters because of the ease in which you can get in and out of them. They are also very comfortable, which means that you will stay longer…Increasing your odds of bagging that buck!

They look very intrusive when you first set them up…But I have found that if you set them up early in the spring and leave them there…The deer become accustomed to them and don’t even notice them.

I have three children and have found that a two man ladder stand is a great way to introduce young ones to youth deer hunting.

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